Beanbag & Inflatable Air Lounger

  1. CWBS Y5 presentation "How we organise Ourselves"

    Today our director, mr Arno Nieuwland had the privilege to meet with the Y5 students at Clearwater Bay School and discuss some essential elements on how to start and run a successful business.  In the 45 minute discussion, topics like product development, pricing strategy, staff recruitment, advertising and the influence of social media were addressed.

    All-in-all a very interesting discussion, with impressive questions and dialogues with the entrepreneurs of the future!


    We discussed the difference between 2 different product videos, and the impact price setting on the success and ultimately profitability of a business

    The Air 2 Chair:  HK$ 888   --> HK$ 188  (discount code: CWBSY5)

    The Air-Lounger: HK$ 188  --> HK$ 88 (discount code: CWBS)

    We discussed the CWBS Y5 pricing setting experiment: what will happen if we drop the sales price with a special CWBS promotion, we will be able to boost the sales of these fun products?

    We agreed to make a Y5 CWBS discount promotion, please find the instructions below:

    Select the product:

    • -  Add products to your shopping cart
    • -  Select free shipping
    • -  Go to check-out
    • -  Fill in address details
    • -  Apply discount code  CWBS for air-lounger HK$ 188 --> HK$ 88/pc   and CWBSY5 for Air2Chair HK$ 888 --> HK$ 188

    Pay by credit card or HSBC transfer.

    We agreed once we sell 10 pcs or more before Christmas, SofaSale will donate a comfortable beanbag to the Y5 shared area.

  2. Live in Style Kids Beanbag

    Meet the SofaSale Kids Beanbag: Irresistible to any child and child-resistant at the same time. How is that possible you would ask? Well, unlike most toys, it can’t break and it will even endure tantrums thrown by the most ruthless kids. kids beanbag

    Fun and multifunctional kids lounge beanbag from; the perfect solution for your child for reading, watching TV, cuddling and relaxing.

    有趣和多功能的兒童beanbag ; 為您的孩子閱讀,看電視和放鬆的完美解決方案

    • Stylish and simple design 時尚和簡單的設計
    • Filled with polystyrene beads; cover crafted from a durable nylon with protective coating for stain- and water-resistance. 填充polystyrene珠; 外套採用耐用尼龍製成,具有防污和防水的保護塗層。
    • Available in 4 vibrant colors; easy to clean with damp cloth and mild soap.有4種鮮豔的色彩; 易於用濕布和溫和的肥皂清潔。
    • Measures 130 cm long by 100 cm wide. 長130厘米,寬100厘米。


    The Kids BeanBag is designed for fun both indoors and outdoors with its practical design and a funky style that kids just love.

    Kids Bean是了室內和室外娛樂而設計的,其實用的設計和一個時髦的風格,令孩子們都喜歡。


    Children can have fun squishing and squashing this quirky floor cushion bean bag into different shapes to find their favourite seating position. Plus, when laid flat the Live in Style Kids BeanBag can sit two children together.

    你的小孩可以住意改變它的形狀,很容易附合你的使用環境和找到自己喜歡的座位位置。 另外,當放置在平地面上豆袋可以坐在兩個孩子在一起。


    Parents will be pleased to know our exclusive, 100% water resistant, Aqua-TX fabric means any kids’ sticky finger marks are easily wiped clean and it’s durable and robust for outdoor use.

    100 %防水和aqua-tx面料意味著任何指痕都很容易被抹乾淨而且它耐用和強壯, 為戶外使用.


    The contemporary design of this bean bag means kids feel grown up and cool with their very own stylish and lightweight bean bag that they can pick up and carry with them.


    blue kids beanbag

  3. The Air-Lounger takes Hong Kong by storm

    Regardless of where you are or when you need a little “me” time to rejuvenate yourself, the Air-Lounger Inflatable Sofa is the absolute best thing to have with you. It’s lightweight, extremely comfortable and a snap to set-up and use. You only need two scoops of air and you’re ready for relaxation. No pumps needed! The Air-Lounger can be deflated within seconds and is extremely easy to take with you thanks to the convenient carrying bag.

    無論你在何時何地,當你需要一點私人時間來振奮自己,充氣躺椅絕對是你的最佳選擇。 它輕量級,非常舒適,一可以快速充氣和使用。 你只需要填充空氣,你就可以準備放鬆。 無需氣泵! Air-Lounger可以在幾秒鐘內放氣,而且帶有方便的攜帶包裝,非常容易攜帶。



    Instant Comfort, wherever you go!

    Wherever you go, make yourself comfortable. The Air-Lounger is fun & simple to inflate. Just swing the lightweight bag to fill it with air and create a life size lounge seat.

    The Air-Lounger is easily deflated and stored in a small package allowing you to take it anywhere you want!  The perfect buddy for all your outdoor activities such as travelling, festivals, beach trips, hanging out in the park and much more. Meanwhile the lightweight but strong and durable fabric will ensure that you can use it over and over again.

    即時舒適享受,無論身在何地! 無論你走到哪裡,讓自己舒服適。 充氣躺椅是充滿樂趣和簡便性。 只需搖擺輕包,充滿空氣,這就可以創造一個休息用座位。 空氣躺椅很容易放氣,並存儲在一個小包裝,讓你可以把它帶到任何你想要的地方! 所有戶外活動的完美伙伴,如旅行,節日,海灘旅行,在公園裡閒逛等等。 同時輕巧但堅固耐用的面料將確保你可以一遍又一遍地使用它。


    - You can sit on it, lay and relax or just lounge on it. - A new alternative to the beanbag from the past. - Water and "wipe clean" stain resistant heavy duty Nylon.

