1. How to simplify your space

    Enter the world of minimalistic, simple Scandinavian designer furniture. Scandinavia is known for its beautiful environment, endless forests, lakes, beaches and beautiful people. No wonder Scandinavian furniture designers are using natural element in their furniture designs. It will give character to the furniture. Given our immense density and tight floor spaces in Hong Kong, it does make sense to bring in tranquil Scandinavian elements into our interior design plan. We have created a short introduction photo of our latest range of Scandinavian designer furniture. On the sofa, we used natural fabrics in soft, calm colour tone. The sofas are being matched with easy to use, coffee tables, finished with some retro style art on the wall and easy going carpets.

    For more Scandinavian designer furniture, please visit our website:

  2. Work hard, relax harder, especially in Hong Kong

    Today Cathay Pacific announced a major restructuring and will find ways to make around 600 Hong Kong hardworking staff redundant from its head office, in the biggest round of job cuts by Hong Kong’s flagship carrier in 20 years. The local economy is facing a challenging time, at the moment, given the economic uncertainties many large corporations focus on cost cutting and restructuring. In general this means 2 things for the staff of those companies: 1) Stress due to career uncertainties. 2) Long working days, since the same amount of work needs to be done with less staff. In order to service in this kind of harsh business climate, it is off utmost importance to keep the mind fresh and recharged day in, day out.

    After a long day of work, coming home, you need to create the right environment to slow down, let go, and recharge. Do invest in this daily 1-2 hr down time, the more comfortable your furniture set up, this easier it will be to relax and wind down. At SofaSale we understand the importance of this moment, so we designed a range of relax furniture, which can be added into your living-room set up and complement our lounge sofa. Do note that an investment in creating the perfect downtime for your body and mind, will definitely pay-out in the long run. Keep in mind, in today harsh business environment, the corporates will need to make selections in their key staff. Better make sure you are the energetic workforce they want to keep, at every expense!

    Below an overview our range of relax chairs to recharge the body and mind.

  3. Dining room Chairs - you will love them all...

    At SofaSale we make and sell furniture that applies thoughtful design, quality materials and time-honoured craftsmanship. Each piece is handmade by a team of expert makers: craftspeople, woodworkers & artisans. The level of detail in unbelievable, and sets new standards in the furniture industry.

    We look forward to bringing the wonder of beautiful designer furniture into your home.

    We would like to demonstrate a few unique dining chairs, which are currently on special promotion.

    jubilee chair

    The combination curved metal frame with ABS curved to the human body is unique, stylish, comfortable and durable. This chair used in many bars and restaurants aroudn the world and is now seen more and more in the private dining rooms at home.

    For more dining chair you may review the video below:

  4. Upcycle now, use your Jeans for Furniture

    recycle jeans

    At SofaSale we are sincerely concerned about the lack of alternative solutions brought forward for reduction of the annual waste production of its local residents in combination by the limited waste disposal or treatment facilities. With our Recycle your Blues campaign we would like to create awareness of the waste problem we are facing in Hong Kong. We would like to educate Hong Kong residents, that some items in our daily waste stream can be valuable and deserve a second life. In many countries Denim jeans are being recycled, shredded and re-used for home isolation, this kind of initiatives do not exist in Hong Kong.

    We think, this needs to change, with your help we can make a difference.

    On a daily basis we are working on furniture designs and furniture production. We see creative opportunities using recycled jeans in our furniture designs. We started by creating unique Sofa furniture pieces from recycled jeans, and we are quite excited about using recycled materials in our designs. We hope by bringing this Blue furniture products to the Hong Kong market we can make a statement towards different government organisations and hope to start up a constructive and open dialogue on how to the solve the Waste Crisis in Hong Kong. We believe we need to do this together to ensure both the recycling rate is going up and the waste treatment will become green and sustainable.

    We would like to encourage all readers to share their ideas and if you like our idea of recycling jeans furniture, do check your wardrobe and see what jeans are worn down and no longer useful. Please do not throw them away, instead please send them to SofaSale. We will use your jeans and hopefully transfer them into unique Blue furniture!

  5. American Ash Wood Furniture

    Advantages of Solid Ash Furniture

    Ash gives furniture pieces a solid, crisp line – the honey-toned wood has a subtle elegance and a timeless look. Ash furniture has a clean natural look and feel and does not overpower a room. If you want to keep the atmosphere bright and create the impression of space, choosing ash furniture opens up the room and makes the most of natural light coming in. For the best space-creating layout, use furniture that is similar in style and with the same colour of wood in order to create order and calm. Using a mirror to reflect light also enhances the sense of space in a small area.

    Solid ash wood sourced from renewable American forests brings a warmth and tranquility to the room. You can choose from a variety of pieces in our ash collection, including dining tables, solid ash bed frames, wardrobes, benches and stools.

    The Ash can be finished in a raw look , a light Bee Wax coating., transparent lacquer, white wash, Black, Brown or Grey Coating. The furniture is made-to-order and hand crafted, giving you full flexibility to customize it.

