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  1. Minka Aire Wave Ceiling Fan

    We have been in the ceiling fan business in Hong Kong for over 20 years now and it takes a lot for a new fan design to impress us, yet we are very impressed by the Minka Aire Light Wave. This fan has such a fresh innovative look..It now retails at a very spectacular price at SofaSale of HKD 2,380 .I am sure you will love it.

    即使已經超過20年經驗,吊扇售賣的專家,仍然會為Minka Aire Light Wave 而著迷,簡潔明實的設計,為家居點綴增添氣氛。現價只售HKD 2,380,瘋狂熱賣中!

    Minka Aire Light Wave Ceiling Fan Model F844-DK in Distressed Koa. The light fixture and Distressed Koa ABS finished blades are included as shown. The light fixture uses 17 Watt Dimmable LED. Comes with Remote Control Transmitter only. 3 speeds forward with full range light dimmer (fan must be reversed using switch on motor if available).

    What is distressed Koa? Distressed Koa is a finishing process formulated to resemble Koa, which is a rare and exotic wood native to Hawaii. Koa wood comes from the Hawaiian Koa tree and is used by skilled craftsmen to make ukuleles, guitars, exotic furniture and unique hand carved objects. The fan is made of a precision moulded high density composite material to which the Distressed Koa finish is applied. The end result is an exotic looking ceiling fan with a unique appeal that is simply captivating.

    Features & Specifications

    Motor Size 172mm x 14mm Motor
    Quality Rating 4 out of 5 (5 is best)
    Blade Pitch 48 degree blade pitch
    Blade Span 52" blade span
    Blade Qty 3 blades
    Blades Color Distressed Koa ABS finished blades (included)
    RPMs 57 to 139 RPM
    Speeds 3 Speeds
    Reverse Function Yes
    Indoor Rating UL Listed for use indoors
    Outdoor Rating Cannot be used outdoors
    Includes Uplight No
    Inludes Downlight Yes
    Downlight Type Single Globe Fixtures
    Downlight Description Super energy efficient LED light with opal glass shade
    Downlight Bulbs 17 Watt Dimmable LED
    Downlight Wattage 17 Watts
    Bottom Cap Cannot be installed without lights
    Voltage Uses 120 Volt electricity
    ENERGY STAR Qualified No
    Style Group Contemporary
    Approx. Weight 14.11 lb.
    Warranty Lifetime Limited Motor Warranty
    Included Downrod(s) 4 1/2" and 6"
    Flushmount Capability Cannot be flush mounted
    Leadwire Length 80"
  2. Hong Kong: Work from home

    Ultimately we have to agree that commuting to office on a daily basis can be a pain. The ongoing daily routine of taking bus, MTR or lining up in the daily traffic jam is hard to get used to. And even if you are used to it, we all have to admit there are better ways spending your valuable time. More and more companies and economies around the world start promoting their staff to work remotely. Flex work spacing, serviced offices, remote working desks, and even work from home is for many cooperations a strategy to push their working force for more efficiency. Strangely enough, in Hong Kong with a high penetration of offices this trend has not yet started. Yes, Hong Kong does have services offices, but those offices are still used like a traditional office to host their staff for the day, The short term lease offers the companies more flexibility in less risk for moving out if needed.  The question is, why are we not creating our home working place, next to the pool. curve table

    Above the Curve Table  |  HKD 2,990

    What is effectively needed: work which can be done on a laptop, a reliable internet connection and pleasant comfortable desk and chair. The laptop you can take from your office, we may assume the wireless internet connection is in place. So go outside and find yourself the quiet and nice location you can work from. The furniture you can order online with SofaSale, they are more than happy to deliver and install your new office furniture on your favourite spot.

    More information you will find on the SofaSale website.

  3. The Leonardo Fabric sofa vs Leather sofa

    Fabric sofas versus Leather Sofas: Which is better? 

    The world is divided into two opposing factions those who come down on the side of the leather sofa and those on the fabric sofa side. Which one are you?

    There’s a lot to consider when you’re buying a sofa and after your home or car, it’s probably the most important purchase you’ll make. With so many to choose from, there is one crucial thing to consider before you start. Which is better for you leather or fabric?

    Fabric sofas offer a greater variety of forms, colours and patterns than leather and are therefore easier to match with the surrounding décor. It’s a lot easier to get creative with your furnishing when you’re choosing a fabric sofa. For those you have a creative vision for their living space and plan a total look down to the last detail, fabric definitely gives you more control.leonardo-sofa


    If you have young children, leather is easier maintain. A white, Italian fabric sofa may not be the wisest decision if you’ve got twin boys under three. Leather can be wiped clean very easily and spillages are not the disaster they can be on fabric sofas. That said, there are a range of stain resistant fabrics that can be cleaned very easily.

    If you have multiple cats, you might be in trouble with a leather sofa, particular if they like to sharpen their claws on a brand new leather sofa. There are some more robust fabrics that are more resistant to cats’ claws butin general, if you have a new sofa, you cat is public enemy number one.


