Reclaimed Wood & Eco-Series Furniture

  1. May Big Sale !

    Summer is coming, time to upgrade your living-room with soft natural colours, comfortable materials and Live in Style!


    This Taranto fabric upholstered family L-shape sofa is new to our collection and we can now offer it in the combination with the Reagan solid Ash Wood coffee table for HK$ 14,590.  You could say, in this unique combination value deal we give away the Reagan round coffee table free of charge.

    For this Combi deal we have made a special version of the Reagan Coffee table with a 80 cm diameter top, with a 4 cm thickness, finished in natural wood. It is build on top of a solid wooden base, coated in black. The table height can be adjusted to fit your specific requirements.

    Both this Taranto Sofa and Reagan Coffee table are made to order and you can choose your own colour combinations. Lead-time 3-4 weeks.

    For more information on the Taranto Sofa:

    For more information on the ReaganTable:

    The above combi value deal is only valid during the month May 2018!

  2. Ibiza style furniture

    What can we learn from the Ibiza lifestyle?

    In Ibiza of course, the lifestyle is being outside most of the time, but in winter or evening it’s also nice to be able to enjoy it inside. It’s really nice to have an outdoor living room or a indoor garden, a green interior. The relation between in- and outside can be used freely! In a way similar to the Hong Kong climate..

    An easy and effective way is to incorporate plants. They have a way of adding some dimensions into a room, bring colour and texture,  but most important making any space feel lively and bright.

    A large plant can sit in their pot, and be the statement piece whilst other plants can be hoisted up slightly on a small pedestal to add height to a room. They can also create contrast and are great when you have a white canvas, it adds a pop that draws the eye. It’s easy to create your own unique little greenhouse with mixing some of your favourite ones.

    We like to let the images do the talking:ibiza furniture ibiza table ibiza-03 ibiza-04

    Want to learn more about furniture which can be used both indoors and outdoors in Hong Kong, like these Ibiza style furniture, please visit our SofaSale website.

  3. Upcycle now, use your Jeans for Furniture

    recycle jeans

    At SofaSale we are sincerely concerned about the lack of alternative solutions brought forward for reduction of the annual waste production of its local residents in combination by the limited waste disposal or treatment facilities. With our Recycle your Blues campaign we would like to create awareness of the waste problem we are facing in Hong Kong. We would like to educate Hong Kong residents, that some items in our daily waste stream can be valuable and deserve a second life. In many countries Denim jeans are being recycled, shredded and re-used for home isolation, this kind of initiatives do not exist in Hong Kong.

    We think, this needs to change, with your help we can make a difference.

    On a daily basis we are working on furniture designs and furniture production. We see creative opportunities using recycled jeans in our furniture designs. We started by creating unique Sofa furniture pieces from recycled jeans, and we are quite excited about using recycled materials in our designs. We hope by bringing this Blue furniture products to the Hong Kong market we can make a statement towards different government organisations and hope to start up a constructive and open dialogue on how to the solve the Waste Crisis in Hong Kong. We believe we need to do this together to ensure both the recycling rate is going up and the waste treatment will become green and sustainable.

    We would like to encourage all readers to share their ideas and if you like our idea of recycling jeans furniture, do check your wardrobe and see what jeans are worn down and no longer useful. Please do not throw them away, instead please send them to SofaSale. We will use your jeans and hopefully transfer them into unique Blue furniture!

  4. American Ash Wood Furniture

    Advantages of Solid Ash Furniture

    Ash gives furniture pieces a solid, crisp line – the honey-toned wood has a subtle elegance and a timeless look. Ash furniture has a clean natural look and feel and does not overpower a room. If you want to keep the atmosphere bright and create the impression of space, choosing ash furniture opens up the room and makes the most of natural light coming in. For the best space-creating layout, use furniture that is similar in style and with the same colour of wood in order to create order and calm. Using a mirror to reflect light also enhances the sense of space in a small area.

    Solid ash wood sourced from renewable American forests brings a warmth and tranquility to the room. You can choose from a variety of pieces in our ash collection, including dining tables, solid ash bed frames, wardrobes, benches and stools.

    The Ash can be finished in a raw look , a light Bee Wax coating., transparent lacquer, white wash, Black, Brown or Grey Coating. The furniture is made-to-order and hand crafted, giving you full flexibility to customize it.

     Ash Wood

    Lead-time on our Ash wood products is around 3 weeks.

    You want to learn more, please visit Solid Ash wood Dining section.

  5. Furniture 2017: best ideas for your living and dining room

    New year, new chances to upgrade your living. In the blogpost we want to give you a sneak preview of new tables we will bring the market. All below dining tables are hand made from the highest grade imported American Ash. The top and legs are made of solid wood, which will give your furniture a rich and sturdy look and feel. Our furniture pieces are stylish design, clearly crafted and build to last for decades.

    Living room: Focus on a meticulous crafted coffee table Steel-Wood combination.

    solid wood coffee table

    Above a new range of coffee table, build on a fine powder-coated steel frame with solid american ash wood top. This coffee table can be tailored made into any size. Which will give you plenty of options to create coffee table, side tables, high tables and dining tables. You can now match your dining table with your coffee table, building a direct connection between your dining room and living room. The beautiful raw finish of the American Ash wood will be a perfect match to other natural materials like you linen fabric sofa.

    Dining room: Focus on a natural finish in soft colour tones

    solid wood-dining-table Above a new range of dining table, hand-made by our handcraft carpenter made from the high grade solid American Ash wood. This dining table can be tailored made into any size. Which helps to maximise the table set up into the smaller dining rooms in Hong Kong, but also ensures we can fit the table inside the elevator of the Hong Kong apartments. In case you are inspired by the above, feel free for browse our SofaSale website for more furniture ideas. We look forward to meet you soon. The SofaSale team.

