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    A Hong Kong flat where the kitchen takes centre stage

    Two avid cooks have defied Hong Kong interior norms by designing their Mid-Levels apartment around a wonderful gas stove.


    There's a reason people in Hong Kong eat out so often: in this city, it's a pain to cook at home. Kitchens are usually small and designed to be used by one person. For Paul and Morgaine McGee, it was a situation that didn't mesh with their lifestyle.

    "We love to cook," says Morgaine. "We do it four or five times a week and it's always a massive spread."

    The couple grew up in Connecticut, in the United States, but didn't meet until both were living in Hong Kong (Morgaine works in fashion and Paul in transport). Eight years ago, they had been dating for only a month when Paul decided to buy a flat in a 1960s building. He was living in a high-rise housing estate and was looking for something a little more intimate.

    "I couldn't stomach the idea of a big, flashy lobby, and I wanted to live in a real neighbourhood," he says.

    With the help of Morgaine, he found what he was looking for in a low-key corner of Mid-Levels.

    The 1,137 sq ft apartment needed work, but when the dust finally settled on their first renovation, the McGees weren't entirely satisfied with the result. The kitchen had been squeezed into a narrow slither at the rear of the apartment, which made for some cosy evenings with guests. Two years ago, however, the couple decided to redo the flat and enlisted the help of a friend, architect Cameron Hestler.

    Text Christopher DeWolf / Styling David Roden / Photography John Butlin

    Dining room Morgaine McGee found the dining table (HK$6,500) at Tree ( The dining chairs (HK$2,500 each) were bought from Sofa Sale ( The pendant light (HK$3,500) came from Indigo Living. The sterling-silver fish on the wall was made by California-based artist Ruth Wright ([email protected]). The Trust floor tiles, by Atlas Concorde, were sourced through Pacific Gallery (159 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, tel: 2827 9918) years ago.

  2. Bright up in 2016 bring colour into your interior

    Where the year 2016 started deep in the red according to the financial newspapers, so we prefer to suggest our readers not to focus and invest in the stock marktes, but instead invest in themselves. Why not bright up your life and bring some fantastic bright furniture pieces into your interior. Studies have proven over and over again that a balanced lifestyle, will bring happiness in the long run, which will result in a longer and happier life.  We do not want to use this article to explain why losing money on the stock markets will not help you to reach happiness, but we do want to point out that some small changes, and relative small investments can bring your life a lot of positive small changes.

    新年新氣象,是時候將目光放回你的安樂窩。忙碌的一年暫時來個小休,回到溫暖的家你又如何佈置一番? 室內的一片簡約色系,只要偶爾加入一個色彩獨物鮮艷的腳擺, 就會有煥然一新感覺。來看看我們的示範提示?

    Look around in your current living-room, besides that it will be packed due to the shortage of living space in Hong Kong, we expect the colours you will find are base neutral colours.. Please note that from an interior aesthetic point of view all these neutral colours will balance out, and effectively will create a neutral effect on our senses, and mood. Please try to find some catching small furniture elements so can bring in some bright fresh colours. Spice it up a little bit, you will be amazed with the result.

    A few examples of bright interior elements you may think off.

    colour shaped ottoman Colour shaped Triop ottoman Hexagon Stool The Hexagon Stool Cookie Ottoman The Cookie Round Ottoman Cookie Stool The Cookie Stool
  3. Interior Design Trends for 2016

    Although the new 2016 is approaching rapidly the designer’s trends and specific stylistic of this year are so distinctive and with such richness of expressions, that no matter how many articles about the trends we research and publish there always will be something more to be said. And keep in mind – a lot of this style flows will transfuse into the next year’s trends.

    Amongst the many inspired changes inside and outside the houses that come this season some are very distinctive – first the strong vital, even playful colours make a huge come back, second the emphasis on environment and nature in unusual spaces – like the bathroom or kitchens – comes in addition to the strong presence of gardens and parks. But the innovations go far beyond. In the richness of the accessories, in the functionality and minimalistic of space arrangement and none the less in the nobility and glamor of the materials used – just a few hints – copper, brass and marble. But let’s take deeper and more detailed look into this furniture trends development.

    marble table

    Colours and Materials

    The colour palette for this year is filled with shades of pink, red “meat” and peach. The designers do not hesitate to bet on colours that mark the new trends. The famous ‘pink mouth’ of makeup, without the gloss, invades the decor – the advantage of such colours is the possibility of being used in any room of the house in multiple combinations.

