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  1. Tailor-made Furniture in Hong Kong

    Besides showcasing our best-selling items, you will find a wide range of custom options which enable you to easily design according to your wishes and needs:

    • - fine fabric for upholstery
    • - leather grains and animal skins
    • - wood colour and finishing
    • - sofa legs in different styles and heights
    • - outdoor fabric colour range
    • - rattan weave pattern samples and colour range

    The process is simple. We assist you in visualisation with hand drawn sketches considering your required dimensions. To create custom made pieces, we rely on our long-time associated factories where we control our own production. This allows us to often have the benefits of manufacturing flexibility and quicker turn around.

    Guaranteed shorter lead time for you!

    Beautiful products do not always have to come at the cost of the environment; that’s why we offer our Eco-Series. This is a collection of Chinese style cabinets and tables, made from reclaimed Elm wood. We do not use tropical wood. Each piece is hand crafted, therefore we can fully adjust to your dimensions and configurations.

    Sustainability and in style!

    We work with interior designers, architects, property developers, hotels, commercial corporations and hospitality providers, in supplying various furniture for indoor or outdoor use. When specified, we can supply your furniture to fully comply with the BS7176 standard.

    More info:

    度身訂造的精品傢俬 除了熱賣產品,我們還為你帶來多樣化的選擇,你可以根據你的需要組合一系列屬於你個人的傢俬 - 優質布料 - 真皮或動物皮紋料 - 木料顏色及完成效果 - 梳化腳座的款式及高度 - 室外傢俬的不同質料顏色 - 竹編織紋理選擇 過程非常簡單,我們會協助你利用手繪圖來影像化你的想法。自設廠房令我們可以更快更有彈性為你製造你心目中的理想傢俬。 保證最短製造時間配合你! 好的傢俬同時可以配合環境,所以我們同時推出環保傢俬,所有中國式的木傢俬都是人手製造,以榆木為原材料,比一般木料更耐用厚實,隨時可以為你更改尺寸及款式。 更多資訊 :
  2. SofaSale in Post Magazine

    The Hong Kong home where every day feels like a holiday

    Shades of a French cottage, with Scandinavian touches, in a bucolic environment - a two-bedroom flat in Sai Kung, Hong Kong's 'back garden', is nothing like your typical city home, writes Charmaine Chan.
    Living area Kristin decided early in the renovation that blue would be her theme colour and shopped accordingly. The sofa (HK$9,950) came from (10/F, Lok’s Industrial Building, 204 Tsat Tsz Mui Road, Quarry Bay, tel: 2541 1230) and the cushions (no longer sold) from Ikea (various locations; “It’s so not Hong Kong.” That backhanded compliment, often used, unfairly perhaps, to describe unusual homes in the city, is perfectly apt in the case of Rebekka Kristin’s two-bedroom Sai Kung flat. The property has the feel of a French cottage, with Scandinavian touches, in a bucolic environment. In addition, the layout is atypical: the main bedroom is part of the open living area, and closed off only with glass bi-fold doors. Then there’s the bathroom, which feels as though it belongs on a boat. The 700 sq ft scenic ground-floor apartment is special for another reason: upon its purchase, Kristin’s family and friends all pitched in to refurbish the dark, unloved unit into a pretty, welcoming flat that screams “holiday”. It is listed on Airbnb, the website through which Kristin, an Icelander, rents out her home when she and her three-year-old daughter, Briet, are out of town. However, despite looking as though it was designed to be a holiday home, the flat, she says, was revamped exactly to suit her style. It was also renovated on a tight budget. Full story: More info: 把屋企變成度假樂園 法國浪漫式的小屋設計,配合北歐風格,這間充滿度假氣息的房子,絕對是非一般的香港家居。 屋主設計初期已決定以藍調作為家的主題,看到Sofasale 的梳化愛不釋手,簡潔浪漫,絕對是營造舒適度假氣氛的不二之選。客廳粉藍色梳化 (港幣9,950) 這種顏色與佈置被形容為不一樣的香港家居。
  3. TOF Cabinets

