Outdoor Patio Umbrellas & Shades

  1. Tailor-made outdoor furniture for Hong Kong

    Kung Hei Fat Choy, we would like to wish you good health and good business in the year of the dog!

    We would like to use this opportunity to share our recent outdoor furniture projects with you. On below projects, we have been asked to furnish a restaurant outdoor area with tailor-made outdoor furniture, ranging from sofas, umbrellas and heaters. Maybe it is good to know we can finish these F&B projects in different finishings and many different designs. These tailor made production lead-time depends on variations, but in general, we will be able to do this in 4-6 weeks lead time.

    Please let us know in the future when your projects require specific furniture needs, we are always ready to support you, and we can ensure you, we will provide you with the most competitive offer!

    We look forward to work with you in the year of the dog!

    Please review below photo for your more information. Thanks.

    outdoor furniture

    outdoor umbrella

  2. Ibiza style furniture

    What can we learn from the Ibiza lifestyle?

    In Ibiza of course, the lifestyle is being outside most of the time, but in winter or evening it’s also nice to be able to enjoy it inside. It’s really nice to have an outdoor living room or a indoor garden, a green interior. The relation between in- and outside can be used freely! In a way similar to the Hong Kong climate..

    An easy and effective way is to incorporate plants. They have a way of adding some dimensions into a room, bring colour and texture,  but most important making any space feel lively and bright.

    A large plant can sit in their pot, and be the statement piece whilst other plants can be hoisted up slightly on a small pedestal to add height to a room. They can also create contrast and are great when you have a white canvas, it adds a pop that draws the eye. It’s easy to create your own unique little greenhouse with mixing some of your favourite ones.

    We like to let the images do the talking:ibiza furniture ibiza table ibiza-03 ibiza-04

    Want to learn more about furniture which can be used both indoors and outdoors in Hong Kong, like these Ibiza style furniture, please visit our SofaSale website.

  3. Bring it out: Outdoor Umbrellas in Hong Kong

    Summer is coming, actually the sun is out and start heating the Hong Kong inner city more and more. In the coming months it will important to find shaded areas and stay out of direct sunlight during the day. For most Hong Kongers it is must to enjoy the outdoors in our free time, spending our working life mostly behind the computer inside airconditioned room during the week, the weekends we want to go outdoors. Sitting in our garden, or roof-top the question is: where to buy that outdoor umbrella?  A valid question, since not too many shop stock up on this kind of bulky products. At SofaSale there is a wide variety of outdoor umbrellas, on which you can customise your umbrella to seamlessly fit your requirements. 

    酷熱的天氣,又雨量大,那裡買到設計精美又實用的戶外雨傘?在SofaSale 你可以找到最多種類的戶外雨傘。 想想坐在花園裡,呷著咖啡,細閱最喜愛的小說,人生一大樂事!

    outdoor umbrella

    Dimensions can be customised, many different fabric options to choose from, different base options. For bar and restaurant operators the logo of your place can be printed to create your exclusive lounge area for your guests.logo-umbrella

    umbrella base

    Concerned your umbrella will need to last for the next 10 years? No problem, with the slip cover the umbrella is well protected during the non-used periods against rainstorms and typhoons.

    Angle umbrella

    Want to learn more?

    Visit the outdoor umbrella section at SofaSale.com.hk or contact the Customer Service now.

  4. Everything under the Sun

    Beautiful patio umbrellas, such as backyard umbrellas, can literally change the face of your patio, backyard, garden or balcony. With so many different styles and combinations of outdoor umbrellas to choose from, it's important to take a step back, look at your outdoor decor or patio design, and choose what kind of patio umbrella will best match or enhance your decor. outdoor umbrella Your first step is to ask yourself some very important questions. Many patio umbrellas are loaded with fantastic features that may or may not be suitable for the situation in where you need a shade structure. And if your purchasing more than one outdoor umbrella for different parts of your home, this is the best time to figure what designs, colors, or features you want for each particular area.patio umbrella shadesSome of the first steps you should take would be to look at your finished outdoor decor. What are the primary colors and styles you used to decorate? What kind of outdoor motif did you choose for your patio or backyard area?   Next, you need to look at the area you are shading in terms of size and function. What size area are you trying to shade? Are you shading a table or a lounging/ sitting area? Are you covering an area that you will be using for dining or entertaining?   Then, you need to need look at the functions and overall style you will be needing from your outdoor umbrella. Will you be utilizing your umbrella constantly, or will you be using it infrequently? Do you want a traditional garden umbrella, or a more modern and stylish market umbrella?

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