    Accessories and objects will be marked and singled out by shades of green oil, navy, and deep blue – they convey calm and coolness into the premises. The deep moody colours like black and purple are very cleverly combined with the shining surfaces of copper and brass defiles.

    tom dixon

    In this line of thought, a strong trend for 2016 is the visibility of materials such as brass, copper, wood and marble compounds in the design projects. The multiple usages of the glamorous copper and brass, their plasticity, and friendly characteristic make a rich field for art exploitation.

    The decor projects for this year are filled with natural materials – for example as coatings cork and marble are coming back strongly, wood, stone, and raw concrete are also here with their timeless presence.

    The Arrangement of Space and Functionalism of Accessories

    Another major change in the look of the houses is the presence of functional decorative furniture, like storage bed solutions. Soon there will be no room for useless items. It will become increasingly important to acquire objects that can be processed according to the time and space of the person’s life.

    storage bed

    The minimalistic and clever usage and arrangement of spaces is also extremely important for the today dynamic lifestyle:

    Bring Green into your house

    Helping the natural house ventilation, humid control, and fresh air provides the natural plant life, green walls or simply lush pots decoration can bee also a lot of fun. Cultivating a vegetable garden, for example, is not only a great source of herbs, spices, and food ingredients but also a great learning experience for adults and children alike. And of course, the aesthetic and artistic value of a well-arranged garden is well known to humanity from the dawn of age.

    plants in house

    So in conclusion we may say that all these changes and trends in the interior design bring us closer to one more sophisticated, warmer and well-balanced place to inhabit where the colours (Gold and Pink, Orchid and Marsala) are playful, easygoing and artistic. Where the materials are noble and natural, the space arrangement and details are functional and minimalistic and of course the strong presence of plant life and green innovations bring our home closer to Nature in artistic and thoughtful way.

  4. Interior: Sofa Furniture Decoration Ideas For Christmas

    It is the time of the year, where the world slows down, work is less important and we want to spend time with our families and friends. Nice and cosy indoors, with food, wine, good company and comfortable furniture. Most of you should be well prepared by now, but others may find finally the time to wind down, relax and explore new furniture ideas to upgrade their living. Maybe for those of you, it will be good to know there is Christmas Sale until the end of the year.

    新年節日家居新主意 新年又到了,可以休假的日子大家都期等躲在家中和家人親友共度佳節。美酒佳餚外,還需要一個舒適時尚的安樂窩。如何佈置家居或是添置新傢俬來讓自己和親友來個不一樣的佳節? 來這裡, 我們已為了準備好大量選擇! Christmas furniture Sale

    Ensure you focus on comfortable furniture pieces, giving the right combination of comfortable seating and stunning looks. All centred around age-old elements of Christmas, a nice smelling fur, with blinking decoration.  If possible alight the wood fire for that magical Christmas atmosphere.

    Furniture decoration

    For more Christmas furniture ideas, please visit the SofaSale website.

  5. Let there be light: Iconic Pendant Lamp

    The distinctive, gloss lacquered Rocky commute was launched and quickly achieved the status of a design icon. The Rocky lamp comes in a recognisable shape with a modern expression. The simple, Ageless pendant consists of a metallic screen in soft, feminine curves and a chrome-treated suspension has a more masculine expression. The Textile cord is nicely integrated into the design and with its bright red colour it completes the complete outlook of the pendant lamp combination.The Rocky lamp emits a concentrated light beam downwards, and illuminates both the suspension and cord through a hole in the top of the lamp. Giving it the right stature it deserves.

    擋不住的光芒- 標誌式吊燈      這個獨特,光澤上漆面的吊燈一登場迅速成為業界吊燈設計楆誌。Rocky lamp 吊燈外型獨特,簡單明亮的設計流線型不失時尚,特別是配搭任何顏色都能發揮它獨有的吸引力。 除了外型美觀, 這種設計更能讓光線更集中,燈頂的一個小孔,令光線點點透出來,簡單的點綴成就了令人難忘的設計特點。 carvaggio-pendant-lightAt SofaSale you will find much more pendant lights on special sale. Want to learn more click here.  
  6. The Hunter Avalon Ceiling Fan in Hong Kong

    The Hunter Avalon Ceiling Fan captures a natural feel and style.

