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  1. The Gräshoppa floor lamp GM1

    The Gräshoppa floor lamp GM1 embodies a stylish timelessness. The three-leg floor lamp GM1 of 1947 is one of the most important works of the Swedish-American designer Greta Magnusson Grossman. The design of the Gräshoppa floor lamp GM1 didn’t lose any of its individual charm along the decades. The design became a real classic since its origin in 1947: through-thought and worked, Gräshoppa is presented without any changes. Gräshoppa suits in everywhere, as reading lamp besides the couch, in edges or as eye-catcher in rooms. Greta Magnusson Grossman has been inspired by Walter Gropius and Le Corbusier for her work. However, she still follows her own style and embossed the American Mid-Century-Design with European influences. Grossmann received numerous prices, not for nothing the Gräshoppa floor lamp GM1 by Greta Magnusson Grossman proved itself along the decades. The floor lamp is available in white and black.
  2. Iconic Design chairs: Wishbone Chair

    Inspired by classical portraits of Danish merchants sitting in Ming chairs, Wegner created a series of chairs that helped establish Denmark as an international leader of modern design. The Wishbone Chair is considered to be his most successful design. Also known as the Y Chair the Wishbone has been produced in large volumes for well over fifty years now. wishone chairFamous "Wishbone" chair - originally CH 24 - was introduced in 1950 by the Danish furniture company Carl Hansen & Son. Shape comes from Chinese Quan Yi ceremonial seat that was simplified in the Danish modern style. When it was first introduced, however, its recognition was not overly positive and only a handful of retailers bought it for their showrooms. Now it is one of the most popular Hansen products which presents finest craftsmanship and comfort, available in wide selection of colors. wishone chair
  3. Salved wood dining tables

    Antique reclaimed ELM wood tables are getting popular in Hong Kong, no wonder if you see the design. They seamlessly fit into the interior of the living room. We tailor make the size and finish for you. Still in doubt, come and have a look at it yourself.
  4. Norman Cherner Plywood Chair

    Norman Cherner Plywood Chair This gorgeous wooden chair is a replica of Norman Cherner's truly innovative 1958 design. The Norman Cherner Side Chair is a perfect blend of comfort, originality and style. Made entirely from moulded plywood, the legs of the chair are curved outwards from the base, which is wide and curved slightly upwards at the edges for added comfort. The high back is tapered at the bottom, but wider at the shoulders.
  5. Arco Lamp - Design Classic

    Many light fixtures designed in the fifties and sixties are still popular today. The best thing about choosing a retro light is the clear inspiration and the exuberance of post-war optimism. Space age designers wanted to create futuristic and exciting lighting. Designers took advantage of contemporary products and processes, creating designs that were sleek and sophisticated combined to produce a very forward thinking look. Space-Age Design The Arco floor lamp is one of the most iconic lights ever made. Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni designed the Arco Floor Lamp in 1962 for dining table illumination. It was a design breakthrough in that it provided overhead lighting without a ceiling light fixture. Taking inspiration from the structure of street lighting, this overhanging lamp with its heavy marble base is a convenient way to make the most use of space. The marble base and arched light make it a true iconic statement. The easiest way to move the heavy marble base is by putting broomhandes into the holes on either side. Our high quality replica Arco Floor Lamp looks and feels as good as the original. The square profile of the curved arc cleverly hides the cabling to the bulb and is adjustable for reach and shade height. This is the same as the original 1960's design and not like many of the replica Arco style lamps currently on sale, which have a round tubular arc. The metal parts of this wonderful floor lamp are in a brushed stainless steel finish. The shade is in two parts and the bottom section of the shade can be moved to direct the light source, as per the original design. Order An Arco Floor Lamp
  6. Grant Featherston Contour Lounge Chair

