At SofaSale, we have everything you need to refresh your Bed room's look, giving your home that breath of fresh air. We have a wide range of furniture for your bed room, beds, bedside cabinets, beside lamps and more. We do understand that bed room spaces are tight in Hong Kong, therefore we offer bespoke furniture or tailor-made furniture services. We have a large range of sofabeds and storage beds. In this way we can make your bed room furniture according your exact unique requirements.

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  1. Elm Wood Bed
    Special Price HK$13,690 Regular Price HK$22,990
    Elm Wood Bed
  2. Oak Wood Bed
    Special Price HK$8,490 Regular Price HK$14,990
    Oak Wood Bed
  3. Rubble Cabinet 6D
    Special Price HK$4,490 Regular Price HK$6,490
    Rubble Cabinet 6D
  4. Robo Bedside Table
    Special Price HK$1,990 Regular Price HK$2,990
    Robo Bedside Table
  5. Rubble Bedside Table
    Special Price HK$1,690 Regular Price HK$3,290
    Rubble Bedside Table
  6. Rubble Shelf
    Special Price HK$5,590 Regular Price HK$16,490
    Rubble Shelf
  7. Butterfly Chair
    Special Price HK$690 Regular Price HK$1,590
    Butterfly Chair
  8. milton-double-bed-02_2
    Special Price HK$5,990 Regular Price HK$12,990
    Milton Bed (137-190)
  9. Light Oak Wood Bed
    Special Price HK$9,690 Regular Price HK$12,990
    Light Oak Wood Bed
  10. Taylor Wooden Chest
    Special Price HK$2,490 Regular Price HK$2,990
    Taylor Wooden Chest
  11. Camadi_fabric_bed_environ_front_thumbnail
    Special Price HK$8,190 Regular Price HK$12,290
    Camadi Upholstered Bed Frame
  12. Nordica Bed with Trundle
    Special Price HK$8,750 Regular Price HK$12,790
    Nordica Bed with Trundle
  13. Nordica Junior Bed 1
    Special Price HK$7,990 Regular Price HK$11,790
    Nordica Junior Bed
  14. Nordica Single Bed 1
    Special Price HK$7,000 Regular Price HK$11,790
    Nordica Single Bed
  15. iconic-fan-company-swift-thumb-white
    Special Price HK$3,980 Regular Price HK$4,690
    Iconic Swift DC 46" Ceiling Fan
  16. 150-190-miltion-02
    Special Price HK$4,290 Regular Price HK$9,990
    Milton Bedbase (137-190)
  17. milton-single-bed-01_2
    Special Price HK$5,690 Regular Price HK$11,990
    Milton Bed (90-190)
  18. Spadi- Upholstered Bed Frame
    Special Price HK$9,590 Regular Price HK$12,990
    Spadi Upholstered Bed Frame
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Items 1-48 of 264

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Hong Kong Bedroom Furniture

Invest in a good night sleep! A place where you rest your head at night, the bedroom is the one room where you spend most of the time at your home. Invest in good quality bedroom furniture, furnitire with smart functionality and good design. At SofaSale Furniture HK we give you the chance to find the perfect furniture for your HK bedroom in one location. From beds to drawers, sofabeds to night stands – we have everything you need to create the perfect bedroom all in the same place. Our wide range of designs and styles guarantees that you will find everything that suits your personality all in the same place.

A wide range of designs

Just like different people have different requirements, the rooms they inhabit look different as well. Taking into consideration that everyone has different tastes in the furniture they choose, our range brings together a large variety of choices for you to select from. Available in different colors and designs, you are bound to find something that would look perfect in your bedroom. We can tailor-make your bed in every dimension, so if you are very tall and need a large bed, or your bedroom is very small and your need customised bed, we can do it!  Not restricted to just beds, our wide variety extends to other pieces of furniture found in the bedroom as well. 

A vast range of furniture to choose from 

A bedroom consists of more than just a bed. Depending on the kind of person you are, you need various accessories to make sure that your bedroom experience is giving you peace of mind. Are you someone who reads a lot in bed? Maybe you have various things you need next to you at night – choose a night stand, and have all your important belongings right next to you as you sleep. Are you someone who has a smaller room as a bedroom? Maybe you need astorage bed, or an extra bed for when friends come over – our sofabed makes sure you have the both the benefits of a sofa and a bed all in the same place.  

Furniture for all your bedroom needs

Carefully selected to encompass everything you might need for your bedroom – our collection ensures that you will find everything you need in one location. So browser our Hong Kong Bedroom Furniture Collection today – we have everything from beds to drawers. You are bound to find something that suits you – and at the end of the day, lets you create the perfect Hong Kong bedroom. A shop were high style meets good quality, get ready to revolutionize your Hong Kong bedroom shopping experience.