    There are a lot of factors that influence how comfortable your sofa is – underlying structure, design, fabric, reclining ability, but the most important is your own personal taste. Some might like to sit bolt upright, others prefer to melt into their sofa with their feet up until they are joined to the furniture at a molecular level. Leather sofas can retain body heat, so sitting on one in 40 degree heat while wearing shorts might not be the most comfortable way to relax. If you use your sofa a lot during the day when the house can be colder consider fabric, as it is more comfortable when you immediately sit into it.


    Good quality leather ages very well, providing it’s looked after and the styles associated with leather sofas tend to be more classic and therefore don’t date. Fabric sofas, while offering you more freedom of choice in style, can date due to their stylized design. Fabric can wear out over time as well and a few disastrous spills can make a leave it looking drab rather quickly.


    Leather sofas are more expensive and you tend to get more bang for your buck with fabric ones. However, if you’ve fallen in love with a leather sofa and know you want it, it is a great investment in your home. A sofa is something you use every day and getting it right is important. There are a range of styles and tastes to suit every budget; the important thing is that you’re happy with your choice. That’s why it’s always best to ask sofa experts. When you go shopping, make sure you take detailed measurements of your room and consider any furniture reconfigurations for the future. Take plenty of photographs so our SofaSale customer service team can help you get what’s right for you.

    SofaSale pride themselves on being the Sofa Specialists. With Hong Kong 's largest range of sofas they also have in-house sofa experts to help ensure you get the perfect sofa for your home.

    More information you will find here.

  4. The Inka Sofa family is re-united

    The Inka fabric sofa has been a long time best selling sofa in the Hong Kong furniture market. We had to wait for a few months before the Leather Inka family arrived, but we are glad to welcome this leather masterpiece to the Hong Kong market.

    inka leather sofaThe Inka Sofa is hand-made and finished to perfection. The minimalistic design in combination with its rounded edges ensure this Sofa does not visually takes up too much space in your living-room interior. This is important in cities like Hong Kong where living-room spaces a smaller and customers a forced to maximise their floorspace. So even in small spaces this Inka sofa gives back the interoir a spacious look and feel.

    inka-leatherYou are welcome to learn more about the complete Inka Sofa family its pricing and its accessories like the matching ottoman.

    We hope to see you soon!

    The SofaSale team

  5. Live in Style underneath the Stars

    You are an open minded person and think the glass igloo hotel in Finland is pretty cool, then you’ll love this unique tent. The wizards at Holleyweb have invented an inflatable, PVC, transparent, bubble tent that lets you live outside, but with all the comforts of home.

    Decorate it with designer furniture and you will have a blast.

    All you need is HKD 15,990, the tent, and somewhere to plug in the tent’s blower, which is necessary to keep the tent inflated.

    Bubble-tentThis unique four meter tent can house two people, depending on their size. And while this tent isn’t point-rock resistant, it is water-proof and fire retardant, for those rainy evening when you want to BBQ outside.


  6. Kick start the year of the Monkey with our SofaBed promotion

    The year of the Monkey will be a interesting year ahead, with a lots of uncertainties for the financial markets and property prices in both Hong Kong and China. We understand the volatility of the Hong Kong market and the frustrations it might bring to many Hong Kongers. We want to give back certainties to our customers; high quality designer furniture for special promotional prices. We offer high flexibility and solid value for your money when you're looking to upgrade your interior.

    Looking for a sofa bed, please do review our promotion video.

    We hope to see you soon!

    The SofaSale team

  7. Chinese wooden cabinets


    The history of crafting and using Chinese furniture began during the first millennium AD when some Chinese decided they would be more comfortable sitting on chairs instead of squatting on the floor. Before this time, the Chinese usually conducted their lives and their business at floor level, as many Asian cultures did and some still do today.


    Westerners may have used furniture before the Chinese, but once the Chinese cabinetmakers began crafting cabinets, chairs and tables they learned their craft and the intricacies of furniture making quickly. They learned to construct superbly designed and proportioned pieces without using nails, and with only a minimal use of dowels and glue. One of their greatest accomplishments are the Chinese furniture cabinets.


    The architecture of a traditional Chinese home made no allowances for built-in closets. Closets are a Western innovation, and are still a rarity in Chinese societies from Hong Kong to Taipei to Beijing. Also, the Western concept of an armoire or a wardrobe cabinet did not exist in the Ming Dynasty China, as the Chinese would never hang clothes vertically inside a cupboard. Instead clothes and bed linens were laid flat inside a chest or cabinet, or hung on wooden racks. Dynastic robes were folded and stacked horizontally, rather than vertically on hangers,

    The Chinese made cabinets in many varieties because they wanted and valued versatility, so cabinets became the primary storage facilities within a household.


    Large cabinets were used to store just about anything the master or mistress of a household wanted to keep secure and out of sight. Today, Westerners have kept pace with this Chinese notion of versatility by using cabinets as entertainment centers.

    Precious objects such as a porcelain vase or a root wood brush pot might be stored in a cabinet when not on display or being used. Cabinets were also used in the study to store books and writing implements, and in the kitchen for food and cooking utensils. Similarly, paintings were rolled up for storage in cabinets. These cabinets were usually located in the women's quarters or in reception rooms where official robes were kept. Such cabinets remain eminently functional and are much admired and sought after for their elegant shapes and ornamentation. The best examples combine the natural beauty of the wood grain with the design and degree of ornamentation.


