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  1. Warm welcome to the Roman Vendi

    In the leather sofa industry for a long time there were limited to no innovations. A standard bulky sofa was the result. Nowadays more and more brands focus on trendy designs and user friendly comfort. The new Roman Vendi collection is an example of this. The design is trendy and smooth, and these sofa come with adjustable click-clack head & back rest. Some even have adjustable side arm rest. Now at a special unbeatable introduction price at SofaSale.
  2., winner of the 2012 Hong Kong Shooting Star award, winner of  the 2012 Hong Kong Shooting Star award. HONG KONG, October 12th, 2012 -- SofaSale will be awarded the 2012 Hong Kong Shooting Star award for their outstanding performance and improvements across nine categories of the European Business Excellence Model – Leadership, Policy & Strategy, People Management, Partnership & Resources, Processes, Customer Results, People Results, Society Results and Key Performance Results. Established in Hong Kong in 2010, SofaSale is now positioned as a well-known respected player in the local furniture retail market. Supported by a European furniture distribution company, it had immediate access to the leading furniture manufacturers in Greater China. This in combination with an innovative supply chain, created a competitive advantage over the established furniture retailers in Hong Kong. The winner of this prestigious international business award is selected by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong. has been recognized as the most outstanding and promising Dutch linked SME company that is currently operating in the territory. sofasale shooting star award
  3. Yes, it arrived

    The Relax Chair By the fair the most stylish and comfortable chair you have seen in recent months. It has a stainless steel base with swivel function, upholstered to your tast in Kashmir or Soft natural wool in many different colours. The hull in made of fibreglass, finished with a layer of soft PE foam to ensure comfort and stylish curves. Want to learn more, do not wait, see here. relax chair  
  4. Get ready for Mid-autum outdoor nights!

    We have a fantastic range of really high quality Outdoor Furniture, ranging from sun lounges outdoor dining tables and chairs to plastic stools suitable for outdoor use. Much of our Outdoor Furniture Range comes with a full year manufacturers warranty and is completely weather resistant and suited to the Hong Kong climate. With lightweight aluminium frames, powder coated with epoxy paint these pieces are recyclable, strong and durable and resistant to chlorine and salt water. The upholstery used for our mesh outdoor furniture is a special trademarked product called Batyline mesh. This mesh is polyester covered with a PVC coating and is extremely strong and durable, recyclable, UV and mildew resistant and is built with minimum stretching to prevent your outdoor upholstery becoming saggy and misshapen. A particular favourite of ours is the Stainless Steel Outdoor mesh chair, which possesses all of these features and is stackable and available in a range of designs. Our Stainless Steel Outdoor mesh chair is also on sale for a limited time only, while stocks last!
  5. Summer Sale

    Now free coffee tables with our new line of Florence and Roma Sofa series. Please contact our customer service for the details. coffee table
  6. Bodrum Sofa

    Bodrum is a famous Turkish tourist center, but soon it will be a famous Sofa too. What do you think of this amazing design? Now for HKD 5,890
  7. Ceiling Fans, for a Sophisticated Green Living

    The latest Design Fans by Ron Rezek of Modern Fan Co, now at, proud to be first in HKG.  More info here Summer Cool, Winter Warm The wind chill from a good quality ceiling fan helps keep you comfortable in warm weather and makes you feel up to 4 degrees Celsius cooler than you would without a fan. On cold days, when a heater is used to warm a room, a ceiling fan in winter mode can gently recirculate the warm air trapped at ceiling level towards floor level, providing an even comfortable temperature throughout the room.

    Energy Efficient

    A well designed ceiling fan with a good quality motor can help you save up to 47% on cooling costs and up to 15% on heating costs. In summer, when a ceiling fan is used in conjunction with air conditioning, the thermostat of your air conditioner can be set at a higher temperature, using less electricity without sacrificing comfort. In winter, the recirculation of warm air allows you to lower the thermostat setting on your heater.

    Sophisticated Green Living

    Who says that green living means compromise? Our extensive range of ceiling fans not only brings energy efficient comfort to every home, the products are also well designed, look stunning and match with any interior decor. A ceiling fan is generally the first object a person will see when entering a room, so why not choose a fan with a design that suits your style and begin a greener lifestyle now? A good ceiling fan means less air-conditioning and brings the feel of a gentle natural breeze into your home.
  8. New addition to the Roma Collection

    Summer is coming, weather is getting warm and humid. All you are looking for is a nice natural, comfortable high-end European fabric on your Sofa. No polyesters, or leather sticking to your body, but the natural softness of Cotton and Linen. Our Roma Sofa is upholstered with the highest quality linen fabric, giving it both a stunning look and a long lasting comfortable feeling. european fabric sofaMore information here
  9. Spice up your living room with a design coffee table

    We don't know what you've been using until now, but a trendy coffee table can really become the centerpiece of your living room or den. If you want to follow the stylish route, head down minimalist lane and get yourself a white or black table that is round or rectangular, low, and boasts tiny legs. cofee table Many coffee tables -- and pieces of furniture for that matter -- have a no-frills look and are pretty basic in design, making them all the more versatile. If you really want the most up-to-the-minute table, then the Eileen Gray adjustable table is a must have.
  10. Everything under the Sun

    Beautiful patio umbrellas, such as backyard umbrellas, can literally change the face of your patio, backyard, garden or balcony. With so many different styles and combinations of outdoor umbrellas to choose from, it's important to take a step back, look at your outdoor decor or patio design, and choose what kind of patio umbrella will best match or enhance your decor. outdoor umbrella Your first step is to ask yourself some very important questions. Many patio umbrellas are loaded with fantastic features that may or may not be suitable for the situation in where you need a shade structure. And if your purchasing more than one outdoor umbrella for different parts of your home, this is the best time to figure what designs, colors, or features you want for each particular area.patio umbrella shadesSome of the first steps you should take would be to look at your finished outdoor decor. What are the primary colors and styles you used to decorate? What kind of outdoor motif did you choose for your patio or backyard area?   Next, you need to look at the area you are shading in terms of size and function. What size area are you trying to shade? Are you shading a table or a lounging/ sitting area? Are you covering an area that you will be using for dining or entertaining?   Then, you need to need look at the functions and overall style you will be needing from your outdoor umbrella. Will you be utilizing your umbrella constantly, or will you be using it infrequently? Do you want a traditional garden umbrella, or a more modern and stylish market umbrella?

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