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  1. Chinese wooden cabinets


    The history of crafting and using Chinese furniture began during the first millennium AD when some Chinese decided they would be more comfortable sitting on chairs instead of squatting on the floor. Before this time, the Chinese usually conducted their lives and their business at floor level, as many Asian cultures did and some still do today.


    Westerners may have used furniture before the Chinese, but once the Chinese cabinetmakers began crafting cabinets, chairs and tables they learned their craft and the intricacies of furniture making quickly. They learned to construct superbly designed and proportioned pieces without using nails, and with only a minimal use of dowels and glue. One of their greatest accomplishments are the Chinese furniture cabinets.


    The architecture of a traditional Chinese home made no allowances for built-in closets. Closets are a Western innovation, and are still a rarity in Chinese societies from Hong Kong to Taipei to Beijing. Also, the Western concept of an armoire or a wardrobe cabinet did not exist in the Ming Dynasty China, as the Chinese would never hang clothes vertically inside a cupboard. Instead clothes and bed linens were laid flat inside a chest or cabinet, or hung on wooden racks. Dynastic robes were folded and stacked horizontally, rather than vertically on hangers,

    The Chinese made cabinets in many varieties because they wanted and valued versatility, so cabinets became the primary storage facilities within a household.


    Large cabinets were used to store just about anything the master or mistress of a household wanted to keep secure and out of sight. Today, Westerners have kept pace with this Chinese notion of versatility by using cabinets as entertainment centers.

    Precious objects such as a porcelain vase or a root wood brush pot might be stored in a cabinet when not on display or being used. Cabinets were also used in the study to store books and writing implements, and in the kitchen for food and cooking utensils. Similarly, paintings were rolled up for storage in cabinets. These cabinets were usually located in the women's quarters or in reception rooms where official robes were kept. Such cabinets remain eminently functional and are much admired and sought after for their elegant shapes and ornamentation. The best examples combine the natural beauty of the wood grain with the design and degree of ornamentation.


    There are two main styles of large Chinese cabinets, their names derived from their contours: the square-corner cabinet and the round-corner cabinet (also known as the tapered or sloping-style, wood-hinged cabinet). These types of Chinese cabinets were normally made in matching pairs, placed either side by side or symmetrically to balance the interior layout of the room or separated by a table. In practice, there are variations on this rule; which will be discussed further in this article.

    One of the most popular varieties of a round-cornered cabinet is the wedding cabinet; painted red-the color of good luck and prosperity. A wedding cabinet was often the centrepiece of a bride's dowry. They are beautiful, with a large, round brass plates; sometimes with a carving etched into the perimeter or the middle of the doors. Today, a wedding cabinet works best as a decorator's piece or as an entertainment center. The traditional drawer and shelf combination that is usually across the middle of the interior, today is often lowered to the bottom to hold a TV. Finishes on large Chinese cabinets range from natural wood stains; to painted burgundy or purple or solid red or black, sometimes with painted scenes on the doors.


  2. Organise your baby dresser, learn from the experts: mums

    One thing that I knew I wanted to do as soon as I found out I was pregnant, was have a very organised nursery, especially if I had a girl since they have so many accessories. Take a peek at how I organised my Baby Girl's Dresser! letho I knew I didn't want/or have space for a changing table, so I got a changing pad instead, and this will be where I'll change diapers, I also put the diaper trash bin right next to the dresser. That diaper cake my good friend made for my Baby Shower, it's so cute that I haven't had the heart to take it apart, so it will stay up there as decoration for now haha! TrayThis tray has a tissue box, some cotton swabs, and cotton balls in the little "sugar" bowl. Ok so now for the drawers! I used the Skubb Box Organizers to organize everything in the drawers by the way! Drawer 1Drawer #1 is just full of diapers. Easy access when changing Baby Girl! Chevron Diapers | Bumble Bee Diapers Drawer 2Drawer #2 has: Washcloths that I don't mind getting dirty/stained. I'll be putting them under Baby Girl's butt when changing her so her changing pad covers don't get stained. Grooming Kit with stuff like a regular thermometer, little comb and hair brush, etc. Also a thermometer pacifier, Nose Frida with extra filters, etc. Baby Lotions and Creams, wipes, pacifiers, pacifier clips and Wubbanubs. White Washcloths | Grooming Kit | Princess Pacifier Clip Pink Kitty Wubbanub | Lamb Wubbanub | Nose Frida | Thermometer Pacifier Drawer 3Drawer #3 has socks, booties and shoes. This drawer will eventually change once I find another place for her shoes. These are the smaller sized shoes she has, the rest I put in her closet. Drawer 4 Drawer 4 is full of accessories because - GIRL! She has head wraps, sunglasses, jewellery, head bands, hair bows and hair clips. Oh my! Drawer 5Drawer #5 has newborn sized one sizes and pants/bottoms, 0-3 months sized onesies and bottoms and some burp cloths and washcloths. Pink Polka Dots Burpy Bib | Hedgehog Burp Cloth | Pink Dots Washcloth Set Drawer 6 Drawer #6 has 3-6 month sized onesies and bottoms, and some 6-9 and even 9-12 months sized onesies and bottoms. It also has bibs. Drawer 7Drawer #7 PJs, zip ones, button ones, footie ones, cotton ones, fleece ones, really just a bunch of different PJs. It also has towels, some bigger washcloths and extra crib sheets. Ladybug Towel Set | Hello Kitty Hooded Towel | Pink Stars Hooded Towel Pink & White Chevron Crib Sheet | Pink, White & Gray Crib Sheet Drawer 8 Drawer #8, the final drawer has blankets, swaddle blankets, and swaddle bags. 向媽媽請教初生寶寶小物收藏的哲學 當我發現懷孕時,除了關心寶寶的健康,更重要是添置寶寶的用品,一個可以整齊放置寶寶小物的儲物櫃非常重要!來看看我的儲物心得! 由於空間有限,我沒打算添置換尿片的新桌子,相反我可以利用這個儲物櫃加厚墊就變成了我想要的空間,既實用又省位置 第一格櫃桶: 放尿片。最放便就手的位置 第二格櫃桶: 清潔用品及小雜物,例如奶咀、小梳、探熱氣等 第三格櫃桶: BB鞋、襪 第三格櫃桶: 飾物。女孩子總會有很多帽子和飾物,一定要放好才容易找 第五至七格櫃桶:可以放大一點的衣服。朋友們總會送很多小衣服禮物來,一併放到這裡,整潔又方便。 最後一格櫃桶:放厚一點的被子或更重身的保暖衣      
  3. TOF Cabinets

    TOF has a long history of furniture making, known for their fresh, simplistic design approach, they now come with a range of cabinets that will open the eyes of many furniture lovers. The thick MDF wooden panels are finished with a high quality wood or walnut wood veneer, giving the furniture a solid and robust look and feel. TOF is fully the glueing and assembling their cabinets in their production facility, so there will be no marks of assembly inside your cabinet. Come and inspect the TOF furniture in our showroom now. TOF 品牌製造傢俬具有多年歷史,以清新、簡潔設計為名。最新一系列的地櫃一定令粉絲們驚喜不已。厚實質感的MDF 材料由高級木料及胡桃木貼面組成,耐用而且質感實在。所有TOF成品以裝配形式完成,沒有任何釘孔或筆漬。 來體驗一下TOF的魅力所在。 TOF Cabinet tof-cabinet-02 tof-cabinet-04 More info: https://www.sofasale.com.hk/furniture

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