    TOF has a long history of furniture making, known for their fresh, simplistic design approach, they now come with a range of cabinets that will open the eyes of many furniture lovers. The thick MDF wooden panels are finished with a high quality wood or walnut wood veneer, giving the furniture a solid and robust look and feel. TOF is fully the glueing and assembling their cabinets in their production facility, so there will be no marks of assembly inside your cabinet. Come and inspect the TOF furniture in our showroom now. TOF 品牌製造傢俬具有多年歷史,以清新、簡潔設計為名。最新一系列的地櫃一定令粉絲們驚喜不已。厚實質感的MDF 材料由高級木料及胡桃木貼面組成,耐用而且質感實在。所有TOF成品以裝配形式完成,沒有任何釘孔或筆漬。 來體驗一下TOF的魅力所在。 TOF Cabinet tof-cabinet-02 tof-cabinet-04 More info:
  4. Mobile Wardrobe now available at SofaSale

    This is a mobile wardrobe, with the interior layout and exterior finishing completely customisable. 全新概念流動衣櫃SofaSale 率先帶領潮流 這個型格流動衣櫃,內裡外面都可以由你決定如何設計。 內裡的間隔,無論尺寸,木的質料顏色甚至底輪,都可以按你要求加減,整個衣櫃都以最優質物料組成,絕對符合有要求及品味高的你。 mobile wardrobe For the exterior, you can change sizes, wood types, leather colours, and wheels. For the interior, the shelves are made to order based on your measurements, you can even add or remove sections e.g. drawer with divider, tie racks, pull-out hanging rails, shoe racks, etc. The entire wardrobe is manufactured using premium materials and hardware. A stylish solution to your wardrobe challenge!! mobile wardrobe mobile-wardrobe-01 More info:
  5. Louis Vuitton Vintage Trunks

    The Magic of Vintage Trunks Up until about 1920’s luggage of the wealthy elite consisted of great number of trunks, bags and suitcases where every detail has been carefully thought through. Journeys of those elite travellers took weeks and sometimes months. Complete wardrobes were tailor made, one could not just walk into a store and buy a new piece of clothing. The Elite travellers preferred to bring the whole wardrobe along, especially because transatlantic and railway trips consisted of dressing up for social events like evening dining. Louis Vuitton, Goyard and Hermes are the most known brands within the world of luxury luggage. Bags, trunks and suitcases of these legendary fashion houses are considered to be embodiment of the highest quality, craftsmanship, luxury and status. The original Vintage pieces are often viewed by experts as true pieces of art. When purchasing vintage luggage, you are not only acquiring a truly exceptional item, but also a part of early history of a world brand, combined with the rich history of these unique pieces which has travelled the world in the hands of the utmost rich and famous of the last centuries. Every year vintage Louis Vuitton, Goyard and Hermes are fetching new price records in auctions by the leading auction houses. For the collectors this does not come as a surprise, since most of these pieces are rare and unique; the total number of which is unfortunately only shrinking. Thus, considering the current world economic crisis, many collectors around the world see vintage luggage as a solid and profitable form of investment. And of course many also see the practical and decorative sides of vintage luggage – small trunk would perfectly serve as a coffee table or a side table next to a bed. And due to timeless and well know design, a vintage trunk will fit perfectly in any kind of interior! Never was investing so secure and fun! Please visit the SofaSale showroom and view our LV Trunk collection. More info: visit our Vintage Trunk website: More info: LV Louis Vuitton古典木箱的神秘面紗 Louis Vuitton 是世界知名的名貴旅行箱品牌之一,無論是質料、手工、貴重度及地位都是冠以最高評價。原古典製作品更被轉家視為藝術品。當你購買這些珍貴作品時,你不但擁有一件珍品,更同時擁有了當年重要的歷史,那些上世紀皇室貴族漫遊世界各地的痕跡。 Louis Vuitton古典木箱數量少,極具收藏價值,部份投資者更以此為新投資方法。當然除投資價值外,實用性亦高,你可以當作客廳的茶几或者是床頭櫃,無論放在家中任何角落都能突顯屋主的品味。
  6. The Navy Chair


