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The Guide for successful online furniture shopping in Hong Kong

Online shopping in Hong Kong, a guideline for successful online furniture shopping in Hong Kong

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In Hong Kong we mostly share the same problem, we work long hours and receive limited days off work. The result is; once we finished our day of work, most furniture retail stores have closed their doors, forcing you to spend your weekends or holidays to do your round of furniture shopping. For many of us, not our favourite hobby. When SofaSale started as the first online furniture retailer in 2008, many Hong Kong people were sceptical about this idea. At that time, there was a strong believe that Hong Kong consumers would not make a funriture purchase decision, before reviewing, testing and seeing the actual furniture product. From the start of the launch of our online furniture sales platform we tried to create supporting photo and video content to create a better understanding of the final furniture products. Besides our website our product designers are available on a daily basis to discuss your specific furniture requirements and show swatches, cushions, wood samples, test products in order to give our Hong Kong customers a better understanding of the final furniture product, and to help them making the right furniture purchase decision. 

Fast forward to today's situation, we see most furniture retailers displaying their products on a furniture website. At SofaSale it has always be our mission to be best in class in terms of User Interface, selection options, customisation, in an effort to maximise the convenience to our customers.The innovative online SofaSale shopping platform has proving over the year to meet the demand of residential clients, interior designers, architects, contractors and businesses small to large. The online portal ensures a diverse clientele can experience and test different furniture collections with ease. Choose from an abundance of furniture styles, colours and sizes and pricing budgets. Given the above mentioned space restrictions in Hong Kong, the website is an efficient tool to help to search the right furniture product in Hong Kong.

The growth of online shopping in Hong Kong

Online Shopping in Hong Kong is now strongly embedded in the consumer behaviour of the Hong Kong consumers. According to a recent survey,

The importance of online shopping continues to grow for Hong Kong consumers, the Online Shopping Survey reveals that 78% of people use the Internet to make purchases. With significant potential for growth still remaining, this trend looks set to continue as 90% of respondents expect to make a purchase online in the next six months.The Millennials take the lead in online shopping in Hong Kong. Online spending categories include clothing and accessories, airlines and travel, and also home appliances and electronic products. With the latest advancements in credit card processing technology by AliPay and Paypal, it is very easy and safe to pay for something online with credit cards, such as American Express, Visa and MasterCard. Online furniture sales is catching up, since more furniture retailers have invested in professional online sales channels. 

Online Furniture Shopping in Hong Kong

SofaSale prides itself in being the #1 online furniture retailer in Hong Kong. This means that we do not only want to be recognised as the first online furniture retailer in the Hong Kong territory, but also the preferred online platform for Hong Kong consumers to browse, when searching for new furniture. The sales platform has currently over 5,000 products listed, for most of these product the size, colour and material can be adjusted to the personal requirements of the customer. Creating high level of flexibility for an affordable price. The easy to navigate website will ensure high a convenience factor to find the right furniture and will help customers in making the right furniture purchase decision. Behind the website our furniture design team and sales staff is available on a daily basis to assist and answer all kind of furniture questions. All embeded in our mission: ensure customers can make the right decision. 

In general Hong Kong consumers find it very hard to find what they need when it comes to larger sized items, such as furniture. High rental costs in Hong Kong have resulted in smaller store fronts that are unsuitable for displaying large furniture items, especially tables and sofas. Forcing consumer to browse the online for furniture like the SofaSale website. It covers thousands of modern design furniture products, such as sofas, designer chair, dining table, lamps, lighting, decor and a wide variety of home furnishings. This online catalog of factory-direct furniture solves a lot of problems - Hongkongers can now stay at home, sit in their air-conditioned flat while reviewing the latest modern design furniture products that are available on SofaSale.com.hk

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The future of online furniture shopping

Hong Kong is going wild: with the increasing amount of "online retailers" in Hong Kong, some operated from mainland China, it is difficult to distinguish between reputable retailers that offer true quality and service and the smaller online entities without any furniture product for preview and little reputation. Since the world becomes more digital and all content is easily reproduced, it is not surprising to see some online retailers offering similar looking furniture products for beyond belief low pricing and guaranteeing unrealistic lead-times. In this jungle of online stores in Hong Kong, but we believe the future of online shopping in Hong Kong will level out to a few reputable retail brands. Retail brands with a proven track record of serving the Hong Kong consumer with high quality furniture products and good service. Consumers may burn their fingers once or twice for trying the non reputable online retailers, but soon enough those outlets will be identified and forced out of the market.

In our view the future of online shopping does not only depends on the quantity, availability and pricing of goods that are on the website, but also the ability for the consumer to have something more tailored to their personal specific requirements. The ability to customise a product adds an extra dimension to shopping online. The SofaSale Furniture Hong Kong team strives on a daily basis to deliver an unique shopping experience for all by offering new an fresh furniture designer products combined with custom furniture design services. Custom made furniture such as custom made sofas that are tailor made to measure, and bespoke furniture pieces such as custom wood furniture are available at SofaSale. For more information on custom furniture in Hong Kong, please visit the SofaSale custom-made furniture page to explore the creative possibilities of custom furniture design in Hong Kong.

About SofaSale Furniture Outlet Hong Kong

SofaSale service limited is the #1 online furniture retailer, with over 5,000 furniture products listed on the online sales portal. In 2017 SofaSale was announced the most valuable furniture retailer in Hong Kong.