Office Furniture: Who says you can’t mix business with pleasure? It might be work, but it doesn’t have to feel like it. All it takes is a comfy design chair, home office furniture that keeps things organised, and the right lighting for the job. And by making it easier to tackle those to-do’s, you’ll have more time to spend on your wanna-do’s.
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  1. Passion small cabinet
    Special Price HK$2,490.00 Regular Price HK$3,690.00
    Passion Small Cabinet
  2. Passion TV Cabinet
    Special Price HK$3,790.00 Regular Price HK$4,690.00
    Passion TV Cabinet
  3. Passion_coffee_table
    Special Price HK$3,490.00 Regular Price HK$4,290.00
    Passion Coffee Table
  4. Earth_side_cabinet
    Special Price HK$4,690.00 Regular Price HK$5,190.00
    Stone Side Cabinet
  5. Stone_small_cabinet
    Special Price HK$2,090.00 Regular Price HK$3,190.00
    Stone Small Cabinet
  6. Stone_tv_cabinet
    Special Price HK$3,290.00 Regular Price HK$4,190.00
    Stone TV Cabinet
  7. Earth_table
    Special Price HK$3,790.00 Regular Price HK$4,590.00
    August Dining Table
  8. Earth_TV_cabinet
    Special Price HK$3,790.00 Regular Price HK$4,590.00
    Ocean TV Cabinet
  9. Earth_coffee_table
    Special Price HK$3,590.00 Regular Price HK$4,390.00
    Ocean Coffee Table
  10. Earth_table
    Special Price HK$4,190.00 Regular Price HK$5,090.00
    Adriana Dining Table
  11. Jack TV Cabinet
    Special Price HK$4,790.00 Regular Price HK$8,290.00
    Jack TV Cabinet
  12. Jack Side Cabinet
    Special Price HK$4,490.00 Regular Price HK$5,190.00
    Jack Side Cabinet
  13. Earth Place Mat
    Special Price HK$4,090.00 Regular Price HK$6,990.00
    Compact Fabric SofaBed (USB)
  14. Electric Height Adjustable Desk
    Special Price HK$1,590.00 Regular Price HK$2,890.00
    Computer Riser
  15. WCB-202 Norf 5 Drawer Chest
    Special Price HK$5,890.00 Regular Price HK$10,590.00
    Nordic Oak Side Cabinet
  16. WCB-022 Norf Shoes Cabinet
    Special Price HK$6,390.00 Regular Price HK$11,290.00
    Nordic Oak Cabinet 5D
  17. Norf Shelf Unit Small WCB-021A
    Special Price HK$9,990.00 Regular Price HK$16,290.00
    Nordic Oak Shelf Unit Large
  18. Lola Relaxing Sofa
    Special Price HK$13,190.00 Regular Price HK$17,900.00
    Arno Sofa
  19. Love Seat
    Special Price HK$6,090.00 Regular Price HK$7,590.00
    Bound Chair
  20. Amby Round Table
    Special Price HK$1,990.00 Regular Price HK$3,890.00
    Keaton ALU Table Round
  21. Luka Wooden Shelf
    Special Price HK$2,390.00 Regular Price HK$5,890.00
    Luka Wooden Shelf
  22. Lola Relaxing Chair (Bronze)
    Special Price HK$5,890.00 Regular Price HK$9,890.00
    Lola Relaxing Chair (Bronze)
  23. Lola Relaxing Sofa
