PLNTY - Ficus

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PLNTY - Ficus
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PLNTY - Ficus

This gentle giant is so easy-going, that it is not even trying to challenge you to become a true plant caretaker.

It is the most common office plant. Why? Because of its survival skills!

It likes a bright spot with indirect sunlight.

Do you need extra planters? Or some extras for your plants like soil, a sprayer, watering can, or plant fuel? We've got you covered!

*This plant does normally not attract any insects. Make sure you do not overwater the plant.

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PLNTY turns indoor spaces in the concrete city into a green oasis using the most beautiful and health beneficial plants.

To us, it’s plain and simple: we believe that the positive effects of being surrounded by nature shouldn’t only be available outdoors. Even when spending time inside (let’s face it that’s most of our day) one should still be able to benefit from the power of plants. 

We do this by sharing our story about the positive and proven impact plants have on our daily lives. And of course by practising what we preach! We offer plant collections for your (tiny) home and plant memberships for companies.

Our mission is to turn as many houses, offices, and retail spaces possible into indoor green sanctuaries with the help of purifying, healthy and stunning plants.



Large: ↕ 160, ⌀ 30 cm


An amazingly beautiful plant in large size.
A white or grey planter.


Lead time: 1 week
Your plant and planter will be sent directly from the PLNTY head office within one week. depending on availability. 


Care Tips:
-Water your ficus just a bit, each second day. Keep the soil constantly moist.
-If you are a true plant caretaker, you can shower it with a sprayer once a week.
-Plants are just like people, sometimes they get hungry too. Use our plant fuel to feed him once a month.




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