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  1. Mobile Wardrobe now available at SofaSale

    This is a mobile wardrobe, with the interior layout and exterior finishing completely customisable. 全新概念流動衣櫃SofaSale 率先帶領潮流 這個型格流動衣櫃,內裡外面都可以由你決定如何設計。 內裡的間隔,無論尺寸,木的質料顏色甚至底輪,都可以按你要求加減,整個衣櫃都以最優質物料組成,絕對符合有要求及品味高的你。 For the exterior, you can change sizes, wood types, leather colours, and wheels. For the interior, the shelves are made to order based on your measurements, you can even add or remove sections e.g. drawer with divider, tie racks, pull-out hanging rails...

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