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  1. CWBS Y5 presentation "How we organise Ourselves"

    Today our director, mr Arno Nieuwland had the privilege to meet with the Y5 students at Clearwater Bay School and discuss some essential elements on how to start and run a successful business.  In the 45 minute discussion, topics like product development, pricing strategy, staff recruitment, advertising and the influence of social media were addressed.

    All-in-all a very interesting discussion, with impressive questions and dialogues with the entrepreneurs of the future!


    We discussed the difference between 2 different product videos, and the impact price setting on the success and ultimately profitability of a business

    The Air 2 Chair:  HK$ 888   --> HK$ 188  (discount code: CWBSY5)

    The Air-Lounger: HK$ 188  --> HK$ 88 (discount code: CWBS)

    We discussed the CWBS Y5 pricing setting experiment: what will happen if we drop the sales price with a special CWBS promotion, we will be able to boost the sales of these fun products?

    We agreed to make a Y5 CWBS discount promotion, please find the instructions below:

    Select the product:

    • -  Add products to your shopping cart
    • -  Select free shipping
    • -  Go to check-out
    • -  Fill in address details
    • -  Apply discount code  CWBS for air-lounger HK$ 188 --> HK$ 88/pc   and CWBSY5 for Air2Chair HK$ 888 --> HK$ 188

    Pay by credit card or HSBC transfer.

    We agreed once we sell 10 pcs or more before Christmas, SofaSale will donate a comfortable beanbag to the Y5 shared area.

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