    Designed using the contemporary Industie body, the unique cloth blades create a soothing feeling of a yacht in full sail. 獨特自然設計風-風扇 Avalon 風扇設計以大自然為藍本,支架以工業風格配以獨物布料為扇葉,造型如風帆出海的柔和感。 同時配備遙控器或可以加入燈飾效果, 為你打造不一樣的個人風格。

    hunter-avalonThe Avalon captures a natural feel and style. Designed using the contemporary Industrie body, the unique cloth blades create a soothing feeling of a yacht in full sail. Please note if using anything over a 24"drop rod an extention wire will need to be added. The Avalon is part of the Europa range  - daring fresh designs specially for the European market from Hunter's French chief designer set Hunter way ahead of the competition.

    This Hunter brand Avalon ceiling fan is fitted with a remote controller which operates the 3 speeds while it can also be adapted to be operated by a wall controller. The Avalon fan is also pre-wired to accommodate the Hunter Mandalay light kit. It is a unique three blade ceiling fan designed with a nautical style and cloth blades representing a yachts full sail.

    SIZE & BLADES: 158cm (62") Dia. from blade tip to blade tip. Three Sail cloth blades. 18 Degree blade pitch.

    MOTOR: Hunter’s patented AirMax™ motor with internal impellers. 16 pole. 172 x 15mm 100Watt motor with heavy gauge copper windings, silicon steel laminations, precision sealed bearings, and multiple cooling fins, all in a rugged die cast aluminium housing

    CONTROLLER: Supplied with Hunter remote control. Remote functions: Fan speeds low/medium/high Light On/Off & dimming (Not CFL’s) Suitable with Hunter Wall Controls.

    CANOPY: Hunter's patented WobbleFree™ canopy with Anti Vibration Technology (AVT) Hunter's patented triangular hanger ball system reduces torque and gives Hunter fans the ability to self-balance, eliminating wobble for rock solid performance, year after year.

    LOCATION: Indoor use only.

    MOUNTING: Easy to install in one of 3 mounting positions:

    • Flush mounting on flat ceilings.

    • Standard mounting on flat ceilings.

    • Angled mounting on raked ceilings up to 34-Deg.

    All Hunter Ceiling Fans in Hong Kong available at SofaSale.

  7. Meet the Fondo SofaBed which comes with a natural smile.

    Ever invited guests over for a late get together, only to be guiltily lead them into crashing out on your sofa? A bad night’s sleep could undo all the fun they had by the morning. So how do we remedy this? Chances are, if you are living in Hong Kong then you know how tight for space the apartments have to offer. You’ll most likely won’t have the interior space for a guest room let alone an extra bed. A sofa bed would work perfectly in this situation giving you two items in one.

    The Fondo Fabric Sofabed with a smile is both visually pleasing and comfortable. This elegant modern statement is a new addition to the SofaSale Hong Kong furniture’s collection. This sofabed invites you to relax and sit comfortably. The sofa is easily transformed from a comfortable sofa into a folded out stylish place for sleeping. Let’s face it, when we are tired the last thing we want to do is try to figure out how to fold out the sofa bed.

    邀請朋友到家玩通宵, 才發覺自己客廳的梳化太過失禮? 只要少少改變, 狹小的客間隨時多出一個客房來! 你需要的是一張時尚設計的梳化床。 Fondo Fabric Sofabed 除了外表一流,同樣有如真床的舒適度。這個優秀的設計成為SofaSale 熱賣貨品之一,我們最引以為傲的優質質料,同樣在Fondo Fabric Sofabed 找得到。設計簡約大方的,適合擺放於家居任何一個角落,盡顯屋主品味。


    Quality is what we pride ourselves from when it comes to our Fondo Fabric Sofabed. It is upholstered in premium strong fibre fabric that is very easy to maintain and present a long lasting look and feel. The high quality padding and fabric covers are made for ultimate comfort and lounging. All this sits on top of a stylish steel frame with a polished shiny look to it. This gives you a sturdy piece that you or your guests will feel confident when using it. The last thing you would want is a piece that is flimsy and breaks easily.

    The clean modern style of the Fondo Sofabed makes it fit into any interior, whether you need it in your home or office. To add to this, it comes in a variety of colours to suit the tone you want to set in your space. Alternatively you can opt for the leather version.

    Wait no longer and learn more about the Fondo SofaSabe and visit our SofaSale showroom! This may be the piece you have been looking for to give you or your guests a wonderful restful night’s sleep.

