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  1. New Year's Resolution: Warehouse Sale

    It's not the new year yet, but we already implemented our New Year's Resolution: we created a warehouse sale section on our website. This may not sound like a novelty, but by doing this we aim to put a stop to unnecessarily filling the Hong Kong landfill. Instead, we are selling samples, discontinued and slightly damaged furniture, for an amazing price. This way, the landfill stays empty, and we make customers happy!

    The items in this category are checked and photographed so we can provide an honest view of the items to our customers. As we provide an amazingly low price, we can't do customizations or warranty. However, you know what you get: 40-70% discount on quality furniture! Be quick though, all items are till stock lasts!    
  2. Medlano our World Best seller

    Back in 2013 we decided to develop a simple, comfortable, elegant and affordable fabric sofa, which could be transformed in 1-2-3 seater, L-shape, U-shape etc. Now 5 years later, the Medlano sofa is our worldwide best selling sofa model, over the years thousands and thousands of Medlano sofas have found their way to the different living-rooms of our customers.

    This makes us proud and we are quite emotionally attached to this lovely sofa model.  Over the years the fabric upholstered Medlano sofa, which is double upholstered, so the fabric cover can be dry-cleaned of re-made for a low cost, has also been upgraded to Italian Top grain leather. The many options this Medlano Sofa is offering our customer, is partly the driver to its commercial sales success.

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  3. Bright up in 2016 bring colour into your interior

    Where the year 2016 started deep in the red according to the financial newspapers, so we prefer to suggest our readers not to focus and invest in the stock marktes, but instead invest in themselves. Why not bright up your life and bring some fantastic bright furniture pieces into your interior. Studies have proven over and over again that a balanced lifestyle, will bring happiness in the long run, which will result in a longer and happier life.  We do not want to use this article to explain why losing money on the stock markets will not help you to reach happiness, but we do want to point out that some small changes, and relative small investments can bring your life a lot of positive small changes.

    新年新氣象,是時候將目光放回你的安樂窩。忙碌的一年暫時來個小休,回到溫暖的家你又如何佈置一番? 室內的一片簡約色系,只要偶爾加入一個色彩獨物鮮艷的腳擺, 就會有煥然一新感覺。來看看我們的示範提示?

    Look around in your current living-room, besides that it will be packed due to the shortage of living space in Hong Kong, we expect the colours you will find are base neutral colours.. Please note that from an interior aesthetic point of view all these neutral colours will balance out, and effectively will create a neutral effect on our senses, and mood. Please try to find some catching small furniture elements so can bring in some bright fresh colours. Spice it up a little bit, you will be amazed with the result.

    A few examples of bright interior elements you may think off.

    colour shaped ottoman Colour shaped Triop ottoman Hexagon Stool The Hexagon Stool Cookie Ottoman The Cookie Round Ottoman Cookie Stool The Cookie Stool

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