Bring your living and working spaces to life with our tastefully selected collection of modern, functional tables. Browse our extensive collection of dining tables, bar tables, side tables, coffee tables, conference tables, study & work desks, console tables, bedside tables and outdoor tables. Many of our tables the dimension can be customised, please contact our Customer Service for more details.

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  1. Robo Stone Dining Table
    Special Price HK$3,890 Regular Price HK$9,990
    Robo Stone Dining Table
  2. Lacey Marble Dining Table
    Special Price HK$3,490 Regular Price HK$4,490
    Lacey Marble Dining Table
  3. Robo Dining Table
    Special Price HK$3,890 Regular Price HK$9,990
    Robo Dining Table
  4. Yasmin_dining_table_wood_blk_thumbnail
    Special Price HK$4,390 Regular Price HK$5,390
    Kyle-Yasmin Dining Table
  5. Tetes Marble Round Table
    Special Price HK$12,290 Regular Price HK$18,990
    Tetes Stone Round Table
  6. Catania Crystal Table
    Special Price HK$14,690 Regular Price HK$21,990
    Catania Crystal Table
  7. Verona Crystal Table
    Special Price HK$10,990 Regular Price HK$16,990
    Verona Crystal Table
  8. Purey Marble Round Table
    Special Price HK$14,690 Regular Price HK$18,990
    Purey Stone Round Table
  9. Lolun Table
    Special Price HK$9,390 Regular Price HK$18,790
    Lolun Table
  10. Sophie Rectangular Table
    Special Price HK$9,690 Regular Price HK$18,060
    Sophie Rectangular Table
  11. Earth_table
    Special Price HK$3,790 Regular Price HK$4,590
    August Dining Table
  12. Orange Coffee Table
    Special Price HK$5,490 Regular Price HK$7,890
    Samba Dining Table
  13. Orbit Table
    Special Price HK$11,490 Regular Price HK$14,990
    Orbit Table
  14. Berwyn Marble Table
    Special Price HK$8,690 Regular Price HK$10,990
    Berwyn Marble Table
  15. Yasmin_dining_table_wood_blk_thumbnail
    Special Price HK$6,290 Regular Price HK$8,490
    Howard Dining Table
  16. Wunny Bedside Cabinet
    Special Price HK$3,990 Regular Price HK$9,900
    Alexia Foldable Dining Table
  17. Nordica Table
    Special Price HK$3,290 Regular Price HK$4,990
    Nordica Table
  18. Churchill Round Table
    Special Price HK$6,490 Regular Price HK$11,990
    Churchill Round Table
  19. Truman Table
    Special Price HK$5,980 Regular Price HK$10,990
    Truman Table
  20. Churchill Solid Wood Table on Steel frame
    Special Price HK$5,290 Regular Price HK$10,990
    Reagan Glass Top Table
  21. Churchill Solid Wood Table on Steel frame
    Special Price HK$6,090 Regular Price HK$10,990
    Kennedy Round Table
  22. Churchill Solid Wood Table on Steel frame
    Special Price HK$7,290 Regular Price HK$12,990
    Kennedy Table
  23. Churchill Solid Wood Table on Steel frame
    Special Price HK$5,990 Regular Price HK$12,990
    Reagan Round Table
  24. Churchill Solid Wood Table on Steel frame
    Special Price HK$7,290 Regular Price HK$12,990
    Lincoln Table
  25. Reagan Table
    Special Price HK$7,290 Regular Price HK$12,990
    Reagan Table
  26. Hubbe Marble Round Table
    Special Price HK$13,590 Regular Price HK$18,990
    Hubbe Stone Round Table
  27. Kawenri Stone Round Table
    Special Price HK$11,690 Regular Price HK$18,990
    Kawenri Stone Round Table
  28. Mably Marble Round Table
    Special Price HK$13,590 Regular Price HK$18,990
    Albey Stone Round Table
  29. Mably Marble Round Table
    Special Price HK$13,390 Regular Price HK$18,990
    Mably Stone Round Table
  30. Romini Crystal Table
    Special Price HK$14,690 Regular Price HK$19,990
    Romini Crystal Table
  31. Robo Side Table
    Special Price HK$2,690 Regular Price HK$5,790
    Robo side table
  32. Trident Black Table
    Special Price HK$8,790 Regular Price HK$15,610
    Trident Table
  33. Nordic Shelf
    Special Price HK$1,690 Regular Price HK$3,990
    Ghost Table
  34. Wilson TV Cabinet
    Special Price HK$4,290 Regular Price HK$10,290
    Wilson TV Cabinet
  35. Indoor Cafe Table C125
    Special Price HK$2,090 Regular Price HK$3,990
    Indoor Cafe Table C126
  36. Churchill Solid Wood Table on Steel frame
    Special Price HK$4,690 Regular Price HK$10,990
    Pierce round Table
  37. Agnes Outdoor Set
    Special Price HK$13,790 Regular Price HK$15,790
    Agnes outdoor set
  38. Adriana Dining Table
    Special Price HK$6,890 Regular Price HK$10,890
    Marley Outdoor Dining Set
  39. Earth_coffee_table
    Special Price HK$3,590 Regular Price HK$4,390
    Ocean Coffee Table
  40. Earth_table
    Special Price HK$4,190 Regular Price HK$5,090
    Adriana Dining Table
  41. Earth_table
    Special Price HK$3,590 Regular Price HK$7,190
    Jack Table
  42. York_coffee_table_502
    Special Price HK$2,990 Regular Price HK$3,990
    York Coffee Table
  43. Nordic Oak Bedside Table 2D
    Special Price HK$2,390 Regular Price HK$3,790
    Nordic Oak Bedside Table 2D
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Items 1-48 of 363

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Suitable tables for Hong Kong


Whether you're enjoying a plate of spaghetti at the dining table, finishing off some important work at your study table or touching up your mascara at your bedroom dressing table or vanity table having a well-designed table in your home that meets your requirements is very important. Here at the table section at SofaSale Furniture Hong Kong, you will be sure to find the perfect table be it for whatever purpose to make your home interiors come alive. 