    Designed in 1951 by Victorian craftsman Grant Featherston, the R160 Contour chair is considered an icon of Australian furniture design. Characterised by tapered legs and an organic shape, the R160 Contour chair is the manifestation of Featherston’s fascination with nature and draws inspiration from the Arts & Craft Movement and the minimalism embodied in Bauhaus design. Perfect as an occasional or lounge chair, the Featherston R160 chair was a significant departure from the lacklustre furniture typical of post war Australia and continues to remain a contemporary, chic selection for all commercial, hospitality and residential interiors. lounge chairThe R160 contour chair has a sculptural presence with organic, sensuous lines dimpled with covered buttons, splayed legs and solid timber frame. A lasting and ultra - comfortable addition to your home. More details here
  7. Go green, recycled Elm wood furniture

    During one of the cold winter days, we met with friends for an afternoon tea. We sat down at their new, but antique style dining table – a solid wood table, crafted from a reclaimed elm wood antique door, encased in a solid elm wood frame. “It’s made from reclaimed age-old elm wood, recycled from a traditional Chinese village house”, my friend mentioned with a smile. I was hooked on the idea of giving this kind of high quality wood a second life, not only because the wood used for this table did not go up in smoke, but also because some of our natural rainforest resources were saved by not needing to cut down a healthy tree to make this table. I wanted to learn more about the history of this table. My search started at SofaSale, the retailer where my friend found her table. Surely, they’d be able to tell me more about recycling wood into furniture. The SofaSale website gave me some information, but I wanted more details. I met with the Dutch, Hong Kong-based entrepreneur Arno Nieuwland, father-of-two, to discuss the history of their Eco-Series concept. Arno explained that they have been on a long search to find good quality wooden furniture for their export business. Inspired by the Dutch furniture designer Piet Hein Eek, they were specifically looking for recycled wood furniture. By late 2010, they gave up their search for a quality supplier and started their own workshop in China. “Here we design and craft our own furniture. Given the fact that, sadly enough, there are lots of village houses knocked down in China’s rush to develop more new property, we decided to recycle and reuse the age-old elm wood beams and doors from those knocked-down houses. We love the natural character of the wood, and even though we receive enquiries to use newer wood, for our Eco-Series concept we stick to the recycled elm wood principle”. I fell in love with the Eco-Series concept, and will have to discuss the budget at home to replace our current table! For more info: recycled elm wood furniture
  8. Go Green, recycle your Blues

    Sofa retailer has announced a service to turn your old jeans into a comfy Sofa. Maybe weird to some, but actually a great idea to others. Give your jeans a second life. jeans sofa Sure, the idea of re-using denim is not particularly novel. However, when an otherwise ordinary furniture retailer takes up this sort of project it shows the extent to which the idea of re-using materials (and eco-friendly lifestyle in general) has entered the mainstream psyche in Hong Kong. “We want to differentiate ourselves from the traditional furniture retailers”, explains Arno Nieuwland, director of SofaSale limited. “By introducing new trends to the Hong Kong market, we want to create awareness with the consumer of smart ways to spend their money. Besides bringing more value for money within our line of products, the contribution to a greener planet is a key mission to us”. It takes around 200 litres of water to create a washed pair of Denim Jeans. On average there are 50 million pairs of Jeans sold annually in Hong Kong and China, which results in 10 million tons of water used. Instead of throwing away your jeans and with it all the energy and resources to create it, we can re-use it and create a fascinating and unique piece of furniture. It seems recycling is not so weird after all. Info:
  9. Standing out from the Crowd