    Special Price HK$10,590.00 Regular Price HK$20,900.00
    Lola Relaxing Sofa
  24. Edam Designer Sofa
    Special Price HK$5,990.00 Regular Price HK$8,090.00
    Edam Designer Sofa
  25. Electric Height Adjustable Desk
    Special Price HK$498.00 Regular Price HK$890.00
    Monitor Mount (single arm)
  26. Gunti Fiesta Outdoor Sofa
    Special Price HK$2,078.00 Regular Price HK$3,890.00
    Desktop Lift Table
  27. Thandi_steel_pu_brown_thumbnail
    Special Price HK$1,190.00 Regular Price HK$2,590.00
    Marie-Olie Armchair
  28. Thandi_steel_pu_brown_thumbnail
    Special Price HK$1,790.00 Regular Price HK$3,490.00
    Marie-Harper Chair
  29. Thandi_steel_pu_brown_thumbnail
    Special Price HK$2,190.00 Regular Price HK$3,790.00
    Marie-Benie Armchair
  30. Ronie_fabric_grey_thumbnail
    Special Price HK$1,990.00 Regular Price HK$3,790.00
    Marie-Ronie Chair
  31. Crowne_armchair_pink_thumbnail
    Special Price HK$1,690.00 Regular Price HK$3,290.00
    Marie-Crowne Armchair
  32. Tilly_chair_pink_thumbnail
    Special Price HK$1,890.00 Regular Price HK$3,290.00
    Marie-Tilly Chair
  33. Vera_armchair_grey_thumbnail
    Special Price HK$1,990.00 Regular Price HK$3,890.00
    Marie-Vera Armchair
  34. Thandi_steel_pu_brown_thumbnail
    Special Price HK$1,990.00 Regular Price HK$3,590.00
    Marie-Dora Armchair
  35. Thandi_steel_pu_brown_thumbnail
    Special Price HK$1,790.00 Regular Price HK$3,990.00
    Marie-Lilly Chair
  36. Thandi_steel_pu_brown_thumbnail
    Special Price HK$1,690.00 Regular Price HK$3,890.00
    Marie-Eva Armchair
  37. Wendule X table
    Special Price HK$8,890.00 Regular Price HK$9,990.00
    Kids Study Desk + Chair
  38. Wendulu Table set
    Special Price HK$1,990.00 Regular Price HK$2,690.00
    Wendulu Set
  39. Minka_Aire_Simple_White
    Special Price HK$2,880.00 Regular Price HK$3,890.00
    Minka Aire Simple Ceiling Fan (White)
  40. Bernard Shelf
    Special Price HK$690.00 Regular Price HK$1,790.00
    Bernard Shelf
  41. B338-1 (leather)
    Special Price HK$5,490.00 Regular Price HK$9,490.00
    Bjorn Lounge Chair B338-3D (leather)
  42. B338-1A chair
    Special Price HK$5,490.00 Regular Price HK$9,490.00
    Bjorn Lounge Chair B338-2D (leather)
  43. B338-2
    Special Price HK$4,990.00 Regular Price HK$8,990.00
    Bjorn Lounge Chair B338-1A
  44. Bjorn Lounge Chair B338-3
    Special Price HK$4,890.00 Regular Price HK$8,890.00
    Bjorn Lounge Chair B338-3A (brown)
  45. B338-2
    Special Price HK$4,890.00 Regular Price HK$8,890.00
    Bjorn Lounge Chair B338-2A (black)
  46. B340 stool
    Special Price HK$890.00 Regular Price HK$1,490.00
    Flechia Ottoman B340-A
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389 Items

