1. Chinese New Year Furniture production closure

    Every year we face the same dilemma, during the Lunar new year, or Chinese New Year celebrations all factories in mainland China will send all their staff home to celebrate the New Year with their families. Traditionally these migrant workers have moved thousands of miles from the rural villages to the Southern factory region. For them to travel back to the family, it is a yearly long journey through cold China. Most factories will close down for around 3-4 weeks to give their workers enough time to be able to travel up and down. Once all festivities are over, it is always a challenge to convince old staff to move back into the factory again. Increasing labour competition and even labour shortages in certain regions have caused production delays which could be felt especially after the Chinese New Year.

    What does it mean for our customers?

    In general our customer will need to expect a longer production lead-time around the Lunar new year. The period is different for every factory, but in general delays are see on orders from mid January till end of February. In March all production slowly will adjust back to a normal schedule and capacity, as most back logs in production should have been worked away.

    Does that mean you should wait with placing your order?

    No, since we will still take your orders and the sooner we receive your order, the higher it will list on the production planning, the sooner I will come out of finished production after the factory openings.

    We do have taken in stock Sofas in order to serve our customers who can not afford to wait and sit on the ground for weeks. Below Medlano Sofa and Compact SofaBed are examples of our ready in stock items.

    Stock Furniture Chinese New Year

    Want to learn more about your specific order and lead-time, please contact our Customer Service. 

  2. SofaSale in Post Magazine

    A Hong Kong flat where the kitchen takes centre stage

    Two avid cooks have defied Hong Kong interior norms by designing their Mid-Levels apartment around a wonderful gas stove.


    There's a reason people in Hong Kong eat out so often: in this city, it's a pain to cook at home. Kitchens are usually small and designed to be used by one person. For Paul and Morgaine McGee, it was a situation that didn't mesh with their lifestyle.

    "We love to cook," says Morgaine. "We do it four or five times a week and it's always a massive spread."

    The couple grew up in Connecticut, in the United States, but didn't meet until both were living in Hong Kong (Morgaine works in fashion and Paul in transport). Eight years ago, they had been dating for only a month when Paul decided to buy a flat in a 1960s building. He was living in a high-rise housing estate and was looking for something a little more intimate.

    "I couldn't stomach the idea of a big, flashy lobby, and I wanted to live in a real neighbourhood," he says.

    With the help of Morgaine, he found what he was looking for in a low-key corner of Mid-Levels.

    The 1,137 sq ft apartment needed work, but when the dust finally settled on their first renovation, the McGees weren't entirely satisfied with the result. The kitchen had been squeezed into a narrow slither at the rear of the apartment, which made for some cosy evenings with guests. Two years ago, however, the couple decided to redo the flat and enlisted the help of a friend, architect Cameron Hestler.

    Text Christopher DeWolf / Styling David Roden / Photography John Butlin

    Dining room Morgaine McGee found the dining table (HK$6,500) at Tree ( The dining chairs (HK$2,500 each) were bought from Sofa Sale ( The pendant light (HK$3,500) came from Indigo Living. The sterling-silver fish on the wall was made by California-based artist Ruth Wright ([email protected]). The Trust floor tiles, by Atlas Concorde, were sourced through Pacific Gallery (159 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, tel: 2827 9918) years ago.

  3. SofaSale in SCMP Post Magazine

    Light-filled Central lair is stage for artist couple's life and loves

    An American couple's Hong Kong pied-à-terre provides a space in which to display their own and others' creations, writes Catherine Shaw. SCMP Living room The large painting, by Norbert Schwontkowski, was sourced from Contemporary Fine Arts in Berlin, Germany. The sofa (HK$17,000) was bought from Sofa Sale ( while the cushions were sourced years ago from David Mendoza in Bali, Indonesia. It was a wonderful find in a notoriously difficult real-estate market. So, naturally, several other potential tenants were also keen to snap up the ground floor, 800 sq ft, light-filled apartment, with a 530 sq ft terrace, on Chancery Lane, in Central. "Last year I was looking for somewhere compact to rent as our second home but as Janis was still in New York, I was checking out options on my own," says Brad Davis, who co-founded the luxury-carpet atelier Fort Street Studio in 1997 with his wife, Janis Provisor. With new premises about to open in Wong Chuk Hang, the American couple - both artists - were hoping to find a pied-à-terre in Hong Kong. "The only problem was that Janis said the apartment had to have a bath," Davis says, laughing. The unit ticked all the other boxes: open-plan layout, one-bedroom, contemporary kitchen, stacks of storage … but no bath. Davis had just a few hours to decide. His solution was to invest in a handcrafted Japanese cedar tub with wheels that enable it to be swung out from under the bathroom basin into the shower area when needed. Other creative solutions have been applied to their home. "We bought an enormous loft apartment in New York and most of our artwork and collections remain there," Provisor says. "For Hong Kong, we wanted to keep things a lot more simple and pared back. It is a small space so you can't have too much clutter. Besides we are now much more careful about what we bring home; we have fantastic storage here but you can't have everything you love on display." Full story: More info: 中環斗室變成藝術展覽小天地 來自美國的夫婦,同樣是藝術家,一直在香港尋找他們的另一個家,將自己創作的和其他搜購回來的藝術品融入家中。 客廳:大幅掛畫來自德國比利時Norbert Schwontkowski ; 梳化來自香港 SOFA SALE ( ; 咕多年前在峇里島買購買回來的。 完整內容: 更多資料:
  4. SofaSale in Post Magazine

