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  1. Xavier Pauchard Tolix Chairs

    Xavier Pauchard Tolix Chairs Metalworker Xavier Pauchard not only brought the art of galvanizing steel to France, but took the process to the next level by creating the Marais A Chair (1934), the quintessential cafe chair that was both elegant and robust enough to grace the decks of the S.S. Normandie ocean liner. After the sudden death of Pauchard in 1948, his son Jean took over as managing director of their company, Tolix. In 1956, he designed an armchair to go with his fathers Marais A, naming it the A56, and hence created another 20th century classic. All Tolix metal furniture is still made in Autun, the same Burgundy town where it all began. Slight surface abrasions and markings are characteristic of the material and part of its hardworking machine aesthetic. Rubber feet prevent damage to floors. The Marais Collection will stand up to the rigors of public use, but should be protected from wet weather conditions to maintain the finish. Click here for more info.  
  2. Retro Eames Chair soon coming to SofaSale

    Eames upholstered armchair with wooden leg base. This vibrant vintage style limited edition retro modernist chair is upholstered in soft woven wool and crafted from an ecelectic mix of complimentary heritage blanket and hopsack weaves in shades of teal, red, black and cream which brings it right up to date and creates a statement furniture peice for any home. The chair features an ergonomically moulded polypropylene shell seat that conforms to the contours of the body and provides comfortable arm rests, atop a minimalist rod base with metal struts and wooden legs. An iconic piece that defines an era yet still remains timeless now brought up to the minute with a 21st century sustainable up-cycled look that is well crafted making it an item that is future proofed. The chair has evolved since it was first shown at the MOMA in the 1950s from moulded fibreglass with this version now in eco-friendly polypropylene atop a steel frame. This eames style DAR looks equally at home in the living room as it does in any other room or location, including lounges, hallways, home offices, studies, libraries and bedrooms. Each one is slightly different in patterns so therefore unique. Super cool and comfy this retro modern chair is in a league of its own and brings a style savvy element to any interior.

    Made from:

    ABS seat, wooden legs, woven wool upholstery and legs (some minor self assembly required).


    80 cm (H) x 61 cm (W) x 62 cm (D) Seat height is 46cm, arm height is 67cm.
  3. What colours can be combined with white furniture?

    White is one of the most common colours in our home. This is not illogical, it is one of the most neutral colours, which you can combine almost any other colour. Often our walls we paint it white, and then finding the right color combination with your furniture is not so difficult. But if you have white furniture and find a matching colour for your walls and for your decorations, it becomes more difficult. White furniture and light coloured walls A first possibility is to your white furniture combined with white or light-coloured wall. This looks especially nice if both your furniture if you have white walls a darker shade. To avoid it completely boring and too chilly, you can color with a wooden floor and with your decoration. With cushions, a painting, a few candles and some plants you bring soon a lot of colour and warmth in your white interior. White furniture and striking colours Would you rather not have white walls with white furniture? Then you can just opt for brighter colours! Red, blue or green, for example, perfectly combined with white furniture. Each color radiates something different: red radiates passion, blue exudes calm and green is inspiring. If you do not want all your walls bright colour paint, then you can opt for different white walls and an accent wall in a brighter colour. Choose your colours depending on the room You should never forget the function of the room in mind. A bedroom should be especially calm and exude passion, so here you work better with red and brown than green or black. In your living room you have the most freedom, for a living can radiate different atmospheres. You do not know what colours you can combine white furniture? Do not hesitate to contact our interior design team, they will gladly give you advice on the choice of colour in your interior. wood furniture care guide
  4. SofaSale featured in Square Foot Magazine

    Couch Surfing

    SofaSale is taking furniture retailing to a new level

    SofaSale is Hong Kong’s premiere online furniture retailer and it’s in the midst of shaking up the furniture retailing landscape. By taking charge of every aspect of production, the comprehensive manufacturer produces distinctive, modern and affordable furniture pieces and sells direct to consumers.

