1. The Adriana Chair, a design must-have!

    Did you know that SofaSale updates their catalog on a weekly basis? We constantly search for new, chic, fun and trendy furniture. We always want to make sure that we make all the latest design trends available in Hong Kong. One of the newest additions to our Chair Collection is the Adriana Chair. Elegant design, versatile look and comfortable seating all in one. This chair made out of PU leather is available in several beautiful colours.  With its solid steel frame and comfortable seat, you'll get the perfect combination of comfort and class. Meet us soon! And last but not least: when you place an order on our website now, put 'I read your blog!' in the remarks field, and you'll get an Air-Lounger for free!
  2. What features should I look for in daybeds?

    A daybed frame is generally raised off the ground, providing plenty of room for storage underneath. This can consist of built-in drawers or open space to stash holiday decorations, as well as a spot for a trundle bed that pulls out to create an extra sleeping spot. If you’re looking for a daybed that can sleep two people, find one that has the trundle included so you don’t have to purchase one separately. For added comfort and a piece that feels more sofa-like, try an upholstered daybed. If you really want some extra room to spread out, look for a full-size daybed, as most come in twin sizes to fit smaller spaces.

    What’s the difference between a daybed and a futon

    Although they are both very similar in the purposes they serve, there are some major differences between the two that every buyer should know:

    Futons: Think of futons as sofas that double as beds. Because their primary function is seating, they need to be a bit firmer to account for more frequent use by multiple people. A futon needs to fold up and down to switch functions, so often the overall sleeping area will be slightly larger than that of a daybed.

    Gustav Futon

    The above Gustav SofaBed is an example of stylish Sofa, which can be easily changed into a comfortable double bed, this is a Futon.

    Daybeds: Think of daybeds as beds that double as sofas. Their primary function is for sleeping, so they will feature an actual twin-sized (or larger) mattress instead of cushions, and will typically be on the softer side. Daybeds do not fold up and down, so the seating depth will be greater than a futon, but can be easily adjusted by adding pillows as backrests.

    Benchy day Bed

    The above is the Benchy Day Bed. Which can be used during the day to sit more people in your living-room or office.

    Interested in these products: find the link of the Bench Day bed  and Gustav SofaBed 

  3. Hong Kong Furniture Storage solutions

    Hong Kong apartments require efficient storage furniture solutions. Whether your home is large or small, the opportunity for added storage is always welcome. When choosing a bed with hidden storage, think about how frequently you need to access your things, ottoman-style lifting beds give maximum storage and gentle finger lifting, the best solution for frequent use.

    Review our Milton Storage Beds in below video.

    Another way of creating more floor space in your tight Hong Kong apartment is using the double function of your furniture think about, a stylish living-room sofa, which build-in foldable double bed. Enabling you to transform your living-room into a cosy bedroom in seconds. Your wall mounted TV will serve you well from a sitting-lounge postion to your lay down bed position. Below on of our best selling Sofa Beds, the G611 SofaBed.

    sofa bed G611

    A more traditional way to create storage, is off course and wall storage cabinet. At SofaSale we custom-make them for you. So you can utilise your full wall to create the maximum amount of storage space, from floor to ceiling. Good to know we use recycled wood, which gives full character to your furniture.

    burnham bookcase

    Above the tailor made solid wooden Burnham Bookcase with storage solution in American Ash wood.

  4. Kick start the year of the Monkey with our SofaBed promotion

    The year of the Monkey will be a interesting year ahead, with a lots of uncertainties for the financial markets and property prices in both Hong Kong and China. We understand the volatility of the Hong Kong market and the frustrations it might bring to many Hong Kongers. We want to give back certainties to our customers; high quality designer furniture for special promotional prices. We offer high flexibility and solid value for your money when you're looking to upgrade your interior.

    Looking for a sofa bed, please do review our promotion video.

    We hope to see you soon!

    The SofaSale team

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