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  1. Facebook Friday Discount

    Today we have the Mini Egg chair, for your little wonders, great gift to support them through the new school year. Please note we have few pcs available for this Facebook Friday offer, so “first come, first serve. Valid till we sold all 5 pcs out.... Please note we sell this item below cost price, to achieve more fans on Facebook, hope you “like” this. facebook friday discount sofasale
  2. New Website

    We are happy to announce our new web-platform, more products, better prices, better deals, more reason to Live in Style. Please have a look and spread the word: Live in Style Thanks, the SofaSale team sofasale furniture home decor
  3. Indigo now at SofaSale

    SofaSale is the official appointed online outlet store for Indigo-Living. In our Indigo Outlet section you will find the official Indigo products, at discounted prices. We will update the section on a frequent basis, since the Indigo stocklevels change by the minute. Do not hesitate and buy now. Live in Style has never been so easy and affordable! See the products: here More info on Indigo Living:
  4. What is the SofaSale secret? Good quality, low pricing

    We received numerous questions, all boiling down to the same topic. People want to know our secret. How come you can offer such a good quality, modern European Style furniture, and offer these low prices, what is the secret? I have difficulties to believe this…. The secret of SofaSale is not a secret at all. Let me explain in more detail. The price is based on the cost savings made within the innovative set up of SofaSale. Which means: high volume buying power, long term business relationships, access to left over stock, RMB trading relationship with factories, no expensive retails shops, no excessive sales team to guide customers around, no utility bills, no excessive retail stock, etc, etc. These cost savings are reflected in our pricing. We do have a fully owned Quality Control team, visiting our factories every single week. Which means that every order will be checked before it will be send to Hong Kong. Over the past years, we have terminated business relationships, with businesses that failed to deliver unto our own set quality standards. This has resulted for us in a few very reliable business relationships. We can give them the right volume of business, they can give us the right quality against the right price. Over and over again. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, please review “our quality”.  
  5. Go green, recycle your Blues

    Sofa retailer has announced a service to turn your old jeans into a comfy Sofa. Maybe weird to some, but actually a great idea to others. Give your jeans a second life.. Sure, the idea of re-using denim is not particularly novel. However, when an otherwise ordinary furniture retailer takes up this sort of project it shows the extent to which the idea of re-using materials (and eco-friendly lifestyle in general) has entered the mainstream psyche in Hong Kong. “We want to differentiate ourselves from the traditional furniture retailers”, explains Arno Nieuwland, director of SofaSale limited. “By introducing new trends to the Hong Kong market, we want to create awareness with the consumer of smart ways to spend their money. Besides bringing more value for money within our line of products, the contribution to a greener planet is a key mission to us”. It takes around 200 litres of water to create a washed pair of Denim Jeans. On average there are 50 million pairs of Jeans sold annually in Hong Kong and China, which results in 10 million tons of water used. Instead of throwing away your jeans and with it all the energy and resources to create it, we can re-use it and create a fascinating and unique piece of furniture. It seems recycling is not so weird after all. After 17 pairs of Denim Jeans The SofaSale Denim X1 is the result. Info: comfy sofa eco friendly sofa

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