    In 1944, Wilton Carlyle Dinges founded the Electrical Machine and Equipment Company (Emeco) in Hanover Pennsylvania utilising the skills of local craftsman. During WWII the U.S government gave him a big assignment, make chairs that could withstand water, salt air and sailors. Make chairs lightweight and make them strong, build them for a lifetime. Aluminum was the obvious choice, engineered for practical purposes, designed by real people. Emeco named the chair with a number: 1006, some people call it the Navy chair. We still call it the Ten-o-six. Forming, welding, grinding, heat-treating, finishing, anodizing- just a few of the 77 steps it takes to build an Emeco chair. No one else makes chairs this way. No one can. It takes a human eye to know when the process is done right, and it takes human hands to get it that way. Our goal. Make recycling obsolete and keep making things that last. In today's furniture worlds we see many reproductions of the the Navy Chair and this chair is being used in many bar and restaurant concepts around the globe. More info: 細說海軍椅Navy Chair的故事 海軍椅生產於動盪的二次世界大戰,當時的美國政府要求Wilton Carlyle Dinges 製造可防水防潮及適合水軍長期可使用的椅子,要輕巧但結實。最後Navy Chair以回收鋁合金作為原料,質感輕巧、最長使用時間可達150年之久。 隨著二次世界大戰結束,歷經77道嚴謹手工程序製作的Navy Chair 轉化成為時尚界的新寵兒,在諸多電影、電視影集中展現歷久常新的光彩,在眾多Emeco 的作品中仍舊脫穎而出,可說是最為人熟悉的世紀熱銷單品。
  7. Beds and Mattresses in Hong Kong

    There is nothing better than a good night sleep. We all know sleeping is important, on average we spend around 30% of our total life-time in bed.. During this bed rest, you recharge your most valuable asset; your body. Given the importance of a good night sleep to the contribution of your overall health, it is hard to believe that over 50% of the world population is sleeping in a bed which is not passing the general quality standards, or you could say that those people do put their own health at risk. There are (too) many bedding systems available in the market, with all specific features for a better sleep. Most basic point to consider: resting your spine. Your spine is the centre of your nerve system and needs to be rested in a neutral aligned, fully relaxed position. Below drawing shows this in more detail:
    spine Ensure a good spine position during your sleep.
    What is good spinal alignment and posture? A healthy spine with proper alignment curves inward at the neck, slightly outward in the upper back, and then inward at the lower back. The curves in the spine act like a spring to absorb shock. These natural curves of the spine can be called it’s ‘neutral alignment’. Proper posture while lying down- Proper spinal alignment and support is important so that your back muscles can fully relax and rest. A supportive and comfortable mattress is important for achieving this. A good mattress will conform to the spines natural curves and keep your spine in proper alignment. A mattress that is too soft allows the lower back to sink too far into the mattress, irritating spinal joints and causing lower back pain. A mattress that is too firm leads to unsupported gaps between your bodies curves and the mattress. Pressure points develop on those parts of your body in contact with the mattress- leading to poor sleep. At SofaSale we have a large number of mattresses and bed frames to ensure you will find the best alternative for a good night sleep, night after night. 睡眠健康-床和床褥的微妙關係 沒甚麼比睡得好更重要,我們每天大約有3份1時間在床上休息,好的睡眠對整天工作起了非常重要位置。你想像到嗎?原來全球有一半人以上,每晚睡在標準不合格的床上,不難想像他們的健康正面臨考驗。 坊間有太多的床和床褥標準,最基本的條件應該怎樣作出選擇呢?簡單看看上圖便清楚。 太軟太硬的床褥都影響脊骨健康,SofaSale 備有大量床褥供客戶選購,專人解答你的睡眠問題,令你每晚也能睡得香甜。
  8. 2015 affordable dining room furniture

