1. Lundana Sofa now on introduction Sale

    The Lundana Sofa has arrived Hong Kong. The Sofa has been designed to give maximum comfort to its guests. Many describe this Sofa as a sort of Teddy Bear, since within no-time it will become your best friend. The bulky outlook will give a sturdy and robust feel to your living room environment. Interior designers like to use strong and warm fabric colours to off-set the bulky image to get the right touch to your interior. Like we said loved by many, we are proud to sell this "Teddy-Bear"...
  2. Funky times with these Patchwork Sofa Classics

    They may seem like an interior designers dream, due to the spiritual, positive vibe these colour combinations can give back to every interior. Eye catching, and comfortable at the same time. Live in Style, do it your own way. Made-to-order fully hand made, now at an affordable price level. The patchwork sofas have been the hit on internet, hitting millions of likes on Facebook and Pintrest, now SofaSale has been able to start production on these lovely items.
  3. Tara Sofa has finally arrived Hong Kong

    The Tara sofas combine round stylish shapes with luxurious colourful materials for an unique look and feel. The throw on pillow create a playful and inviting look. Simple and understated, it works in both contemporary and traditional living spaces. Upholstered in an elegant Micro Fibre fabric - both hardwearing and soft. Fabrics and colours of your choice can be easily changed. The sit is supremely comfortable, with a firm back which creates a optimal seat. This Sofa will ensure a smooth, elegant and comfortable touch to your interior. Order here fabric sofas hk fabric sofa fabric sofa hongkong
  4. Where to buy a SofaBed in Hong Kong

    4 QUESTIONS TO ASK BEFORE BUYING A SOFABED Whether you live in a small condo or apartment, medium sized home or even a big house with an extra guestroom a sofabed is a must have item for any home.  You never know when a sofabed will come in handy or when their will be one guest too many with no place to sleep.  The sofa bed functions as your every day family sofa but quickly transforms to a bed when needed. The multi-functionality of the sofabed is what makes it the perfect piece in any home. Even if you feel you'll never use your sofabed it doesn't hurt to have it for those just in case moments? sofabed hk When you think of a sofa bed most people automatically have imagines of the horribly uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous pull-out futon style (I know I've got my hand caught in one before) but sofa beds come in many styles that are growing in popularity.  More comfortable selections include the 'click clack' fold-down variations where the back of the sofa folds down to become a sleeping area usually in the size of a double bed or my personal favourite the drop-end sofa bed where the bed pulls out from a draw - such as the Derby. These five questions will help you narrow down what type of sofa bed you're looking for that will match your wants, needs and lifestyle perfectly. 1.How Many People Will You Have Over? The first question you should ask yourself before choosing a style, size or feature in a sofabed is how many people will be sleeping over at any given time and how often will it be in use.  If you're someone who always has your family members or friends over for a the weekend then you'll want a bed that sleeps two people comfortably such as a larger size double or queen size sofa bed.  If you know that guest rarely come over and/or you're limited on space and you just want something for that 'just in case moment' then choosing a smaller size single sofa bed or double should be no problem. 2.Space restrictions Measuring your home is a must for any type of furniture shopping, especially when you live in a small space where every inch counts.  Know your measurements before you go out to shop! this includes your door way clearance as well so they're are no surprises when you get home and it can't fit through the door. Knowing your measurements before hand makes sofa shopping headache free. Not only will you be able to tell the sales person exactly what your looking for, you'll also be able to make your decision without multiple trips between your home and the store. Standard Bed Measurements: Single -- L75" x W39" Double -- L75" x W54" Queen -- L80" x W60" 3.What Style Are You Looking For? Although you're shopping for a sofa bed this is it's secondary feature, the main purpose will be as your living room sofa.  The first thing to do is consider what style of sofa you would like and if your room can accommodate it. If you know you love sectionals or you're looking for a modular set or your home can only fit a love seat then you'll need to find a sofabed that comes in that particular style. This is useful because you'll be able to determine what type of sofa bed you'll be able to get depending on the style of sofa you like. If you're not a fan of drop-end sofas for example then you're going to want to make sure the type of sofa you're interested doesn't come with that type of style. sofabed at sofasale 4.Could I Picture Owning This Sofa For Years? So now that you've finally made it to the store and you know exactly what you're looking for and what size you'll be able to accommodate in your home it's time to test out your sofa.  You wouldn't buy a dress or a suit unless you were sure it was a perfect fit, so why should your sofa be any different? Before you leave the store make sure you've sat down, lounged like you would at home and laid down on the sofa.  Ask yourself if you could you picture watching TV on it daily? or if it's something you'd want your guest to sleep on? Next make sure you play with the mechanism.  Have the sales person show you how to pull out the sofabed or any other features it may have like a reclining back or removable arms.  Then test it out yourself! This is something you're going to be doing a million times if you find it annoying or complicated or hard to adjust to then that is probably not the sofa bed for you.
  5. Sofa Design