    The Hong Kong home where every day feels like a holiday

    Shades of a French cottage, with Scandinavian touches, in a bucolic environment - a two-bedroom flat in Sai Kung, Hong Kong's 'back garden', is nothing like your typical city home, writes Charmaine Chan.
    Living area Kristin decided early in the renovation that blue would be her theme colour and shopped accordingly. The sofa (HK$9,950) came from (10/F, Lok’s Industrial Building, 204 Tsat Tsz Mui Road, Quarry Bay, tel: 2541 1230) and the cushions (no longer sold) from Ikea (various locations; “It’s so not Hong Kong.” That backhanded compliment, often used, unfairly perhaps, to describe unusual homes in the city, is perfectly apt in the case of Rebekka Kristin’s two-bedroom Sai Kung flat. The property has the feel of a French cottage, with Scandinavian touches, in a bucolic environment. In addition, the layout is atypical: the main bedroom is part of the open living area, and closed off only with glass bi-fold doors. Then there’s the bathroom, which feels as though it belongs on a boat. The 700 sq ft scenic ground-floor apartment is special for another reason: upon its purchase, Kristin’s family and friends all pitched in to refurbish the dark, unloved unit into a pretty, welcoming flat that screams “holiday”. It is listed on Airbnb, the website through which Kristin, an Icelander, rents out her home when she and her three-year-old daughter, Briet, are out of town. However, despite looking as though it was designed to be a holiday home, the flat, she says, was revamped exactly to suit her style. It was also renovated on a tight budget. Full story: More info: 把屋企變成度假樂園 法國浪漫式的小屋設計,配合北歐風格,這間充滿度假氣息的房子,絕對是非一般的香港家居。 屋主設計初期已決定以藍調作為家的主題,看到Sofasale 的梳化愛不釋手,簡潔浪漫,絕對是營造舒適度假氣氛的不二之選。客廳粉藍色梳化 (港幣9,950) 這種顏色與佈置被形容為不一樣的香港家居。
  5. SofaSale featured in TVB show Dolce Vita

    Our managing director, Mr Arno Nieuwland was interviewed by tv host Angela Tong for her television show: Dolce Vita on February 19th 2015. SofaSale 上電視!總監Mr Arno Nieuwland 接受明珠台Dolce Vita 節目專訪,講解最新的設計傢俬概念。 特別鳴謝主持 Angela Tong 的訪問 足本重溫 SofaSale featured in Dolce Vita TVB from SofaSale on Vimeo.
    Mr Nieuwland talks about the latest trends in furniture and some of the latest furniture designs are shown from our showroom in Quarry Bay.
    Special thanks to Angela Tong and TVB for organising this interview.
    The full episode of Dolce Vita can be found here:
  6. SofaSale in the news: Post Magazine (Good Life)

    Wan Chai flat offers a magic carpet ride to Morocco and India

    scmp Text Charmaine Chan / Styling David Roden / Photography Paul Yeung Persistence pays off. Proof of that lies in the 2,500 sq ft Wan Chai home of Robyn Ballardie and her husband, who waited five years to purchase a flat adjoining the one they had bought in 2008. Their plan was to pounce when a neighbouring apartment went on the market, then turn the two properties into one spacious, long-term base for their family of four. Lounge The peacock blue front door is slightly visible through the room divider (HK$150,000), which was designed by Liquid Interiors (4/F, InnoCentre, 72 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong, tel: 3526 0901) and built by the contractor, who also made the bookcase (HK$17,500). Two flueless fireplaces (HK$21,800 each) from Design Link (1/F, Ruttonjee Centre, 11 Duddell Street, Central, tel: 2868 0991) were installed in the niche. The Era sofa (HK$144,000) came from Colourliving (333 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, tel: 2510 2666). The replica coconut chairs (HK$6,900 each) were from JM Style ( The white oak flooring (HK$188 per square foot) came from Quick Step (various locations; and the fan (HK$3,480) from The Moroccan rug is part of Ballardie’s collection and the coffee table was bought almost 20 years ago. Also old are the floor lamp and floor cushions.
  7. SofaSale and Ikea, what's the difference?

