At SofaSale, we have everything you need to refresh your living room's look, giving your home that breath of fresh air. We have a wide range of furniture for your living room, sofas, ottomans, chairs, side tables, lamps and more… We do understand that living room spaces are tight in Hong Kong, therefore we offer bespoke furniture or tailor-made furniture services. In this way we can make your living room furniture according your exact unique requirements.

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  1. Toyama
    Special Price HK$3,180.00 Regular Price HK$4,590.00
    Iconic Swift Mini 38" Ceiling fan
  2. Flechia Relax Chair B320
    Special Price HK$3,590.00 Regular Price HK$4,690.00
    Flechia Relax Chair B320-A
  3. B201-thumbnail
    Special Price HK$3,790.00 Regular Price HK$4,990.00
    Flechia Relax Chair B320
  4. Randy L-Shape Sofabed
    Special Price HK$6,790.00 Regular Price HK$10,290.00
    Randy L-Shape Sofabed
  5. Chesterfield 3 seater Fabric Sofa
    Special Price HK$7,890.00 Regular Price HK$10,990.00
    Chesterfield Fabric 3S
  6. Lundana Long Lounge L Sofa
    Special Price HK$16,990.00 Regular Price HK$18,990.00
    Lundana Long Lounge L
  7.  Lugo 2S Fabric Sofa 3305
    Special Price HK$6,390.00 Regular Price HK$12,990.00
    Lugo Fabric Sofa (2S)
  8. Myoko Japan Fabric Double Sofa
    Special Price HK$4,990.00 Regular Price HK$6,590.00
    Myoko-2 (Japan Series)
  9. Myoko Japan Fabric Sofa
    Special Price HK$3,890.00 Regular Price HK$6,490.00
    Myoko-1 (Japan Series)
  10. Akan Japan Fabric Sofa
    Special Price HK$7,690.00 Regular Price HK$13,690.00
    Akan (Japan Series)
  11. Okura Japan Fabric Sofa
    Special Price HK$6,690.00 Regular Price HK$12,990.00
    Okura (Japan Series)
  12. Kaga Japan Fabric Sofa
    Special Price HK$9,390.00 Regular Price HK$14,600.00
    Kaga (Japan Series)
  13. Jari fabric sofa
    Special Price HK$5,990.00 Regular Price HK$6,850.00
    Jari 2 seater Sofa 0856-2
  14. Turley 2 seater sofa
    Special Price HK$6,190.00 Regular Price HK$7,550.00
    Turley 2 seater Sofa 0820-2
  15. Diesel2 seater
    Special Price HK$4,890.00 Regular Price HK$5,990.00
    Diesel Sofa 8071-2
  16. Compact Fabric Sofa Bed
    Special Price HK$3,580.00 Regular Price HK$6,990.00
    Compact Fabric SofaBed
  17. Lundana L-shape Leather sofa
    Special Price HK$19,690.00 Regular Price HK$26,990.00
    Lundana L-Shape Sofa (Leather)
  18. Rover Ottoman
    Special Price HK$1,890.00 Regular Price HK$2,950.00
    Rover Ottoman
  19. Rover Ottoman
    Special Price HK$1,590.00 Regular Price HK$2,350.00
    Rover Ottoman
  20. Hotel Lobby Sofa
    Special Price HK$3,690.00 Regular Price HK$4,990.00
    Hotel Lobby Sofa
  21. Lay-down Single SofaBed
    Special Price HK$2,990.00 Regular Price HK$3,990.00
    Lay-down Single SofaBed
  22. Gustav Fabric Sofa Bed
    Special Price HK$3,480.00 Regular Price HK$6,290.00
    Gustav Fabric SofaBed
  23. BedEnd-Bench with storage
    Special Price HK$3,390.00 Regular Price HK$3,990.00
    BedEnd-Storage Bench
  24. Le Corbusier LC 2 Fabric
    Special Price HK$4,790.00 Regular Price HK$6,995.00
    Le Corbusier LC 2
  25. Grant Featherston Contour Double Sofa
    Special Price HK$8,290.00 Regular Price HK$10,990.00
    Grant Featherston Contour Sofa
  26. Winger Chair
    Special Price HK$1,990.00 Regular Price HK$2,990.00
    Winger Chair 1310
  27. Leather Puffer Chair
    Special Price HK$5,390.00 Regular Price HK$7,990.00
    Leather Puffer Chair 1501
  28. San Remo Corner Sofa
    Special Price HK$12,690.00 Regular Price HK$15,690.00
    San Remo Corner Sofa 1016C
  29. Fritz Hansen RO Grand Pa Relax Chair
    Special Price HK$5,890.00 Regular Price HK$9,990.00
    Grand Pa Relax Chair 1309
  30. Florence Knoll 2 Seater Design Sofa
    Special Price HK$5,490.00 Regular Price HK$9,990.00
    Florence Knoll 2 seater sofa
  31. Florence Knoll Arm Chair
    Special Price HK$3,990.00 Regular Price HK$6,990.00
    Florence Knoll Arm Chair
  32. Replica Hans J Wegner Papa Bear Chair
    Special Price HK$5,190.00 Regular Price HK$6,990.00
    Papa Bear Chair
  33. Palando Family Sofa
    Special Price HK$13,590.00 Regular Price HK$16,950.00
    Palando Sofa 0734
  34. Charles Eames & Eero Saarinen Organic Chair
    Special Price HK$1,990.00 Regular Price HK$3,990.00
    Organic Chair
  35. Mushroom Chair - 1
    Special Price HK$2,890.00 Regular Price HK$4,990.00
    Mushroom Chair 1208
  36. Finn Juhl Pelican Chair
    Special Price HK$4,290.00 Regular Price HK$6,990.00
    Finn Juhl Pelican Chair 1205
  37. Borgen Family Sofa
    Special Price HK$6,990.00 Regular Price HK$10,390.00
    Borgen Sofa 2032-2
  38. Inka Sofa
    Special Price HK$3,590.00 Regular Price HK$6,250.00
    Inka Sofa 2026S
  39. Inka Sofa 2026X
    Special Price HK$6,790.00 Regular Price HK$11,950.00
    Inka Sofa 2026X
  40. Borgen Family Sofa
    Special Price HK$12,290.00 Regular Price HK$20,650.00
    Borgen Sofa 2032
  41. Kurta Design Sofa
    Special Price HK$3,580.00 Regular Price HK$5,240.00
    Kurta Sofa 1260
  42. Merdi Sofa XYH1220L
    Special Price HK$10,390.00 Regular Price HK$14,390.00
    Merdi Sofa 1220L
  43. Merdi Sofa
    Special Price HK$7,990.00 Regular Price HK$13,290.00
    Merdi Sofa 1220S
  44. Medlano Sectional 6006
    Special Price HK$10,990.00 Regular Price HK$19,290.00
    Medlano Sectional 6006
  45. Medlano Sofa with adjustable back rest
    Special Price HK$6,290.00 Regular Price HK$13,900.00
    Medlano Sofa XHF1301
  46. Kyoto design fabric sofa
    Special Price HK$11,990.00 Regular Price HK$19,650.00
    Kyoto Sofa 1208L
  47. Riva Bento Design Sofa
    Special Price HK$10,990.00 Regular Price HK$15,950.00
    Riva Bento Design Sofa 0774
  48. Riva Ricardo Design Sofa
    Special Price HK$8,290.00 Regular Price HK$13,950.00
    Riva Ricardo Design Sofa 0725
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Items 1-48 of 900