    Motivated by the lack of affordable, quality furniture in the Hong Kong market, in 2009

    SofaSale started to diversify its furniture export business and set up its own retailing branch in order to gain direct access to Asian consumers. Last year SofaSale served several thousand customers and, given its over

    15,000 Facebook friends, it seems many of them are satisfied with their purchases. They want to be linked with the SofaSale brand and receive updates on future promotions.

    What is SofaSale’s secret?

    SofaSale’s designs are largely European in origin and they have their own manufacturing facilities in China, where the company has total control over quality and production.

    From conception to delivery, everything is done in-house. As a result, each piece retains great character, the quality is secured and lead-times are the best in the market.

    SofaSale is currently offering over 1,500 pieces at sale prices on its website and is operating a New York loft-style showroom, located in an old industrial building in Quarry Bay.

    Being primarily an online store, SofaSale creates a unique “browsing” experience for customers, and once a decision has been made there is a showroom to see, touch and discuss specific furniture items and wishes with SofaSale Furniture consultants.

    In this low cost set-up, the cost savings are not banked as profits, but for the most part handed back to consumers. These savings are reflected in spectacular SofaSale sales prices. Those price incentives have attracted many satisfied customers time and time again.

    This might be the key to SofaSale’s success and of its unique business model.

    sofasale furniture retailer

  5. SofaSale featured in Post Magazine January 2013

    Domestic bliss

    A family of four prefers to stay in and invite friends over, a renovation having given them ample space in which to play
    sofasale hk Text Adele Brunner / Pictures John Butlin / Styling David Roden You know you are doing something right when your children give you the thumbs up. Having previously lived in their Mid- Levels apartment as young tenants, Harry and Jake Fisher seem delighted that their parents, Christopher, from Australia, and Hong Kong-born Sophia, bought the home and gave it a complete makeover. “We think it’s really cool,” chime Harry and Jake, aged seven and eight, respectively, of their newly renovated flat. “We’ve even got our own television and loads of space to play.” Architects Ivan Wong and Agnes Lee of In-between Design Office planned and executed the renovation of the Fisher family’s 1,500 sq ft apartment to make it feel larger. The duo, who worked with the contractor Palacio Interior, installed glass doors and walls and incorporated a corridor between the living and sleeping areas to heighten the sense of travelling between two halves of the apartment. “Corridors can be a disaster in Hong Kong,” says Wong. “They tend to be boring, narrow walkways. We tried to apply purpose by adding bookshelves and storage and giving it interesting focal points in the form of artwork”: a collection of antique maps.Unusual for Hong Kong, there is an abundance of storage space, notably hidden behind wood panelling in the entrance hall, in the children’s room and in the master bedroom. “Ivan and Agnes did a fantastic job of identifying spaces and making them look like they aren’t storage,” says Sophia. “We have a lot of junk and I never thought we’d be able to stow it all away and still have an empty cupboard.” Wong and Lee do not believe in unnecessarily adding to already bursting landfills so they worked with existing elements where they could. Rather than reconfiguring the rooms’ sizes and positioning, the Fishers gave the apartment’s largest bedroom to their boys. An Lshaped platform bed, which Jake and Harry share, frees up space below to accommodate bookshelves, toys and wardrobes. The children study at a fixed, wall-to-wall desk.“The best bit is our bed – we have our own club up there and it’s brilliant for sleepovers. And the ladder is really wide so our dad can come up also,” says Jake.It’s not only a hit with the children: Sophia says some of their adult friends enjoy climbing up for some rough and tumble with the boys, too. Another challenge faced by the architects was the issue of light. The apartment’s windows were small, with individual panes and guardrails. Wong and Lee “cleaned” them up, making them larger and single-paned, and installed automaton (self-operating) lighting throughout the apartment that can be set to complement moods and needs. There are separate lighting systems in the master bedroom and bathroom, for example, so that Christopher, an investment banker, can see his way around without disturbing his wife when getting up for an early business flight. “We are a layman family,” says Sophia. “We didn’t have a clue about lighting – we didn’t even think about it. It was great to have professionals thinking about it for us and giving us strong guidance.” Because Sophia works from home, she needed a private space to host virtual classrooms. Wong and Lee installed a tinted glass “wall” between the dining area and her office and installed a floorto- ceiling track blind. “I can see what’s going on and still have all the privacy I need,” says Sophia.“The glass slides across so we can combine my office space with the living and dining areas and really open up the apartment, which we couldn’t do when it was a solid wall. The renovations took 5½ months to complete, from design to construction. The Fishers moved into a temporary apartment because three of them suffer from asthma, which the dust and fumes would have exacerbated. Now that they are back in, they do not want to leave. “Hong Kong families always go out,” says Sophia. “They typically don’t entertain at home because they don’t want their guests to feel uncomfortable in a small space, but we now love hosting dinners for friends. Our renovations have been such a success … we don’t want to be anywhere else. Just here.”
  6. SofaSale featured in Post Magazine December 2012

