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Wooden furniture care and maintenance in Hong Kong


In Hong Kong we have a very hostile climate for wooden furniture, due to the high fluctuations in humidity levels and highly UV levels. Good and professional care for the your wooden furniture is essiental to ensure you enjoy your furniture for a long period of time. 

Solid wood furniture doesn’t take care of itself and requires some basic care and attention.

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Read below for SofaSale Wood Care and Maintenance:

Wood displays different patterns depending on which way it is cut - for example, the ‘medullary ray’ which can appear on solid wood furniture is a mark of good quality timber - these are characteristics of the natural beauty of wood. Some furniture is deliberately aged and rustic.

All timber surfaces will change colour and mellow over time. New furniture will initially vary in shade and grain from items that have been previously purchased. How to care for your wood furniture Furniture with a hard lacquer; wax polish or painted surfaces should be dusted with a dry cloth.


When using the surface for serving food and drinks it is best to use protective mats or table cloths. Spillages should be wiped as soon as possible. Spray polishes are best avoided as they contain silicones which may spoil the furniture’s surface by building up over time. Use of cleaning materials containing abrasive compounds, acidic or caustic reagents and any bleaches containing oxidizing reagents should be avoided as prolonged use may damage the lacquer surface. Wipe up spills immediately. If sticky marks occur on the surface they can be removed with a dilute solute of warm soapy water. The offending area should be rubbed lightly and then completely dried immediately afterwards, before replacing any mats etc.

Our furniture will endure most temperatures in the home but it its best to avoid placing furniture next to heat sources such as radiators or fires or by placing hot plates or dishes. Be particularly careful with solid wood as the lack of humidity caused by central heating can cause damage such as warping.


Never drag furniture when moving it, always lift it. Please take care when handling or moving the furniture as careless handling may cause damage or injury. Especially solid wooden tables can be heavy and may to serious injuries when falling over. Please do note no liability will be accepted for damage or injury caused by incorrectly installed furniture.

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