    Sofasale is a furniture retailer with a difference - by take charge of every aspect of production, they produce distinctive, affordable pieces with style to spare. - The Standard News, March 15th - Total service and in-house production
    Motivated by a lack of affordable quality furniture in Hong Kong, Sofasale decided to diversify its furniture export business and go into retail. An online store with a showroom in town, it produces its own line in everything from wooden tables to office furniture, lighting and accessories, with an emphasis on customization, in a style that can be described as “modern European.” Their designs originate mostly from Europe, and they have their own workshop in China, in which they have total control over quality and production. They also engage in contract manufacturing – but here they exert great control as well, buying production capacity in factories so as to run their own independent production. From conception to delivery, everything is done in-house; as a result, each piece retains great character, quality is guaranteed, and delivery time is quick. Because they have no expensive retail set-up – e.g. stores in prime shopping malls, staff and concerns over stock levels, and their own factory in China, they have a totally different cost structure, which results in better deals for the customer. Primarily an online store, they make up for the lack of ‘browsing’ experience with a comprehensive website and strong price incentives – which so far has resulted only in happy customers.
    Reclaim and recycle
    A particular highlight of their catalogue is the Eco-Series, which transforms reclaimed wood into European-style furniture, such as dining tables. Recycling their own wood from Chinese furniture houses, they have managed to produce a collection which is environmentally friendly, while exuding great, understated charm. Also popular is their extensive sofa collection, which can be produced in any number of sizes and materials, from fabric to leather. Part of their campaign towards environmental-friendliness is their jeans recycling project -customers are encouraged to send in their old jeans, which will then be used for sofa fabric, producing brand-new items.
    Helping you live in style
    Sofasale distinguishes itself by offering unique pieces in a boutique setting. While some brands provide perfectly for the mid-level market, focusing on furniture with storage solutions, Sofasale aims for a slightly different market, providing quality furniture designed specifically for the stylish sophisticate. Eventually, it hopes to break out of the local market into other countries in the Asia-Pacific, such as Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. Besides retail expansion, it also hopes to keep diversifying its portfolio, engaging in more design projects, and catering more comprehensively for its international  customers.
  10. Furniture will make your life more enjoyable, do Live in Style

    There are several questions you must ask yourself, before buying new furniture for your home or office. One thing you must have clear is why you are purchasing the new furniture. This is essential to the process of mastering how to buy furniture. Do you want to be more comfortable? Do you just don’t have any furniture and you want somewhere to sit and watch TV? Are you doing it because you fill the need to fill up a space? When we are clear on what we want we make good decisions. Make it a resolution to target your specific reasons when starting your research. There are some other important things to decide on, like colours, materials, and where to buy, but ultimately giving these too much importance can lead you into buying something that you will not enjoy fully in the long term. sofasale live in style furniture sofa It is important to have some kind of furniture buying guide before you start. So let’s imagine your room in a no so distant future: who are the people that you see will be using this furniture? Will they be comfortable? Will they all fit without difficulties? What might be comfortable to one individual might not be for their spouse or kids, especially if the family is gathered together in this space at the same time. If buying a sofa for example, ask: will people be resting or lying while watching TV for more than an hour or two? If the answer is yes, you need to make sure that a top priority for the new piece of furniture is how comfy it is. Also, that sofa can be small if it is to be used by a couple, but if you have friends visiting all the time, this won’t be very practical. It’s for reasons like these that someone might need a guide for how to buy furniture. sofa hong kong Of course you need to consider how much space you actually have available and how much of it can the new element occupy. People should be able to walk easily and when they sit in the same room, they should not be too far apart or too close, they should be able to touch each other’s fingers if they lean over from the edge of their seat. If the space is large, this rule could be broken, but there should still be a space in the home where people can feel some intimacy while sharing a conversation. Otherwise, how can you share with others how you learned how to buy furniture in the comfort of your own home? Also, one of the big decisions to be made for how to buy furniture, before you even visit a furniture store, is: what is the color scheme you want to dominate the area? Do you already have a theme or color harmonization going on in the room? The new piece has to match the existing atmosphere in most cases, and the focus should be so the item will not only blend but also enhance the current layout. Visit different websites or search for pictures on so you can get ideas on color harmony and space arrangements. Look at the relationships between colors, textures, and forms. Make them harmonize with a common feature. It could be a color, a pattern or patterns, everything could revolve around a particular culture, or most items could have similar features to bring unity. It is a good idea to know what the current trends are; this will help guide you in the right direction. Plus, unless you are going for an antique or retro look, getting direction from an existing look is of great help when you don’t have great decorative experience. Finally, make sure you have a budget and you stick to it. Knowing how much you can spend will save you time and effort when purchasing furniture inside the actual store. Hopefully this guide for how to buy furniture has helped you. Perhaps you simply didn’t think of some of the aspects mentioned here, or perhaps you just didn’t know where to start. Either way, we do hope that you now know at least a little bit about how to buy furniture.  

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