KAMADO 'Kimber Series' 24 Inch Ceramic Grill

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KAMADO 'Kimber Series' 24 Inch Ceramic Grill
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Kamado Ceramic Grill is the perfect tool for any serious garden chef. These ceramic grills are also much more weather resistant than metal grills which have a habit of rusting away, especially in more humid climates like Hong Kong. Kamados can do it all: grill, bake, roast, smoke, sear, saute, and much more!

This Kamado 'Kimber Series' 24 Inch Ceramic Grill is available in stone grain, golf ball, and diamond texture.

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Main Body Diameter:
Cooking Grid Diameter: 52.5cm
Assembled Dimensions: L138.0.0 x W82.0 x H121.0cm
Operation Height: 90.0cm
Weight: 110.0 Kg
Cooking Grid: Stainless Steel
Firebox: Mullite (Porcelainite)
Top Vent: Cast Iron
Handle: Bamboo
Hinge/Stand: Cast Iron
Grill Dome & Base: Mullite (Porcelainite)
Temperature Resistance: 1,000°C

Kamados are heavy and can only be delivered if there is direct and unobstructed access for a trolley. Our delivery team will not lift kamados up or down any steps or stairs. In the case that delivery cannot be completed due to obstruction, our delivery team reserves the right to deposit the kamado at the point of said obstruction. Delivery is then considered completed.




A kamado is a ceramic, egg-shaped barbecue of Japanese origin. In recent years, they have become a lot more popular amongst traditional barbecue users, thanks to their versatility, ease of use, simple maintenance and visual appeal. With a kamado grill, you can cook your food altogether or separately. 

Traditionally, a charcoal kamado is a Japanese earthenware cooking vessel. The most common version today is a hinged ceramic pot with grates and airflow control ports. Because of this construction, they are often referred to as ceramic grills. While very simple in their design, the quality of the food they produce has generated a cult following.

Clay and earthenware cooking pots have been used for thousands of years in China, Japan, and India, but the modern-day kamado grill has only been around for a few decades. As ancient cooking methods evolved, they found their way into Japanese households as ‘mushikamado’ rice cookers, charcoal-fired cooking devices with a damper and draft door to control the heat. Americans stationed in Japan during World War II brought these devices home, but it took some time for the commercial modern-day kamado to really take off.

These benefits became clear for our grilling predecessors as they found the ceramic construction provided excellent insulation to keep steady temperatures even at high heat. They found that the superior insulation allows an even cooking process, while also being extremely fuel efficient, reducing the amount of charcoal or wood necessary to power the appliance. In addition, the unique shape allows for several different methods of cooking - whether baking, roasting, smoking, grilling, or any variation, the versatility of these units is unmatched.

In their modern iteration, kamado grills are built of a refractory ceramic material to ensure a high quality durability and heat retention, and come in several different sizes and shapes to allow for different configurations. Several accessories and optional components can be purchased for modern kamado grills to alter the way they operate and allow for different cooking methods or distinct grilling advantages.


Heavy Duty Ceramics
Most kamado grills nowadays feature a heavy-duty refractory ceramic which has been industrially designed for maximum durability and insulation. Some gas grills are made from thin metals that can't stay hot when it's cold or windy; that's not the case with kamado grills. The heavy ceramic material absorbs and radiates heat evenly back into the food which is why they make excellent pizza and bread ovens, just like a professional brick oven would. What's more, much like the ancient pyramids of Egypt, the ceramic material is designed for the long haul - if properly maintained, your children will inherit your kamado grill.

Another direct benefit of the heavy ceramic construction is the kamado grill's fuel efficiency. Because the thick sides retain heat so well, very little charcoal and oxygen are necessary to continue to fuel the fire - perfect for long, slow cooks or die-hard grillers who cook throughout the cold winter. Dampers used to control the intake and exhaust create an airflow that produces a steady flame when the lid is closed. Temperatures stay extremely consistent which makes the kamado an excellent choice for smoking ribs, brisket, or pulled pork at low, slow and steady temperatures.

Versatile Cooking Methods
Beyond the fuel efficiency, kamado grills have been designed to accommodate a broad spectrum of cooking methods. Accessories like a ceramic heat deflector turn a kamado from a direct grill to an indirect cooker, much like an oven or smoker. Add a firebox divider to create two distinct cooking zones for a true 2-zone setup. With various accessories and setups, a kamado grill can bake, roast, smoke, sear, saute, grill, and much more.

Important Notes About Kamado Grills
It's also very important that you never use lighter fluids or any chemical starters to light your charcoal fire. The ceramic material is porous so it can absorb the lighter fluid and can impart those flavours and chemicals into your food. In short, it can damage the material and degrade its integrity.

Cleaning kamado grills is simple and they're easy to maintain - the most important aspect is to remember to remove the ashes after several uses to make sure the airflow isn't being disturbed or it can interfere with proper combustion.

Many kamados feature a well-designed airflow to eliminate any loss of heat. For this reason, opening a kamado grill too quickly could result in a quick influx of oxygen that creates a rush of fuel for the fire and, poof! No more eyebrows. Always use caution when opening your kamado grill to avoid that scenario.

The Bottom Line About Kamado Grills
Kamado grills have emerged as serious contenders for the most versatile grilling machine. Their ability to transform from high-heat roaster to low, slow smoker is nothing short of delicious and is a great choice for anyone's first grill because it's such an adaptable cooker - plus they last forever.


Product Name KAMADO 'Kimber Series' 24 Inch Ceramic Grill
Collection Kamado Ceramic Grills
Manufacturer KIM

Main Body Diameter: 61.0cm

Cooking Grid Diameter: 52.5cm

Assembled Dimensions: L138.0 x W82.0 x H121.0cm

Operation Height: 90.0cm

Weight: 110.0 Kg


Assembly Yes
Customization Yes

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