1. Diesel Designer Sofa hit the market in Hong Kong

    Many consumers are slowly getting ready for Christmas and make their last furniture purchases upgrading their living- and dining-rooms; to be able to entertain their guests in style. For those furniture stylists on a tight budget; there is good news. The Diesel affordable luxury designer Sofa 2016 collection hits the Hong Kong retail market just-in-time. The Diesel Family lounge Sofas are designed in Europe and produced by one of the largest furniture producers in the world. In this mass production environment, quality will be assured and economies of scale ensure the cost will be kept to a minimum. Diesel 設計師進軍香港巿場 聖誕將至,又是為家居搜購新傢俬佈置的好時機。預算太少但想法多多,不要緊,Diesel 2016 新推出的全新梳化系列,一定滿足到你的要求。 全新梳化系列歐洲設計,並由全球最大生產商生產,不單止質素有保證,價格亦大額降低。 diesel sofa All Diesel sofas are designed on a solid wooden frame, and finished to perfection with high density - high resilient foam and micro-fibre sofa fabric. Many fabric styles and colours are available for your choice. diesel-sofa-SF8070-2 All fabric covers can be removed for Dry-Cleaning. diesel-sofa-SF8072-1 All cushions as per photo are included in the special price. diesel-sofa-SF8076-3 Prices start at:  HKD 6,990 more information you will find here
  2. The Guti recliner Sofa

    We all work hard, day-in day-out. Given the nature of your job you have to spend most of the week outside your home, so once you have a chance of spending a free night at home; you want to relax your body to the maximum. We understand your feeling, we developed the Guti recliner Sofa, with you in mind. Our design of Guti is based on 1 important principle: give comfort to the human body in many different seating positions. The Guti is designed to look good in your living room, easy to handle into the position you like, and easy to maintain to last long, and be your best friend for many years to come. 家中好夥伴 日復日的工作,令你身心俱疲,難得空閒留在家中,當然希望舒適的享受一下。Guti recliner Sofa 的設計意念就是希望給你無負擔的舒適休息時間。時尚實用並存的Guti recliner Sofa 適合放置家中任何一個角落,簡單耐用,是你家中不能缺少的夥伴。Guti Recliner Chair Want to meet Guti, please find more details here. Guti recliner chair in Fabric
  3. Unconventional elegant leather Sofa

    Once you have been involved in furniture design and production for over 25 years, you can argue that most of the different sofa designs should be familiar by now. In general this is true, however there are always positive exceptions to find. I would like to share this beautiful leather sofa with you, the lines are absolutely stunning, and once you use this leather sofa in a neutral white environment, it will be a centre of attention. black leather sofaThe stainless steel base, let the sofa float well above the surface, creating a view trough experience and adds air into your interior. This creates a spacious feel to the room. The leather finish is clean and tight, so the designer lines are clearly visible. What you see is what you get. Do you have a special and unique design?  We can make them for you. Please find more information here. 簡單而不平凡的真皮梳化 即使創造及設計傢俬超過25年,有時候亦會發掘到難得的驚喜,這次介紹的真皮梳化,流線型外表令人一見難忘,放在任何位置都會輕易成為焦點。 不銹鋼腳線,讓梳化稍離地面,增加視覺及空間感,另整個房間更具透明度。優質的皮面簡潔緊緻,另整體線條突出。 想設計屬於自己的傢俬?我們可以為你度身訂造,按這裡填寫簡單資料。
  4. The most elegant Sofabed for Hong Kong

    Hong Kong has become one of the most expensive cities in the world. The property prices has been rising in the years to levels that most of the average Hong Kong people can no longer afford large living spaces in the urban areas. Luckily enough the young Hong Kong urban people are known for the innovative spirit to find for space saving furniture. We found a perfect solution, both elegant and unique. sofabed 2-15   This double bed frame is connected to the roof of your living room, where is create a nice ambiance for your living, in fact it is a false ceiling with spotlights. Once you feel it is bed-time, you lower down your double bed in less than a minute converting your living-room into a spacious bed-room. Looking for a stylish sofabed? You may find them here. 貴氣又實用的梳化床 香港已成為世界上生活成本最昂貴的城市之一。樓價一直上升,生活空間非常有限。幸運的是年輕的都市人都敢於創新,找到節省空間的家俱。現在為你帶來一個完美的解決方案,既優雅又獨特。 要自己設計獨特的梳化床?在這裡就找得到!
  5. Lundana Comfortable Designer Sofa

