IOO Comfort Office Chair

IOO Comfort Office Chair
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HK$6,290 HK$5,290

IOO Comfort Office Chair 

Dimension: L125 x W66 x D66 x H 1085-1265 mm Lead-time, 1 week once we have stock in Hong Kong, but for final stock details, please contact our Customer Service staff.
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HK$6,290 HK$5,290

IOO Comfort
The world's first- 3D DynamicTM Lumber Support (3D AFLS)
The 3-5 vertebras are supported for the optimum ergonomic working position and the design of the 3D dynamic lumber support provides full support to lumber region.

Dimension: L125 x W66 x D66 x H 1085-1265 mm

Available Colour:  Blue, Orange, Green and Black
Special Order: Red, Grey and Wine Red colour

Materials: Korea mesh PU Pad armrest aluminum alloy five star leg nylon/PU castors

Adjust Function:  

  • Headrest and Backrest 
  • Arm-pad armrest 
  • Seat height and depth


Introducing the IOO chair from Comfort Office Seating – Multifunction Control Made Simple. With an ingeniously simple single lever control to operate all chair functions - seat height, seat depth and back tilt operations are all controlled by one single point of contact. The design concept of the IOO chair also incorporates a multi-directional interactive neck roll, 3D automatic flexible lumbar support system and an integrated leg rest. The multi-directional interactive neck support can help relax tired neck and shoulder muscles. A 3D dynamic lumbar provides full support to the lumbar region with interactive and dynamic movement, intuitively adjusting to your needs. The integrated leg rest alleviates strain on the lower back by supporting the lower limbs and aids circulation to reduce swollen feet and ankles. Ingeniously simple ergonomic functionality.

Manufactured by: IOO

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