    There are two main styles of large Chinese cabinets, their names derived from their contours: the square-corner cabinet and the round-corner cabinet (also known as the tapered or sloping-style, wood-hinged cabinet). These types of Chinese cabinets were normally made in matching pairs, placed either side by side or symmetrically to balance the interior layout of the room or separated by a table. In practice, there are variations on this rule; which will be discussed further in this article.

    One of the most popular varieties of a round-cornered cabinet is the wedding cabinet; painted red-the color of good luck and prosperity. A wedding cabinet was often the centrepiece of a bride's dowry. They are beautiful, with a large, round brass plates; sometimes with a carving etched into the perimeter or the middle of the doors. Today, a wedding cabinet works best as a decorator's piece or as an entertainment center. The traditional drawer and shelf combination that is usually across the middle of the interior, today is often lowered to the bottom to hold a TV. Finishes on large Chinese cabinets range from natural wood stains; to painted burgundy or purple or solid red or black, sometimes with painted scenes on the doors.


  8. Upcycling in the New Year of the Monkey

    On a daily basis we receive questions from customers: I would like a peaceful, balanced modern good looking interior, how can I do this? What colours do I need for my walls? With the limited floorspace, should I opt for a L-shape sofa or not?

    We always try to answer all those questions to the best extend possible, but we also try to give some examples on how to get the most out of your interior. In the bookstore there is a solid collection on both domestic and international lifestyle and interior design magazines, with great visual examples on how to deal with limited floor spaces, like we find on typical Hong Kong interiors.

    For now some ideas on how start in the new year: ask yourself the question if all furniture pieces still fit your wishes and requirements and do they contribute your living enjoyment?

    Do they fit to the current lifestyle you are living, or do you need a refresh or upgrade of your interior? Sometimes a new re-arrangement of your furniture will do wonders. Why not spend 1 or 2 hours to draw a new lay-out plan and push around your furniture to new spots and even new rooms.

    You may find, that you do not really need to buy new furniture items, but with some creativity, of using new fabrics, or re-paint your antique cabinet in a modern colour you an give your interior a tremendous boost.

    Upcycling is the new trend in the coming years. We learned from a customer he transformed his old stools into 2 stylish side tables, after sanding them down and re-painting them in bright orange colour. You will notice it will be great fun transforming and upcycling old products into a new unexpected modern furniture pieces.

    Good luck crafting and styling your unique interior in the year of the Monkey!

    Below some catching examples on how creativity leads to a second life for products which might been on their last trip trip to the waste stream....

    For more modern furniture in Hong Kong you may visit our website.

    5821120_orig 6562210_orig Jar-soap-dispenser suitcase medical cabinet upcycled-lighting-ideas-7 modern lamp

  9. Chinese New Year Furniture production closure

    Every year we face the same dilemma, during the Lunar new year, or Chinese New Year celebrations all factories in mainland China will send all their staff home to celebrate the New Year with their families. Traditionally these migrant workers have moved thousands of miles from the rural villages to the Southern factory region. For them to travel back to the family, it is a yearly long journey through cold China. Most factories will close down for around 3-4 weeks to give their workers enough time to be able to travel up and down. Once all festivities are over, it is always a challenge to convince old staff to move back into the factory again. Increasing labour competition and even labour shortages in certain regions have caused production delays which could be felt especially after the Chinese New Year.

    What does it mean for our customers?

    In general our customer will need to expect a longer production lead-time around the Lunar new year. The period is different for every factory, but in general delays are see on orders from mid January till end of February. In March all production slowly will adjust back to a normal schedule and capacity, as most back logs in production should have been worked away.

    Does that mean you should wait with placing your order?

    No, since we will still take your orders and the sooner we receive your order, the higher it will list on the production planning, the sooner I will come out of finished production after the factory openings.

    We do have taken in stock Sofas in order to serve our customers who can not afford to wait and sit on the ground for weeks. Below Medlano Sofa and Compact SofaBed are examples of our ready in stock items.

    Stock Furniture Chinese New Year

    Want to learn more about your specific order and lead-time, please contact our Customer Service. 

  10. The Natural outdoor dining chair

    The Natural chair is often hailed as a piece of modern sculpture, rather than a furniture piece. Its light weight, but strong structure, will make it the favourite outdoor dining chair for many bar and restaurants around town. This injection moulded stacking chair appropriate for indoor/outdoor commercial, institutional and residential use. Flexing action of the back provides a high degree of comfort. Lightly textured, fully washable surface. The legs provided with pads for hard surface flooring. The Chair Stacks up to 6-8 high, so this makes it easy to store when not in use.

    優質的傢俬應該是歷久仍能流行。這張餐椅質料輕巧,但堅固耐用,深受餐廳及戶外商戶歡迎。 這張無縫造椅,無論室、室外,或是商業家居用途﹐都是價值高的選擇。

    More information you can find on our website: