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Buying furniture in Hong Kong can be a frustrating exercise. 

Here is why: 

In the US, Europe, or Australia you can drive to the nearest furniture mall, where you’ll find a wide range of furniture on display and mostly available in stock…  Nice and easy…

In Hong Kong retail space has become very expensive, as a result the furniture shops are becoming smaller and smaller...

These Hong Kong retail shops can only display a few furniture items, and once you are ready to order, you have to find out this boutique retail shop does not keep stock, resulting in lead-times of up to 6 months…!

The rising retail cost, plus the fact that your furniture needs to be imported by the retailer, result in a high cost structure for the retailer, so eventually in a higher sales price to you..

Not very appealing … is it?

Some people feel there is only 1 alternative in town, the yellow and blue Swedish furniture retailer.

This might fit some people, but is this really the furniture you want in your room?

At SofaSale we are passionate about furniture and try to make the difference..

SofaSale has developed a large collection of furniture products, which are displayed online on our SofaSale website.  SofaSale operates own production lines in 12 leading factories in the South of China, resulting in a lower cost structure, high level of flexibility in terms of finishing, and lead-times averaging around 1-3 weeks. 

We offer delivery and installation services, we can even dispose your old furniture for you.  Just to give you peace of mind!

Please visit our SofaSale production room in Quarry Bay next to MTR exit C, or visit the SofaSale.com.hk website and review the latest European designs in furniture.


We believe we have 5 good reasons to visit us:

1.     We have the largest selection of quality European Design furniture products in Hong Kong.

2.     We offer made to order flexibility in combination with the best lead-times

3.     We offer unbeatable pricing and services. Including delivery, installation and removal of old furniture.

4.     We are open 7 days a week.

5.     We are truly passionate about our products.


We hope to see you soon!


The SofaSale team


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