    - 你可以坐在上面,放鬆或休息。 - 豆袋新的替代品。 - 可以用水擦拭清潔的”防污重型尼龍。

    Product details:

    Weight: 1.2kg Fabric: High Quality Nylon Ripstop with special coating Cleaning: Use regular water and neutral soap

    重量:1.2kg 面料:高品質尼龍Ripstop與特殊塗層 清潔:使用普通的水和中性肥皂

    The above video, will give you an instruction how to use your Air-Lounger, below is a brief summary.


    KaisrInterested to purchase this product, please go the SofaSale website.

  4. The office olympics goes wrong

    In Hong Kong we are all guilty making long office hours, in order to get the work done. So it is really important we bond we our colleagues and team mates well to get the maximum out off the team and out off the day. We found this video below and we must admit, it ticks all the boxes: 1) Good exercise for some of the brave office athletes. 2) Serious competition 3)  Unexpected Climax

    Want to learn more about our beanbag with safety closing, please visit our SofaSale website, or the beanbag section.

  5. Enhancing your livingroom with this Designer Indoor Beanbag

    We have taken one of the most iconic soft furnishings from the 1970s and reinvented it to complement 21st century interior design themes. Retaining the unique feel that only the support of thousands of polystyrene beans can provide, we have created a range of smart, stylish yet essentially fun indoor beanbag chairs, embodying the design principles of retro chic whilst looking every bit as modern as the latest contemporary furniture.

    indoor beanbag

    'If comfort and style are both equally important to you, these home accessories are the perfect choice for your living room and will ensure a relaxing atmosphere whenever friends or family come visiting.'

    Beauty and functionality

    The Live-in-Style indoor beanbag is both beautiful and functional, with an internal structure to provide plenty of support and an external, hardwearing upholstery available in a range of gorgeous colours. For the ultimate in comfort, pair one of our chairs with a bean-filled ottoman, it is providing your feet with somewhere soft and supportive to rest. It’s the perfect solution for those who are seeking something that will look equally at home in the lounge or on the patio.


    The Live-in-Style indoor beanbag features such as removable inner bags and double stitched upholstery make these chairs easy to clean, durable and supremely comfortable. With the minimum of effort, you will be able to keep them looking as good as new for many years to come.

    Want to buy the Live-in-Style indoor beanbag, please visit our website here.

  6. Beanbag fun in the office

    We assume you recognise the situation; you're working hard, bit tired and staring at that clock at the corner of your computer screen. Slowly dreaming away, wishing it was Friday 4:00 pm and  YES you're almost ready for yet another great weekend with friends and family. You suddenly wake up, in fact it is only Monday afternoon.... bummer. One of your colleagues brings in a beanbag, which was floating around the office as a sample for an interior design customer. A show jumping event is born... The colleagues of the Sales and Marketing department are keen to showcase their skills; the jumps becomes more special by the minute.. Conclusion: yet another fun day in the office. Good to know the SofaSale beanbags have a strong industrial style zipper and on top a solid velcro closing. All sides are double stitched, to ensure this explosion soft landing will not happen anytime soon... Looking for beanbags in Hong Kong to spice up your office, please visit us here: 有這樣的辦公室OT 我都願意 - 超好玩的豆豆袋 雖然稱為上班族,但上班族最不想做的事就是上班,但如果辦公室環境轉換一下,上班變成樂趣無窮,OT都開心!無限樂趣的工作環境,會為同事帶來源源不絕的創作靈感啊! 快看上面片段!有圖有真相! 放心!Sofasale 的豆豆袋都是質料優越,不單以高級拉鏈封口、尼龍搭扣,四邊有雙重縫線,絕不會有爆豆豆的事情發生啊! 想買?立即按這裡看一看!
  7. Bean Bag Summer Promotion

    We value our loyal customer network, you deserve our special attention. We have a special Bean Bag Summer Promotion. We offer an additional 25% discount on all our Live in Style outdoor Beanbags, this is another 25% off on our already best in town pricing... Until the end of August you can enjoy 25% off on all beanbags, including the bean filling. - You can sit on it, lay and relax or just lounge on it. - A new alternative to the beanbag from the past. - Water and "wipe clean" stain resistant heavy duty Nylon The promotion is valid, as long as our stock last, so be quick to avoid disappointment. bean bag promotion
  8. The Floating BeanBag unique in Hong Kong

    Image the weather changes back to comfortable watersports temperatures, hard to image since we now facing the cold winter days, but be ensured the warm humid days is Hong Kong will start in April, May again. It is good to know SofaSale has developed an unique designed waterproof, floating beanbag. floating beanbag The SofaSale beanbags are originally designed for the large wintersports areas in France and Austria. The beanbags are a great way of lounging and resting in the snow and enjoy the sun hours on high altitude. Based on the innovative waterproof, Nylon coated design these beanbags are not only resistant to the harsh winter conditions, but also a great bean bag to enjoy in Sunny, Humid and wet Asian climate. Now at amazing introduction prices, more info here:  Beanbag at SofaSale. Floating Live in Style BeanBag

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