per page
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Hong Kong Living Room Furniture

The need to create the perfect look for your Hong Kong living room is imperative as the ambience around the location can help you both relax and stimulate your senses. By creating the ideal Hong Kong living room that is a reflection of your personality, you let yourself be surrounded by items that epitomize who you are as an individual. The living room collection at SofaSale Furniture HK presents its wide range of furniture that allows you to do just that. From sofas to ceiling fans, lamps, lounge chairs to coffee tables – our wide collection has everything you need to create the perfect living room.

Everything you need under the same furniture collection

Designed to contain all the necessary pieces of furniture under the same collection, you no longer need to run from Central to Ap Lei Chau to find everything you require. Stop, look through the living room furniture collection at SofaSale and find everything from sofas to chairs, coffee tables to lighting fixtures. All the equipment you need for that perfect living room – at one destination. Our range comprises not just of multiple furniture, but multiple patterns as well to help to customize the dimensions. We are flexible and can do everything from different colors to different ranges in patterns can be found under the collection at SofaSale

Not Meant Just for Homes

Living room furniture comprises items that can be used under a wide variety of situations. Even commercial outlets can benefit from this shopping experience. Place a coffee table from the SofaSale collection at your reception and watch as people enjoy interacting with it. Keeping in mind the need for a sleek design which meets functionality, we present our range showing just that. How about placing some of our stylish lighting fixtures around your Bar or Restaurant? Not only do they look good, but the give your customers the perfect ambiance to relax in.

Available across a range of designs

Every individual has different taste in designs. At SofaSale Furniture HK, we understand your preferences and present the ideal range and variety to help you find just what you are looking for. Our collection of living room furniture is styled in way that you can find everything you need to decorate your living room all in one location. If you are looking to decorate your living room – stop by and shop with us today!