    We love our homes and like to spend time on decorating the interior to reflect our mood and spirit. Fact is our homes in Hong Kong are small, due to ever increasing house prices, we are forced to maximise every inch of floorspace. At SofaSale we have developed a tailor-made furniture section, for those of you want really need to create off-size furniture to fit into the apartment. Especially for those with a lower budget, and small apartment, we now have the 2015 affordable dining room section. Many Tables for under the HKD 3,000 mark, and upholstered designer chairs for below the HKD 800 mark. 2015 精選飯廳傢俱 佈置家居是一件樂事,傢俱的選擇同時返映了你的個人性格及品味。 香港空間有限,在選擇傢俬時會有很多限製。SofaSale 了解你的需要,為你喜歡的款式度身訂做,必定切合你家居的需要。 為你介紹2015精選飯廳傢俱,部份飯枱低至HK3,000,品味設計椅子低至HK$800。 In the above video you can see a selection of our products, for more product ideas: click here. Vee_A6099-Table__0001_01   Vee Table: HKD 3,590    (product here)Flyx_A6105-Table-02Flyx Table: HKD 2,990  (product here)Curve_A6108-Table-02Curve Table: HKD 2,990  (product here)  
  9. Finn Juhl

    Finn Juhl (1912–1989) was the first Danish furniture designer to be recognised internationally. He studied architecture at the Royal Academy in Copenhagen and with Danish architect Vilhelm Lauritzen, but as a furniture designer he was self-taught, a fact he always emphasised. Finn Juhl Designer Furniture from SofaSale Juhl began designing furniture in the late 1930’s, in the beginning mostly pieces intended for himself, but after setting up his own office in 1945 he soon became known for his unusual, expressive and sculptural pieces. He initiated a collaboration with master cabinetmaker Niels Vodder, and caused a stir at the annual Cabinetmaker’s Exhibition with designs clearly influenced by modern, abstract art. Compared to his contemporaries, Juhl placed more emphasis on form and less on function, a serious break with the tradition of the Klint School. Finn Juhl’s first American assignment came in 1951 when he was asked to design the interior of the Trusteeship Council Chamber at the UN headquarters in New York. An overwhelming task for a rather inexperienced, young architect, but Juhl gained much praise for his result. This first experience in America and the contacts made in connection with it, later proved valuable for many Danish architects, because it paved the way for the notion of ‘Danish Modern’ to become internationally known and valued. One of Finn Juhl’s most well-known pieces is the “Chieftain Chair”. Designed in 1949, it is a fine example of Juhl’s great idea of separating the sculpturally shaped seat and back from the wooden frame. The same principle is evident in the “45-Chair”, designed in 1945. Here, emphasis is laid on the elegantly shaped armrests.
  10. Tailor-made furniture in Hong Kong

    In Hong Kong living-room space is an issue, we are all forced to maximise our floor space. At SofaSale we have developed a range of products, which can be tailored made up to your specific requirements. 為你度身訂造專屬的傢俬 香港住屋環境狹窄已是不爭的事實,大家唯有用盡各項方法增加屋內空間。SofaSale 明白你的需要,為你造出最完美的傢俬。 需要特別的尺寸?顏色?質料?甚至款式?沒問題,我們一一為你辦妥,而且過程簡單快捷。

    Bespoke Sofa Manufacturing Services

    SofaSale offers a unique bespoke service; allowing you to have new sofa pieces made in accordance with your exact specifications. All Sofas made under our bespoke services are hand-made in our own production facility, by experienced carpenters. We offer you full flexibility in terms of dimensions, finishing, style and shape.By filling in the cost estimator tool below you will get an idea of the cost of your bespoke and tailor-made sofa. You may upload design photo or drawing, so your Customer Service team can discuss your specific wishes with our production team and come back with official quotation.
    Please send us your email address, and our customer service team, will follow up on your quotation within 24-48 hrs.We would look forward to serve you soon! The SofaSale Team