    Comfort is re-invented is this beautiful designed Lundana Sofa. A first glance at this piece is inviting every guest to have a sit in it and enjoy every second of it. It can be upholstered in many colours in different materials, giving you the unique opportunity to match this Lundana Sofa to every interior you can possible think off. The bulkiness of the design gives the Sofa a strong, solid look, but the materials used creates a feminine softness at the same time. A absolute must to see and try yourself.

    More information here.

    剛柔並重的梳化設計 Lundana 梳化為舒適一詞重新定義。厚重的外型配以柔軟舒適無比的質料,剛中帶柔,讓人捨不得離開,一定要親身試驗一下。 更多資訊,按這裡 lundana  
  6. The Delft Blue Monroe Sofa is now in Hong Kong

    Unique furniture designs are rare. Once our Design Team found this unique pattern styled Delft Blue fabric the idea was there. Create an unique Sofa Design which fit the beautiful fabric. The Monroe Sofa is the result. It's traditional upright style create a comfortable inviting shape for all guest to sit, lounge and relax. This furniture piece will bring the Hong Kong Furniture market new sparkle to some design lovers who are looking for something less ordinary.. More sales information: here Monro3_3-seater_fabric-Sofa-04 Monroe_3-seater_fabric-Sofa-02
  7. Under the skin of our Adalgiso Italian Sofa

    The Adalgiso is a class on its own. Robust round lines create an ultimate comfortable touch to this Sofa. Not only the outside is worth exploring, when we dive under the skin of the Italian design Sofa, we find why it is truly unique. More pricing information you will find here aldagiso-sofa  
    1. Kiln dried hardwood is used to ensure the inner frame is strong, durable and long lasting.
    2. Padding is added to the frame to ensure maximum comfort levels can be reached, without compromising the durability of the frame.
    3. A steel power-coated bottom frame is used to provide strong solid fundament for your sofa. It gives a natural sleek and sophisticated look to your sofa.
    4. High-resilient foam cushions ensure a long lasting seating experience, the goose-down feather top is add, to create a soft and smooth touch to every seating guest of this sofa.
    5. Available in many different high quality fabrics or leather styles.
    Come and try it yourself, you will love it..!
  8. San Remo Fabric Sofas

    This San Remo sofa series combines a classic, modern shape with luxurious materials for a sophisticated look and feel. Simple and understated, it works in both contemporary and traditional living spaces. Upholstered in a linen mix Micro Fibre fabric - both hardwearing and elegant - and finished with delicate piping.  Fabrics and colours of your choice can be easily changed. The sit is supremely comfortable, with a feather and fibre filling for the seat. This Sofa will ensure a smooth, elegant and comfortable touch to your interior. Eager to see more, please click here. fabric sofa
  9. Feline Design Sofa

    The Feline Sofa brings style and class to your living room. The sit is extremely comfortable due to its high back and soft back supporting cushions. The high quality materials used give the right inviting impression, and fine statement in every living room. It can be finished in many different fabrics, all swatches are available in our showroom. We can upholster this Feline Sofa in Leather, pricing details below. (please contact our Customer Service team for leather swatches) This Sofa will ensure a smooth, elegant and comfortable touch to your interior. Interested? Please find more information here. feline design sofa
  10. Love the Puzzle Sofa

    This smart designer Sofa is creative and original … but also functional? These clever love-seat-and-couch combinations are more that just artistic expressions – they are designed to provide seating options around the actual seating needs of individual people. In short: there is a surprising attention to comfort, patterns of use and personal preferences that run deeper than the offbeat and overt aesthetic impact of these furniture objects. That is why we love this this sofa. The odd angles and offbeat intersections make these playful pieces of furniture deceptively simple and childlike, while in actuality they require a great deal of custom craft work to manufacture and assemble.

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