    ikea-vs-SofaSale   IKEA is known to be the largest furniture retailer in the world since 2008, in Hong Kong IKEA operates 3 stores. There are about 7,500 items in the HK product range. Each store carries selected items, depending on store size. Most these items are in stock and are available on a cash and carry basis. Larger items can be delivered to most Hong Kong addresses in 3-7 working days. SofaSale is one of the leading online furniture stores in Hong Kong, with a showroom located in Quarry Bay. SofaSale does not carry all of the furniture in stock as their business philosophy is made-to-order. All products can be selected and ordered, but production will be done according the specific requirements of the customer, at short production lead-time ranging from 1-4 weeks. At the SofaSale website there are currently around 2,000 furniture products available, on which customisation can be done. Customers may select colours, dimensions, fabrics, leathers, wood finish etc. Given the floor space is limited in Hong Kong customers are forced to utilise their floorspace to a maximum. Customers are therefore looking for customised and smart-storage friendly furniture solutions. SofaSale understands this need and offers tailor-made furniture solutions to the Hong Kong market. IKEA does offer storage furniture too, but can only offer the standard in stock solutions.    
  8. SofaSale featured in SCMP Post Magazine

    Strip tease

    Parallel bands of laminate trick the eye in a newlywed couple’s striking nesting place. Text Jane Steer / Styling Anji Connell / Photography John Butlin This is a tale of two ribbons. Or, to be more precise, twin bands of laminate that snake around this Tai Kok Tsui apartment on parallel lines. Set against unadorned white walls, the bands are the visual focus as they dip and turn to accommodate seating, entertainment and storage. “The ribbons define the space,” says FAT Design Studio’s Tony Tsui Wing-fai, who bought the 700 sq ft apartment (540 square feet net) direct from the developer as a new-build and spent six months working on the design, knocking out non-structural walls. “It took so long because I kept tweaking. The main idea was to make a place where the space is integrated although it’s still two rooms.” It’s an effective device. Starting in the living area, the lower band extends from the bay window and dips to create a reading nook, a seat and an entertainment centre. There’s a long, almost empty, display shelf, then the band drops at the corner to create a step to the bedroom, folds back up to form a large desk and continues as display and window shelving to the end of the apartment. The upper band is simpler, running on one plane in the living area, rising over the bedroom entrance and dropping down to form a shelf above the cosy study space. Tsui, who trained as an architect in Melbourne, Australia, chose a plastic laminate with a random wood pattern for the ribbons. “In Australia, they use a lot of timber but it doesn’t work so well in Hong Kong as it tends to warp in the humidity; that’s why I chose laminate. I kept the background as plain as possible and used the timber as a highlight,” he says. “Less is more.” The bands are so effective at drawing the eye that the discreet rows of white cupboards lining the spaces above and below them virtually disappear. At night, LED backlighting further accentuates the ribbons, bathing the apartment in an ethereal blue glow. Sitting room The twin rows of storage cupboards lining the ceiling and floor were custom made by Yip. The two-seat Tamara sofa cost HK$6,300 from (10/F, Lok’s Industrial Building, 204 Tsat Tsz Mui Road, Quarry Bay, tel: 2541 1230). The bench cushion cost HK$1,100 at Giormani. The scatter cushions cast about HK$100 each at Ikea. The grey epoxy flooring cost HK$16,500 in total from ABS Building Systems (Far East) Source:
  9. 來自星星的你 loves SofaSale

    This week, Chinese government officials met to discuss a pressing issue: the popularity of the k-drama "You Who Came From The Stars." According to an article in the Washington Post, the drama has so far been viewed 2.5 billion times in China. Star Kim Soo Hyun is a sought after celebrity. Everything about the show is in demand including the beer and fried chicken meal that Jun Ji Hyun's character likes to eat, but also the furniture used in the show.The furniture found in the 2013 show is sold in Hong Kong by the Hong Kong furniture retailer furniture hk sofasale Please find the Madeira Sofa here The Max Coffee Table here And the Side table here Live in Style, like Kim Soo-hyun and Jun Ji-hyun      
  10. Special offer for our Facebook Friends.

    We have received over thousand responses on our Gothenburg promotion. Most of you will have noticed we give away a Gothenburg Sofa to a Facebook friend who has been the most active generating likes on his/her comment on our Facebook page. Christmas may come early, as we will give a special offer on the Best Selling Sofa. For those of you who showed interested in our Gothenburg Sofa, we offer now 10% discount on the already best in town price*. This offer is valid until 24th December 2013*. Use our discount code: DEC2013 in the "my cart" page on our website, and receive an additional 10% off. How does it work? 1)  Visit our website and find the Gothenburg 3 seater Sofa:  or click here 2)  Fill in the details and add to cart 3) Go to my Cart (on the top) to redeem your discount voucher 4) Proceed to check-out Good luck. The SofaSale Team *) This offer is valid until December 24th 2013 and valid for the 3 seater version of the Gothenburg Sofa. Not valid for the 1 or 2 seater Gothenburg Sofa.  

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