Buying furniture in Hong Kong can be complicated. SofaSale is the leading modern design online furniture retailer in Hong Kong. SofaSale offers a wide range of affordable modern furniture.  On our website you'll find: leathers Sofas, Fabric Sofas, Beds, Tables, Dining Chairs, Office Furniture, Bar Stools, Lighting, Outdoor Furniture, and lots more. 

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  1. MEDLANO 'Velvet Series' 2.5-Seater Sofa
    Special Price HK$5,595 Regular Price HK$9,995
    MEDLANO '2013 Series' 2-Seater Sofa
  2. Forrest Book Case
    Special Price HK$9,990 Regular Price HK$16,990
    Forrest Book Case
  3. Marcus TV Cabinet
    Special Price HK$8,790 Regular Price HK$9,490
    Marcus TV cabinet
  4. Selena TV Cabinet
    Special Price HK$5,290 Regular Price HK$6,990
    Selena TV cabinet
  5. tiger legs coffee table
    Special Price HK$2,590 Regular Price HK$5,990
    Tiger legs coffee table
    Special Price HK$3,290 Regular Price HK$5,990
    ELM round coffee table
  7. Brass Modern Chandelier
    Special Price HK$3,290 Regular Price HK$12,990
    Murphy Modern Chandelier
  8. BeefEater SL4000S 6B Gas Grill
    Special Price HK$2,938 Regular Price HK$3,990
    BeefEater Removable Pizza Oven Hood
  9. BeefEater 1100E 5-Burner Gas Barbecue Grill
    Special Price HK$6,588 Regular Price HK$8,990
    BeefEater Bugg (Amber) 2 Burner BBQ
  10. Eames DAW chair
    Special Price HK$690 Regular Price HK$1,290
    Eames DAW (promotion)
  11. Churchill Solid Wood Table on Steel frame
    Special Price HK$690 Regular Price HK$11,990
    Forest Stool
  12. Eames Swivel Chair
    Special Price HK$1,490 Regular Price HK$3,290
    Eames Swivel Chair
  13. Kenton Dining Table
    Special Price HK$2,890 Regular Price HK$6,490
    Kenton Dining Table
  14. Acton Table
    Special Price HK$2,090 Regular Price HK$4,690
    Acton Table
  15. Aaron Dining Chair Fabric
    Special Price HK$1,390 Regular Price HK$3,590
    Aaron Dining Chair Fabric
  16. Stardard Stool  J-076A
    Special Price HK$1,590 Regular Price HK$3,390
    Stardard Stool J-076A
  17. Wapping Chair
    Special Price HK$590 Regular Price HK$1,290
    Wapping Chair
  18. Hal Dining Chair
    Special Price HK$890 Regular Price HK$1,890
    Hal Dining Chair
  19. Hanwell Dining Chair
    Special Price HK$890 Regular Price HK$1,890
    Hanwell Dining Chair
  20. Chesterfield 3.5 seater Velvet Sofa
    Special Price HK$10,990 Regular Price HK$14,990
    Chesterfield Fabric 3.5S
  21. Chesterfield 3.5 seater Leather
    Special Price HK$15,190 Regular Price HK$18,990
    Chesterfield Leather 3.5 S
  22. Chesterfield 3 seater Fabric Sofa
    Special Price HK$8,690 Regular Price HK$10,990
    Chesterfield Fabric 3S
  23. Chesterfield 3 seater Leather
    Special Price HK$11,890 Regular Price HK$25,990
    Chesterfield Leather 3S
  24. Chesterfield Single seater Fabric
    Special Price HK$6,190 Regular Price HK$9,990
    Chesterfield Fabric
  25. Soria Upholstered Bed Frame
    Special Price HK$9,590 Regular Price HK$14,990
    Soria Designer Bed Frame
  26. Round Fabric Ottoman
    Special Price HK$1,890 Regular Price HK$3,290
    Round Ottoman
  27. Milton 150-190 bed
    Special Price HK$6,590 Regular Price HK$9,950
    Milton Bed (150-190)
  28. Milton 180-200 bed
    Special Price HK$7,290 Regular Price HK$13,250
    Milton Bed (180-200)
  29.  Milton Headboard
    Special Price HK$2,890 Regular Price HK$4,250
    Milton Headboard
  30. Milton 180-200 bed
    Special Price HK$4,890 Regular Price HK$13,250
    Milton Bedbase (180-200)
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Items 1-48 of 1966

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HK Furniture Collection from SofaSale

At SofaSale Hong Kong’s number one home furniture online shop and furniture retailer you will find the best wooden, metal, leather and fabric furniture for all the rooms of your home or commercial project in a variety of sizes, designs, shapes and fabrics, and materials. From traditional to modern to contemporary furniture you will find it all at SofaSale. Great designs at affordable prices. Shop from the best selection of chairs, tables, beds, sofas, storage furniture, designer furniture, outdoor furniture, lighting, office furniture, bar and dining chairs and stools, etc.

Let’s take a look at what furniture SofaSale has to offer you for each room of your home in Hong Kong

Living Room Furniture 

Your living room is the first room that you walk into after a long day at the office and should be warm, comfortable and above all inviting. It is also the first room that guests see when they walk into your home so you should make sure that the living-room furniture is classy and has taste. Choose from our selection of leather sofas and fabric sofas, side tables, coffee tables, center tables, single and double seater sofas, two, three, four seater, or L-shape sofas in a wide variety of designs. 

Select from a wide range of ceiling fans, pendant lamps, floor lamps, beanbags, TV cabinets, consoles and storage units, and every other kind of furniture that you would need for your living room.

Dining Room Furniture 

Shop from the best selection of dining tables and dinning chairs, bar stools and bar tables, restaurant and dining furniture, bar cabinets, bar chairs, kitchen cabinets, dining benches and designer chair furniture. Choose chandeliers for your dining room, artifacts and fancy decor from our selection of indoor decor furniture to add some style to your dining room.

You could include your dining table in the kitchen and expand it into the living room. Our dining tables are made from the best quality premium woods like ash and elm. Convert a part of your dining room into an indoor bar with our lovely bar cabinets, bar tops, tables, bar chairs and bar stools. Choose from our soft lighting to change your home into a fancy fine dining restaurant.

Bed Room Furniture 

Choose from the best quality bedroom furniture  king bed, queen bed, or double bed sizes, we can make every bed dimension for your bedroom. The bedroom is where you relax and get a good night’s sleep.  It is important for the bedroom furniture to be comfortable. Choose from our storage beds, sofa beds, dressing tables, vanity tables, drawers, chests, dressers, cabinets, bedside tables, bedroom storage furniture, lamps and lampshades, bedside cabinets and nightstands, wardrobe closets for the bedroom, etc. 

Office Furniture 

Office Furniture for Hong Kong ‘s modern workplace

High quality, professional and stylish office furniture matching your business. Make a bold statement, create a stylish office setting and improve productivity with stunning minimalist, modern or retro office furniture. Check our latest office chairs, computer chairs, task chairs, desk chairs, office desks and conference tables. Organize your office with our storage furniture, bookcases and shelving. Create a great atmosphere for reception areas, executive offices and main work areas with our lounge chairs, lobby furniture and lighting. 

Outdoor Furniture 

In Hong Kong many are fortunate to have a great outdoor place, so make use of your balcony, rooftop or even garden, with nice patio outdoor furniture. We offer a wide variety of outdoor furniture products, now at attractive special sale prices. For most of our products you can customise your fabrics and rattan styles.