1. SofaSale in postmagazine

    A Hong Kong flat where the kitchen takes centre stage Two avid cooks have defied Hong Kong interior norms by designing their Mid-Levels apartment around a wonderful gas stove BY CHRISTOPHER DEWOLF There's a reason people in Hong Kong eat out so often: in this city, it's a pain to cook at home. Kitchens are usually small and designed to be...

    Who doesn't love to add a bit of countryside leisure into our urban homes? These gorgeous and contemporary grey elm distressed LiLing furniture products work well for families, who like settling down in a rustic country kitchen environment. The solid wooden Chinese grey distressed lacquered table has a stunning matching dining bench. This Solid Elm Bench stores neatly under the...
  3. Spice up your living room with a design coffee table

    We don't know what you've been using until now, but a trendy coffee table can really become the centerpiece of your living room or den. If you want to follow the stylish route, head down minimalist lane and get yourself a white or black table that is round or rectangular, low, and boasts tiny legs. Many coffee tables -- and...
  4. Salved wood dining tables

    Antique reclaimed ELM wood tables are getting popular in Hong Kong, no wonder if you see the design. They seamlessly fit into the interior of the living room. We tailor make the size and finish for you. Still in doubt, come and have a look at it yourself.

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