     Ash Wood

    Lead-time on our Ash wood products is around 3 weeks.

    You want to learn more, please visit Solid Ash wood Dining section.

  6. SofaSale wins the Most Valuable Furniture retailer award

    business award

    On Thursday November 17th 2016 was rewarded with the prestigious business award in an event organised by the Mediazone Group. Once a year the Mediazone team analysing the Hong Kong Consumer and Business market and determine who are Hong Kong's most valuable companies. was rewarded in the category furniture retailer. SofaSale has build up a solid reputation and has become one of the leading furniture retail brands selling high quality European Style furniture online in the Hong Kong and Macau market. A large, fresh and interesting furniture collection, combined with an affordable pricing model and second to none customer service are the key elements, brought forward by the judging panel.

    At SofaSale we are delighted with this recognition and it stimulates us even more, to bring new furniture collections to the Hong Kong market.

    11月17日在Mediazone集團舉辦的活動中榮獲了著名的商業獎。 Mediazone團隊每年一次分析香港消費者和商業市場,並確定誰是香港最有價值的公司。在家具零售商類別獲得獎勵。 SofaSale已建立了良好的聲譽,已成為領先的家具零售品牌之一,在香港和澳門網上市場上銷售高品質的歐式家具。 評審團提出規模大,新鮮和有趣的家具系列,結合價格實惠的定價模式和客戶服務是關鍵要素。 SofaSale很高興這種認可,它可以刺激我們更多,帶來新的家具系列到香港市場。
  7. Pre-launch of the 2017 dining room furniture

    Summer is hot and temperatures are well above 30 degrees Celsius in Hong Kong. Lot's people preparing for summer holidays and flying over the world to visit family and friends. Celebrating the good life..

    We are busy and planning our product portfolio for after summer and we are delighted to be able to share some for our wonderful dining room furniture pieces of the 2017 collection. SofaSale is proud and honored to be the preferred furniture retailer to launch and introduce these furniture products to the Hong Kong consumers.

    In below video you will find a reach of dining chair and dining tables, study desks.

    All chairs can be upholstered in your preferred fabric, so you will be able to create a unique styled dining room. These chairs will be commercially grade quality, so a perfect choice for clubhouse, restaurants, congress centre etc.

    More information on our SofaSale website.

  8. SofaSale in SCMP Post Magazine

    Maxed-out minimalist Hong Kong flat.

    Architect Wesley Liu renovated his sleek apartment just in time to bring his new wife home, writes Adele Brunner.

    Architect Wesley Liu Yik-kuen doesn't live life by halves. Last year, as well as managing his interior design firm, PplusP Designers, coming up with ideas for a range of furniture and accessories (to be launched online at the end of this year) and cooking singlehandedly for corporate clients in his private kitchen, he decided to renovate his 1,241 sq ft Mei Foo Sun Chuen apartment - just three months before his wedding day.

    "I got the keys to the apartment in April last year, but I had to leave it empty for a few months because I was too busy," he says. "I started work on it the minute I got a chance, and me and my wife, Karen, moved in three months later - when we got home from our wedding."

    scmpMaster bathroom The Bucket sink (HK$7,800), by Scarabeo, came from Galaxy Bathroom Collection (332 Portland Street, Mong Kok, tel: 2399 0668) and the Hi-Macs yellow sink unit was HK$9,500 by LG from Luxx Newhouse. The yellow mirror was HK$450 from Ikea. The master bed (HK$6,390) came from SofaSale ( and the pendant lamp (HK$1,800) was picked up in Mong Kok. The chair (HK$6,800) came from Oscar Bath and Kitchen (48/F, China Online Centre, 333 Lockhart Road, tel: 2988 1949).

    Interested in the full article:

  9. SofaSale attends the In-Home Expo 2016 show June 10-12th

    SofaSale is participating in the 2016 In-home Expo fair held at the WanChai Convention Centre from the 10th -12th of June.  Please do visit us at Booth B11 for amazing promotions and Crazzzzy Prices discounts! SofaSale 將於本月11日至12日進駐家居博覽,為你帶來一連串驚喜優惠,絕不能錯過!當日我們將於灣仔會展B11舖,期待你們與我們一同感受當中的喜悅!

    in-home show

    For free entry to the fair, please visit the expo website here.


    We look forward to see you next week and drink a glass of Champagne with us and review our new Collection.

    The SofaSale team.

  10. Live in Style underneath the Stars

    You are an open minded person and think the glass igloo hotel in Finland is pretty cool, then you’ll love this unique tent. The wizards at Holleyweb have invented an inflatable, PVC, transparent, bubble tent that lets you live outside, but with all the comforts of home.

    Decorate it with designer furniture and you will have a blast.

    All you need is HKD 15,990, the tent, and somewhere to plug in the tent’s blower, which is necessary to keep the tent inflated.

    Bubble-tentThis unique four meter tent can house two people, depending on their size. And while this tent isn’t point-rock resistant, it is water-proof and fire retardant, for those rainy evening when you want to BBQ outside.


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