Hong Kong generates more than 10,000 tonnes of rubbish each day - the equivalent of six Olympic swimming pools, soon all the Hong Kong landfill sites will be full, so alternative solutions must be found.

It may come as a surprise to some, but Hong Kong ranks amongst the biggest waste producers in the world. With an annual average of 530 kg per resident, (much) more than Tokyo, Taipei, Seoul and Singapore.

In recent years the Hong Kong government placed thousands of recycling collection bins on the streets, aiming to recycle 50% of all waste, unfortunately the recycle rate is dropping year-on-year, according to the Environmental Protection Department. Green groups say that waste charging might be the key helping the city to focus on recycling waste and go green. The Government now admits that in Hong Kong we do have a waste crisis, however in their daily agenda we do not see the right sense of urgency to tackle this crisis. The clock is ticking, the city’s 3 landfill sides are set to reach capacity in 2020 and no alternative solutions have been found yet.

Concern and awareness is key

At SofaSale we are sincerely concerned about the lack of alternative solutions brought forward for reduction of the annual waste production of its local residents in combination by the limited waste disposal or treatment facilities. With our Recycle your Blues campaign we would like to create awareness of the waste problem we are facing in Hong Kong. We would like to educate Hong Kong residents, that some items in our daily waste stream can be valuable and deserve a second life. In many countries Denim jeans are being recycled, shredded and re-used for home isolation, this kind of initiatives do not exist in Hong Kong.

We think, this needs to change, with your help we can make a difference.  

On a daily basis we are working on furniture designs and furniture production. We see creative opportunities using recycled jeans in our furniture designs. We started by creating unique Sofa furniture pieces from recycled jeans, and we are quite excited about using recycled materials in our designs. We hope by bringing this Blue furniture products to the Hong Kong market we can make a statement towards different government organisations and hope to start up a constructive and open dialogue on how to the solve the Waste Crisis in Hong Kong. We believe we need to do this together to ensure both the recycling rate is going up and the waste treatment will become green and sustainable. 

We would like to encourage all readers to share their ideas and if you like our idea of recycling jeans furniture, do check your wardrobe and see what jeans are worn down and no longer useful. Please do not throw them away, instead please send them to SofaSale. We will use your jeans and hopefully transfer them into unique Blue furniture!

Review our video below for more information:

About SofaSale

SofaSale is one of the leading online furniture retailers in Hong Kong with a long furniture history in the European retail market.

The objective of the SofaSale business model is to make design and quality furniture accessible to a large group of Hong Kong consumers. At our SofaSale website portal we offer a large range of discounted furniture products on sale every day. In our Quarry Bay production room, customers can visit us and discuss their specific furniture wishes and requirements, after which the order will be placed online and will automaticly be scheduled for production in one of the SofaSale contracted factories. The production lead-time varies from 1 week till around 3-4 weeks.  SofaSale is operating their own production lines in the South of China, and as a result we can offer flexibility and quality towards Hong Kong customers. And from today onwards with our recycled jeans program, you can opt to use these jeans for a large number of different fabric sofa models. 

Interested in buying a recycled Jeans Sofa, contact our Customer Service at 2541 1230 or [email protected]







近年來,香港政府在街道上放置了數以千計的回收箱,目的是回收50% 左右的垃圾。可惜的是,根據環境保護署的資料顯示,回收比率一年比一年下降。環保團體指出徵收垃圾處理收費是幫助市民關注廢物回收,從而響應環保的重要議題。香港政府雖然承認本港確實有廢物處理危機,但是港府並沒有制定任何逼切性的具體方案去解決此問題。時間不斷流逝,本港的三個堆填區將會於2020年飽和,但我們依然沒有找到任何的解決方案。




SofaSale 十分關注香港目前所面對的廢物處理問題,我們希望能透過一些活動去增加港人對於廢物處理的認識及關注,從而減少港人每年的廢物生產量。透過Recycle your Blues campaign,你可以更加清楚香港目前面對的廢物問題。我們想香港市民意識到有些廢物只要得到恰當的處理,是有價值,並可以有另一個用途。在很多國家,牛仔褲已經可以回收,透過加工便能重用成為家居的一分子,這些做法在香港還未出現。






SofaSale 希望讀者可以分享我們的循環使用牛仔褲的方法,若你們對此計劃認同及有興趣,你們可以郵寄已經發舊的牛仔褲給我們,我們將會使用它成為一件新的綠色傢俱。




SofaSale 是香港一間大型的網上傢俱零售商店,在歐洲傢俱市場具有悠久的經驗。


SofaSale網站每天都提供大量的優惠傢俱產品。客戶可以親訪我們位於鰂魚涌的生產室,與我們討論對傢俱的想法和要求,隨後透過網上下單。下單後,訂單將自動安排在任何一家與SofaSale合作的廠商進行生產的工序。傢俱的生產時間從1周到3-4週不等。 SofaSale在中國南方經營自己的生產線,因此我們可以為香港客戶提供更具靈活性和質量的服務。從今天開始,我們會進行回收牛仔褲的計劃,您可以選擇使用這些牛仔褲去訂造不同的布藝沙發。


有興趣購買再生牛仔褲沙發,請致電 2541 1230 聯絡我們的客戶服務部或電郵給我們  [email protected]