  8. Outdoor Furniture in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong is known for its vibrant city life and is marked and well-know as the financial hub of Asia. The city attracts many international expatriates from around the global to spend a few years in town to work and participate in this fascinating business environment Hong Kong can offer.

    Once you arrive in Hong Kong you feel the Asian atmosphere throughout the entire city, this atmosphere is not only the busy city vibe, but also the humid and warm outdoor climate for most of the year. For most expatriates coming from Europe, US and Australia the outdoor life is important to de-stress and relax. At first glance Hong Kong will give you enough outdoor opportunities to do so. Once you stay longer in Hong Kong, you slowly start to understand, why most of the locals prefer to stay indoors during the harsh warm summer months. The sun can be very bright and strong and the combination of high humidity will force you to finding shaded areas and drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated.

    香港室外精品傢俬設計 香港作為世界經濟之都, 繁忙的生活充斥每分每秒,潮濕悶熱的天氣更是令人無法舒展。室外的精品傢俬不單能點綴家居,更能讓你有著遠離繁亂,放慢腳步,重回外地家鄉休閒感覺。

    For outdoor furniture which you want keep outdoors in Hong Kong for 24/7 this harsh climate is nothing different. For all customers we ask them to think before they buy, and decide what kind of outdoor furniture will fit their personal requirements and can resist the sun and humidity, rainstorms and even typhoon's shaking up the city.

    Based on experience we can say wooden furniture if not properly covered and protected will not last in Hong Kong, Polywooden products will be a solid alternative. Like the polywood table below.

    outdoor table

    Since wooden products won't last in Hong Kong you will notice most people opt for PVC rattan furniture, like the below outdoor Sofa. Interested to learn more, it might be good to know that SofaSale is having a wide range of rattan outdoor furniture. You can choose your rattan style and colour, and choose your fabric, cushions and accessories. This will give you enormous flexibility and even on small outdoor areas like balconies and rooftop's you can fit in the right size quality furniture.

    outdoor sofa

  9. Lilleby designer fabric Sofa

    Talking about an unconventional round shaped designer sofa, you can say the Lilleby sofa will belong to that category of products. The rounded shaped body of the Lilleby sofa creates a fresh and inviting look to all of your visitors. The mix of trendy positive colours with solid round designer lines, in combination with ultimate seating comfort have been the basis of the design, while drawing the original sketches in the design studio. The Lilleby Sofa is made for positive thinkers, who are looking for an easy escape from corporate city life, and want to refresh in comfortable and cosy environment. For all Hong Kong Furniture lovers this Lilleby Sofa is definitely a must to explore.

    Lilleby 設計布藝梳化

    提起獨特的圓角梳化設計,一定會想起Lilleby 設計的布藝梳化。圓邊流線型的設計絕對能引來賓客們的羡慕目光。設計者最初的構思就是以簡約舒適為目標,透過正面、簡單厚實的設計,該人有逃離繁囂,找尋新鮮空間。對香港城巿人來說,Lilleby 設計的布藝梳化,會帶給你不一樣的清新感覺。

    In this video you can review the Lilleby Sofa Series, for more information visit the SofaSale Showroom in Quarry Bay.

  10. The Arezzo leather sofa series

    Shape, harmony and comfort make a perfect Arezzo Italian leather sofa. The refinement of style and originality of these modern sofas is given by the daily work of a team of stylists and designers. Shapes and colours in perfect tune, create a special atmosphere in different environments. The comfort is achieved with smooth and enveloping lines, and materials skillfully combined with innovation and technology.

    This concept goes beyond the mere aesthetic element, and is able to cradle your everyday emotions. In addition, the Arezzo leather sofas are guaranteed hand-made, that ensures exceptional craftsmanship and durability. Discover the entire Arezzo leather sofa collection in your nearest store. Our staff is at your disposal to find the best solution for every style, comfort and space need.

    More information about the Arezzo leather sofa, please visit the SofaSale showroom. Arezzo 意大利真皮梳化 明亮,柔和、舒適造就了完美的Arezzo 意大利真皮梳化。專業團隊精心設計及揀選質料,無論任何環境都能配合得宜。信封型流線設計,舒適細滑,絲感質料同時符合現代感與傳統工藝。 Arezzo 意大利真皮梳化保證全人手製造,手工精細經得起長時間的考驗。現在就到我們的展覽室感受一下意大利全人手製造的獨特之處。

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