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Hong Kong Office Furniture

Refurbishing an office in Hong Kong needs more than just an aesthetic sense. Décor, comfort and a good styling sense work together to create an aura of professionalism and pleasantry. SofaSale Hong Kong Office Furniture has everything it takes to transform your Hong Kong office into a professional business environment. Not restricted to chairs and tables, decorating a full Hong Kong office space requires everything from the basics to the decorations. Outside of the main business area, different locations – such as the conference room and the canteen – all require different types of furniture to decorate with.

The selection at SofaSale Hong Kong Office Furniture allows you to play with choices as we present a wide array of modern office furniture help to re-decorate. Designed in a way that allows you to browse at your convenience, our furniture selection is already separated according to room types. The links will allow you to look through Hong Kong office furniture for different kinds of Hong Kong office spaces at your ease. Not only that, but our selection ranges between types of indoor décor. Minimalist décor, modern or retro? We support you! Look through our offie furniture selection and find something that suits who you are as a company and helps you maintain that emblem even in the office furniture you choose.

Hong Kong Office Chairs

An office chair is the most important piece of furniture you can buy for an office. It is where most of your employees will spend the greatest part of their working hours. A good office chair can make or break the difference between your employees performance.

A cheap and incomfortable chair can cause health problems, and ultimately affect the output of the work performance your employees are dealing with. As such, choosing the right chair is extremely important when creating your employees work space. SofaSale Hong Kong Office Chairs presents a wide range of comfortable desk and task chairs that can appeal both to the mind, the eyes and the body. Look within our selection to find a design that appeals to you while resting assured that those who work with you will find a seat that takes care to ensure work optimization as well. 

Hong Kong Office Desks and Tables

Hong Kong office desks are the main workspace in any working environment, and require careful selecting to ensure that they fulfill their purpose. In the SofaSale Modern Office Furniture selection you can browse a wide range office furniture to find something that fits both the senses and its purpose. By choosing a table that looks good with the office chairs, you can create an office environment that both looks good and makes the workers happy. Our office furniture range can fit in almost any kind of environment, whether you are looking for a high end office table, or something that fits in a creative environment. You can always find something that fits exactly what you need. 

Hong Kong Office Storage

The most important things in a Hong Kong office environment are always to be found in the storage. Data, files, information pertaining to important work information – they are always found in storage cabinets. Often overlooked when searching for office related furniture, they perform some of the more crucial functions in an office environment. SofaSale Office Furniture HK presents its wide range of storage furniture to suit whatever needs you may have. From book cases to filing cabinets, we have anything and everything you can dream of when decorating where your important data will be stored.

Hong Kong Office Book Cases & Shelving

Organizing where you keep all those documents, catalogues, magazines, paperwork, binders, books in a Hong Kong office requires the right and edgy furniture for it. Why pile up desks and filing cabinets with books and paperwork when you can get a book case that looks better and functions better, suited to your needs? Our range at SofaSale Office Furniture HK will give you a wide array of choices to select from. Not only will a book case liven up the environment at your office, it is also perfect for keeping your office space efficient making your area both clear and organized. Place a book case at the reception and fill it with books or magazines to keep customers and clients entertained. Put one in the office so people can have reading material in their free times, or fill the bookcase with important information related to your official work.

Hong Kong Lounge and Reception

The welcome area of your office is often the first look into your environment for any visitors. It marks a crucial point which lets visitors’ gauge and form impressions on your office environment. Placing the right kind of furniture there can make the difference between a good first impression and a bad one. SofaSale Office Furniture Hong Kong lets you select from a wide variety of office furniture selected keeping that in mind. Pick a lounge chair that makes both you and your visitors happy, or choose a coffee table that makes your office look edgy. Pair a lounge chair with a side table or a 2 seater sofa to create a perfect reception space.

Hong Kong Meeting and Conference

The place where some of the most important work is done in any office, meeting rooms and conference rooms require furniture which matches with its stature including meeting tables, conference tables, meeting chairs and conference chairs. SofaSale Meeting Room Furniture presents its range of furniture designed specifically to create an environment where work can proceed effortlessly. From comfy seating arrangements to state of the art tables, we have everything you need when designing how your conference room should look. Whether your Hong Kong meeting room is small or large, SofaSale Office Furniture presents a unique collection of meeting tables, conference tables, meeting chairs and conference chairs to fit your space, style and budget. 

SofaSale Office Pantry and Canteen

A hard days work often makes workers tired, in need of a retreat. And in an office, where do they go to fill their stomachs but the pantry or the canteen? SofaSale Canteen Furniture presents its range of Pantry and Canteen furniture designed to make those places look good, feel good, and reinvigorate those at the work place. From high chairs to stools, look through our range to find the right kind of furniture to get those creative juices flowing in the minds of those at the office. By giving them the right aesthetic to freely talk and explore their ideas, you provide your company with a chance to meet newer ideas and a fresher workplace environment.