    Sofa Love: The Sofa Sosia One might think that a sofa is a sofa, so that the creative minds in the world at some point would have to run out of air and then - there would be simply no new sofa-ideas more. We like to think that will never happen. An illustrative example to support our thought: is the sofa Sosia. It was designed by Emanuele Magini for Campeggi. But see for yourself what we mean:
  6. The Camberley Sofa

    This Camberley Sofa is born with British Design in mind, the classical rounded lines, and puffy seat cushions created style and maximum seating comfort. All these Sofas are hand made in our production facility in the South of China. SofaSale keeps 100's of different fabrics in stock to finish this lovely piece of furniture with the fabric of your choice.

    Camberley Sofa

    Now with special ottoman with storage function:

    Storage Ottoman

    Made to perfection:

    family sofa

    Click here for more details.

  7. The competition has started, win a free Gothenburg Sofa

    We have received overwhelming feedback on our facebook offer to give away a free Gothenburg sofa. So we have decided to add more transparency to this competition to help the real fans to win this sofa. How does it work? 1) Find our offer on our Facebook page, posted on November 5th. 2) Leave your unique comment on this offer and share the offer with your friends. 3) Ask your friends to like your comment The comment with the most likes on November 29th at 2:00 pm will be announced the winner of this Gothenburg sofa. Good luck The SofaSale Team
  8. Try your luck and win a free Gothenburg Sofa

    You want to participate; it is quite simple. We have posted below very special offer on our Facebook page. We ask our facebook members to like us, share us and comment on this special offer. On November 29th we will select the winner out of the responses we have seen on Facebook. If you like the sofa and you can't wait, you can order it here at SofaSale. Good luck. The SofaSale Team.
  9. the new Aldagiso Sofa

    Sometimes it is love at first sight. We are proud to present the new Aldagiso Sofa. linen fabric sofaMore info, click here Like a beautiful sandstone sculpture, the Adalgiso L-Shape Sofa catches every viewer’s eye and holds it. This high-impact sofa creates an unforgettable focal point for your room, with its elegant yet modern charm. Made from a high quality iron base and classic feather filling for all the seating cushions, the Adalgiso edition combines detail in design and Italian flair for everyday living.
    Choice of many different fabric styles. Contemporary and modern styling Microfibre upholstery Reverse Lay-out; all L-shape sofas, we can change the L-Shape Delivery Leadtime: 3-4 weeks Assembly required-attach feet 1 year quality guarantee
  10. Warm welcome to the Roman Vendi

    In the leather sofa industry for a long time there were limited to no innovations. A standard bulky sofa was the result. Nowadays more and more brands focus on trendy designs and user friendly comfort. The new Roman Vendi collection is an example of this. The design is trendy and smooth, and these sofa come with adjustable click-clack head & back rest. Some even have adjustable side arm rest. Now at a special unbeatable introduction price at SofaSale.

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