    Fit for purpose

    A couple who put functionality at the top of their design agenda were rewarded with a modern, inviting home, safe for little hands. Text Catherine Shaw Pictures Dickson Lee Styling David Roden Maximising space and controlling clutter were at the top of Andrew and Christina Lee’s agenda when it came to planning their 2,300 sq ft Mid-Levels home. “We like design but functionality was the most important issue for us,” says Taiwanese-American Christina. “With a 2½-year-old child, we had to think very carefully about how the spaces would work, as well as balance what looks good with safety and practicality.” The couple, who met as law students in the United States, were keen to work with an interior designer who would collaborate in, not dictate, the process of creating a home. They turned to Britishtrained architect Mae Kwan, who had recently relocated to Hong Kong but whose design aesthetic – balancing modern living with warm, inviting interiors – matched their needs. “It was a bit like decorating with a good friend,” says Lee. “We would go back and forth with ideas but Mae was always happy to keep looking until we found exactly what we wanted styleand budget-wise. Mae was also great at sourcing items that we would never have found, such as the huge wooden and aluminium Coco Flip pendant lamp over the dining table.” The apartment, which had not been updated in years, proved a design challenge because of the very dark interior. Removing walls helped open the space. “Mae advised us to reconfigure the maid’s room and kitchen to create the dining and kitchen area,” says Lee. “We didn’t entertain at home very often but now we have the perfect environment to do so.” Illumination was also enhanced. “We made the most of the wonderful balcony with floor-to-ceiling sliding doors alongside the living room so the interiors are bathed in natural light, which is reflected in the kitchen’s mirrored cupboards and semi-glossy white lacquered finishes,” says Kwan. “It’s a modern but light look.” “Our old apartment, in The Belchers in Pok Fu Lam, had stuff everywhere,” says Lee. “It was important to us that we had enough space to clear things away, so we installed full-height cupboards that are finished the same way as the walls or covered in mirrors. The funny thing is, even though we have doubled our storage and haven’t bought anything new, it already seems quite full.” The storage comes in handy now that Lee has established Three Little Tigers, which sells personalised towels for children. “Hong Kong had nowhere to buy affordable, good-quality towels for kids and where you can add the special touch of including their names on the towels,” she says. “So I found a fantastic supplier who could work with my designs and the business has really taken off. At the moment, I need to store a lot of the products here.” Another practical touch is a series of full-height sliding doors that create two separate wings off the open-plan living room. On one side, the doors, when closed, disappear completely, creating a compact but well-equipped study and television room that doubles as a guest room, while on the other side are two spacious bedrooms with a walkin dressing-room. “The doors provide excellent sound insulation, which is great for when [daughter] Chloe is sleeping,” says Lee. “But when we want it open, so I can watch her, it is easy to change the configuration.” Other items that add flexibility and style include a fabric-covered bench seat with hidden storage near the entrance, and open shelving in Chloe’s room, in which boxes of toys can be put away easily. The entire flat features oak flooring that contrasts beautifully with cool white walls to create an inviting look, and uplighting has been used to make the most of the three-metre-high ceilings. “Older buildings in Hong Kong have wonderfully high ceilings,” says Lee. “We took full advantage, with tall bookcases, shelves and cabinets – and with so much natural light the apartment has a lovely spacious feel. Just like we wanted.” Dining area The Eco-Series dining table (HK$7,190) came from in a “raw” finish and was sanded and stained by Chun Lok Engineering. The six dining chairs, bought years ago, were reupholstered for a total of HK$2,115 by Tin Shing Curtain (39 Belcher’s Street, Kennedy Town, tel: 2817 4775). Kwan found the Coco Flip pendant lamp (HK$9,000) at a half-price sale at Lane Crawford (various locations; The small iron statue was found by Kwan at a flea market in London. The kitchen cabinets, complete with stainless-steel drawers, Corian countertop, stainless-steel double sink, mirrored wall panels and cabinet lights, cost a total of HK$209,770 from Kitench Leader (58 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, tel: 2836 0280). The bar stools (HK$960 each) were from Luen Sun Furniture (371 Queen’s Road West, Sai Ying Pun, tel: 2546 4274).
  7. The Minka Aire Artemis