  6. Amazing reclaimed wooden furniture in Hong Kong

    In the furniture industry nothing is more exciting than crafting new wooden furniture from reclaimed and salvaged wood. This wood has seen some initial use prior to becoming rustic furniture. Much of this wood has been lying around for decades. Some of the wood that we use originated as dead and fallen trees, and now have a second life as rustic furniture. We’ve worked hard to responsibly source the wood that we use in crafting our custom rustic furniture. What does that mean, responsibly sourcing? The ICC defines responsible sourcing as “a voluntary commitment by companies to take into account social and environmental considerations when managing their relationships with suppliers.” We like to think of responsible sourcing as caring about the community that we live in and caring about the consequences of our actions inside of that community.

    Reclaimed Wood Side Table Reclaimed Wood Side Table

    It’s easy and really inexpensive to source fresh cut wood from other countries due to their low standards for sustainable practices, community development, and economic longevity. Even though this is obviously not sustainable, many companies source their materials in this fashion. We do not do this. We have chosen to only use wood that is reclaimed an, thereby putting our actions toward building & developing the responsible wood market on our home turf. Can a company care for the community in which it exists, be environmentally responsible, and be successful? We think it can. We see business as a function of the community, as an opportunity for cooperation that can positively affect everyone.

    At SofaSale we love working with reclaimed and salvaged wood and being a well recognised source for rustic furniture in Hong Kong. Why do we work with reclaimed and salvaged wood? In addition to the value of community responsibility and environmental consciousness, reclaimed and salvaged wood is the best material to work with and the best material for achieving our aesthetic goals. The unique qualities of this material is unlike anything else. Each finished piece of rustic furniture is designed and handcrafted with the purpose of celebrating the amazingly unique qualities different in every tree slab, log, root, or stump. We recycle wood and transform it into dining tables, cabinets, dressoirs, storage boxes.

    Obviously can do a lot more with reclaimed wood, below you will find a small selection of great fresh designs, on which we love to bring something similar to the market in the next few months.

    Reclaimed Wooden Coffee Table Reclaimed Wooden Coffee Table
    Drift wood Mirror Drift wood Mirror
    Outdoor Tree Sofa Outdoor Tree Sofa
  7. Salved wood dining tables

    Antique reclaimed ELM wood tables are getting popular in Hong Kong, no wonder if you see the design. They seamlessly fit into the interior of the living room. We tailor make the size and finish for you. Still in doubt, come and have a look at it yourself.
  8. Go green, recycled Elm wood furniture

    During one of the cold winter days, we met with friends for an afternoon tea. We sat down at their new, but antique style dining table – a solid wood table, crafted from a reclaimed elm wood antique door, encased in a solid elm wood frame. “It’s made from reclaimed age-old elm wood, recycled from a traditional Chinese village house”, my friend mentioned with a smile. I was hooked on the idea of giving this kind of high quality wood a second life, not only because the wood used for this table did not go up in smoke, but also because some of our natural rainforest resources were saved by not needing to cut down a healthy tree to make this table. I wanted to learn more about the history of this table. My search started at SofaSale, the retailer where my friend found her table. Surely, they’d be able to tell me more about recycling wood into furniture. The SofaSale website gave me some information, but I wanted more details. I met with the Dutch, Hong Kong-based entrepreneur Arno Nieuwland, father-of-two, to discuss the history of their Eco-Series concept. Arno explained that they have been on a long search to find good quality wooden furniture for their export business. Inspired by the Dutch furniture designer Piet Hein Eek, they were specifically looking for recycled wood furniture. By late 2010, they gave up their search for a quality supplier and started their own workshop in China. “Here we design and craft our own furniture. Given the fact that, sadly enough, there are lots of village houses knocked down in China’s rush to develop more new property, we decided to recycle and reuse the age-old elm wood beams and doors from those knocked-down houses. We love the natural character of the wood, and even though we receive enquiries to use newer wood, for our Eco-Series concept we stick to the recycled elm wood principle”. I fell in love with the Eco-Series concept, and will have to discuss the budget at home to replace our current table! For more info: recycled elm wood furniture
  9. Go Green, recycle your Blues

    Sofa retailer has announced a service to turn your old jeans into a comfy Sofa. Maybe weird to some, but actually a great idea to others. Give your jeans a second life. jeans sofa Sure, the idea of re-using denim is not particularly novel. However, when an otherwise ordinary furniture retailer takes up this sort of project it shows the extent to which the idea of re-using materials (and eco-friendly lifestyle in general) has entered the mainstream psyche in Hong Kong. “We want to differentiate ourselves from the traditional furniture retailers”, explains Arno Nieuwland, director of SofaSale limited. “By introducing new trends to the Hong Kong market, we want to create awareness with the consumer of smart ways to spend their money. Besides bringing more value for money within our line of products, the contribution to a greener planet is a key mission to us”. It takes around 200 litres of water to create a washed pair of Denim Jeans. On average there are 50 million pairs of Jeans sold annually in Hong Kong and China, which results in 10 million tons of water used. Instead of throwing away your jeans and with it all the energy and resources to create it, we can re-use it and create a fascinating and unique piece of furniture. It seems recycling is not so weird after all. Info:
  10. Go Green, recycle your Blues (part 2)

    We have been notified that retailers in Hong Kong have been inspired by our Go Green campaign, and we are delighted to hear that. We can not emphasize enough to the global retail world to join us in our mission to achieve a greener every day! For more information on our Go Green campaign, click here. For information on our recycled Elm wood campaign click here. Furniture made out recycled jeans, by Tree Hong Kong (October 3rd 2011). recycle jeans sofa seating  

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