We at SofaSale Furniture HK, Hong Kong’s number 1 online home furnishing store, we offer you a wide array of designer tables, modern tables and contemporary tables for every occasion, purpose and room that you may be looking for. 


Dining Tables Hong Kong 


Shop online or at our workshop and discover our versatile collection of plastic, wooden, metal and glass dining tables for your home dinners and get-togethers or for working on your laptop, tablet. We carry rectangular tables, round tables, oval tables, ellipse tables, square tables that can accommodate 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or more parties of people at a time. Creating a perfect dining room set is essential to create the perfect moments for gathering with your family and friends. The SofaSale premium dining tables come in a range of premium materials including solid ash or walnut finishings for your fancy dinner parties. Our dining tables come in a variety of designs including vintage, country, industrial, modern, contemporary and more.


Bar Tables and High Tables for your Bar in Hong Kong


Why go to a bar when you can have the best bar in your very own home? Choose from our array of bar tables of varying heights for your convenience including bistro tables, high tables, pub tables, pedestal tables and cocktail tables. These high tables are available in multiple styles, finishes, and material to best suit your home bar counter or bar cabinet. Bar tables are a great addition to your home dining room or kitchen area for dinner parties, informal gatherings or a meal with the entire family. 


Side Tables, Accent Tables, and End Tables 


Place your hot cup of coffee on one of our many options of side tables, accent tables and end tables for your bedroom, living room or any other room of the house. Choose from our glass side tables, small round tables, and small coffee side tables. Side tables are great to place your cups and plates at a busy dinner party, or for keeping a lampshade for some extra lighting in the living room or bedroom. You could use them for balancing out the furniture in the living room and bedroom too. We offer them in all materials, styles, and designs. 


Coffee Tables 


We at SofaSale Modern Furniture Hong Kong offer you the best range of designer coffee tables, low tables and side tables for your living room, bedroom or lounge room or reception area. Coffee tables by themselves are an excellent piece of decoration to add to your home interiors. Choose from our array of styles, sizes, shapes and proportions to better the look of any room of your house. Our coffee tables come in round, square and oval shapes including trunk style storage designs. 


Patio Tables


Choose from our plastic and wicker patio and outdoor tables to enjoy your morning cup of tea or coffee out on your outdoor rooftop, deck, patio, lawn, porch, garden or balcony to read the newspaper. We offer all kinds of outdoor table and patio furniture for your garden, balcony or terrace. They come in wicker, fiberglass, elm and teak for you to take your pick from. Buy outdoor furniture sets or individual pieces for your garden or balcony. 


Work Desks and Study Tables for your Hong Kong Home or Office


Perfect for those dreaded upcoming final exams or for finishing deadlines at work, choose from our collection of glass and fine wood work desks, study desks and other kinds of desks for your office and home office. We have studio desks and computer desks too in a variety of designs, shapes, sizes, materials and finishes to suit your lovely home office.


Meeting Tables and Conference Tables 


Conduct important meetings and have video conferences from the comfort of your own home by selecting from our line of rectangular, round and oval meeting/conference tables in a variety of materials and finishes to suit your specific business needs. Work won't seem so stressful anymore with a beautiful and classy meeting table from SofaSale furniture. Our meeting tables and conference tables are also perfect for your main business operations and come in a range of sizes and styles including but not limited to small round meeting tables, large ellipse meeting tables, large conference tables and small conference tables.


Nightstands and Bedside Tables


Nightstands and bedside tables are great to have near your bed to store your personal things and items such as books, cosmetics, the TV remotes, water bottles, your reading glasses, cell phone and other items that you might use on a regular basis. Nightstands are great for storage and convenience so that you don’t have to keep getting out of bed for every item that you need. Find aesthetically pleasing and functional nightstands and bedside tables in a variety of designs, styles, and finishes at SofaSale Modern Furniture Hong Kong. The tables include drawers and shelves for extra storage and stacking space. 


Vanity and Dressing Tables

Choose from our array of modern contemporary dressing tables and vanity tables perfect for getting you ready in the mornings before work and evenings before a party. They have great storage space for your belongings and valuables with a lot of space to display your perfumes, jewelry, and other favorite accessories. We offer dressing/vanity tables in a variety of designs, styles, materials and finishes. 


Console and Entryway Tables

Select from the best designs and styles of entryway, console and sideboard tables at SofaSale Furniture Hong Kong. These are great for storing your small accessories as well as holding pretty lampshades. Great for holding keys, caps, phones, bags and other items that you may need in a hurry when you're going out the door. They are great as just decorative pieces too in the living room entryway, hall and dining room corridors. Some have drawers for great storage and others can be used as small informal dining tables or bar tables. 


We also offer you a wonderful variety of glass, solid wood, marble and round tables in an array of designs, styles, as well as finishes to add decoration and beauty to your home. Come shop at SofaSale Furniture Hong Kong for all your home furnishing needs and you won't leave disappointed.