SMC ceiling fan KPA48SS-K4

SMC ceiling fan KPA48SS-K4
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SMC ceiling fan KPA48SS-K4

Available in three sizes: 120cm(48" )

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Available in three sizes: 120cm(48" )

Selection of 7" to 36" downrod length for various ceiling heights.

Durable stainless steel fan blades construction.

Convenient hook-type mounting system.

Quiet three-speed operation

Strong airflow generation

Reversible airflow for year-round comfort

Our company does not provide warranty and repair services, if non SMC speed regulators are used. Installation of this ceiling fan should be performed by a registered electrician or a qualified person recommend by our company, while the installation charge is not included in our sales price. Our sales price does not include delivery.

How to realize Green Living & Energy Cost Saving with SMC fans

SMC brings you to enjoy real Green Living & Energy cost saving. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, fans create a wind chill effect that will make you more comfortable in your home no matter it is ceiling fans, table fans, floor fans, and fans mounted to walls. It also points out that ceiling fans are considered the most effective to circulate the air in a room for wind chill.

In hot summer, when you use fan in air conditioning environment, it will allow you to raise the thermostat setting without reduction in comfort. The Department of Energy in Taiwan indicates that 6% of energy (electricity) of air conditioning will be saved by raising 1oC in thermostat setting. Moreover, in moderately hot weather, it may even allow you to avoid using your air conditioner altogether. It significantly saves energy (electricity) to your air conditioning.   

The fossil fuel is still dominated in the energy mix of most counties. The emission of carbon dioxide can be reduced by the save of energy by using fans, especially ceiling fans. To be the friend of earth, please buy suitable fan for your home now.

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