    Artemis™ by George Kovacs®. The distinct profile of the Artemis™ fan is formed by the Flying Vanes™ that become the fan housing. Three contoured aerodynamic vanes (blades) featuring infinitely variable pitch are the essence of this unique design. Integrated halogen light with 190W light limiter and etched glass diffuser. Lifetime manufacturer warranty.
    • Airflow measured in cubic feet per minute at high speed (CFM) = 5100
    • Watts at high speed = 94
    • Airflow efficiency at high speed (CFM/Watts) = 54.26
    Included in the permanent design collection of The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design.  More info here ceiling fan
  8. SofaSale in the Standard News Paper Nov 2012

    Winner of prestigious business award  Respected international business award, Hong Kong Shooting Star 2012, held its ceremony recently in the Netherlands. Leading local furniture retailer SofaSale won the award for their performance and improvement across nine categories of the European Business Excellence Model. Mr Arno Nieuwland, founder of, received the celebrated award during the exclusive dinner presentation ceremony, hosted and organized by Cathay Pacific Airways and the Netherland Council for Trade Promotion. With the winner selected by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Shooting Star has been award every November since 2004 to raise the profile of Dutch linked business in Hong Kong to recognize outstanding performance of SME’s in order to encourage further growth. sofasale hongkong
  9. Bubble Lamps

    The iconic Bubble Lamps have arrived. Originally designed in 1947 by George Nelson. bubble lamps Nothing fills a room with warm, balanced light like a George Nelson Bubble Light.  The first Bubble Lamp was designed by George Nelson in 1947, produced by Howard Miller starting in 1952 and ceased production in 1979.  The Bubble Lamp is featured in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. For pricing details: click here
  10. Do you share our love for the wave chair?

    A recliner that is great to sit in, fantastic to relax in and attractive to look at from all angles. Click here for more details The chair initiates movement and variation and the design inspires you to change your posture whilst seated.  You achieve the most comfortable sitting positions when you allow yourself freedom of movement.  Your movement regulates the chair. The sophisticated mechanics of the chair invite you to take part in "active relaxation" and offer countless seating possibilities. By shifting your weight, the chair can be smoothly tilted and swivelled round. The newly developed cross-shaped base provides stability and in combination with satinised steel, also an elegant look. The cross-shape of the chair base can be found again in the base of the foot rest and together they form one visual unit. A perfect place for active relaxation. The chair has a fixed angle between the seat and the backrest. Independent of your sitting position, the recliner will always support your body properly whilst providing support for your arms. You may recline without slipping forwards or backwards – the movement is in the tilting mechanism, and not between seat and back. Furthermore, the organic shape offers many different reclining positions inside the chair. ottoman seating
    • By using the footrest, a change of position is done effortlessly.
    • The neckrest is convex, thus enabling greater support for neck and head
    • Suited for hotel lobbies, reception areas, or relax areas at SPA-facilities, as well as in private homes.