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  1. Survive the Heat with an Outdoor Ceiling Fan

    Outdoor ceiling fans have been a practical way to cool outdoor spaces since the 1900s — particularly in the tea areas, where they've been as obligatory as sweet tea when it comes to beating summer heat. Today, porch ceiling fans are a wonderful way to create a breeze, add light and contribute to a stylish decor. By introducing movement into otherwise still air, outdoor fans are an energy-efficient way to stay cool all summer long.

    Here, a few tips on how to incorporate a fan into your outdoor room.

    Ceiling fans create circulation, making the porch feel up to 8 degrees cooler. The drop in temperature makes outdoor lounging much more enjoyable in the summer.

    吊扇設計多到不能想像,由顏色、 設計以至標誌都可以度身訂製。不說不知,簡單的一把吊線,可以令溫度降低度!

    Placing outdoor ceiling fans about 5 meter apart on the porch allows for maximum air movement and cooling potential.

    Ceiling fans are available in styles and materials that can complement any outdoor decor. Natural materials hold up well in the weather and coordinate well with the surroundings.

    A simple white fan blends beautifully with a white ceiling, creating an unobtrusive way to cool the outdoor space, like the: Hunter Flight Ceiling Fan

    Cabo Frio Ceiling fan

    An industrial metal ceiling fan works nicely with a more modern decor, making the outside area seem as sleek and stylish as the inside, like the: Hunter Pacific ceiling fan Typhoon 316

    Typhoon outdoor ceiling fan

    Ceiling fans are a great way to add more light to your porch, as well. A central diffusing light — like the one on this fan — is a simple way to provide general illumination. The larger the diffuser, the softer the light.

    Ceiling fan lights generally do not provide as much light as a same-size pendant light, so keep that in mind when you're planning an outdoor lighting scheme.

     For more information on Ceiling fans, you may visit our SofaSale website.

  2. Minka Aire Wave Ceiling Fan

    We have been in the ceiling fan business in Hong Kong for over 20 years now and it takes a lot for a new fan design to impress us, yet we are very impressed by the Minka Aire Light Wave. This fan has such a fresh innovative look..It now retails at a very spectacular price at SofaSale of HKD 2,380 .I am sure you will love it.

    即使已經超過20年經驗,吊扇售賣的專家,仍然會為Minka Aire Light Wave 而著迷,簡潔明實的設計,為家居點綴增添氣氛。現價只售HKD 2,380,瘋狂熱賣中!

    Minka Aire Light Wave Ceiling Fan Model F844-DK in Distressed Koa. The light fixture and Distressed Koa ABS finished blades are included as shown. The light fixture uses 17 Watt Dimmable LED. Comes with Remote Control Transmitter only. 3 speeds forward with full range light dimmer (fan must be reversed using switch on motor if available).

    What is distressed Koa? Distressed Koa is a finishing process formulated to resemble Koa, which is a rare and exotic wood native to Hawaii. Koa wood comes from the Hawaiian Koa tree and is used by skilled craftsmen to make ukuleles, guitars, exotic furniture and unique hand carved objects. The fan is made of a precision moulded high density composite material to which the Distressed Koa finish is applied. The end result is an exotic looking ceiling fan with a unique appeal that is simply captivating.

    Features & Specifications

    Motor Size 172mm x 14mm Motor
    Quality Rating 4 out of 5 (5 is best)
    Blade Pitch 48 degree blade pitch
    Blade Span 52" blade span
    Blade Qty 3 blades
    Blades Color Distressed Koa ABS finished blades (included)
    RPMs 57 to 139 RPM
    Speeds 3 Speeds
    Reverse Function Yes
    Indoor Rating UL Listed for use indoors
    Outdoor Rating Cannot be used outdoors
    Includes Uplight No
    Inludes Downlight Yes
    Downlight Type Single Globe Fixtures
    Downlight Description Super energy efficient LED light with opal glass shade
    Downlight Bulbs 17 Watt Dimmable LED
    Downlight Wattage 17 Watts
    Bottom Cap Cannot be installed without lights
    Voltage Uses 120 Volt electricity
    ENERGY STAR Qualified No
    Style Group Contemporary
    Approx. Weight 14.11 lb.
    Warranty Lifetime Limited Motor Warranty
    Included Downrod(s) 4 1/2" and 6"
    Flushmount Capability Cannot be flush mounted
    Leadwire Length 80"
  3. Let there be light: Iconic Pendant Lamp

    The distinctive, gloss lacquered Rocky commute was launched and quickly achieved the status of a design icon. The Rocky lamp comes in a recognisable shape with a modern expression. The simple, Ageless pendant consists of a metallic screen in soft, feminine curves and a chrome-treated suspension has a more masculine expression. The Textile cord is nicely integrated into the design and with its bright red colour it completes the complete outlook of the pendant lamp combination.The Rocky lamp emits a concentrated light beam downwards, and illuminates both the suspension and cord through a hole in the top of the lamp. Giving it the right stature it deserves.

    擋不住的光芒- 標誌式吊燈      這個獨特,光澤上漆面的吊燈一登場迅速成為業界吊燈設計楆誌。Rocky lamp 吊燈外型獨特,簡單明亮的設計流線型不失時尚,特別是配搭任何顏色都能發揮它獨有的吸引力。 除了外型美觀, 這種設計更能讓光線更集中,燈頂的一個小孔,令光線點點透出來,簡單的點綴成就了令人難忘的設計特點。 carvaggio-pendant-lightAt SofaSale you will find much more pendant lights on special sale. Want to learn more click here.  
  4. The Hunter Avalon Ceiling Fan in Hong Kong

    The Hunter Avalon Ceiling Fan captures a natural feel and style.

    Designed using the contemporary Industie body, the unique cloth blades create a soothing feeling of a yacht in full sail. 獨特自然設計風-風扇 Avalon 風扇設計以大自然為藍本,支架以工業風格配以獨物布料為扇葉,造型如風帆出海的柔和感。 同時配備遙控器或可以加入燈飾效果, 為你打造不一樣的個人風格。

    hunter-avalonThe Avalon captures a natural feel and style. Designed using the contemporary Industrie body, the unique cloth blades create a soothing feeling of a yacht in full sail. Please note if using anything over a 24"drop rod an extention wire will need to be added. The Avalon is part of the Europa range  - daring fresh designs specially for the European market from Hunter's French chief designer set Hunter way ahead of the competition.

    This Hunter brand Avalon ceiling fan is fitted with a remote controller which operates the 3 speeds while it can also be adapted to be operated by a wall controller. The Avalon fan is also pre-wired to accommodate the Hunter Mandalay light kit. It is a unique three blade ceiling fan designed with a nautical style and cloth blades representing a yachts full sail.

    SIZE & BLADES: 158cm (62") Dia. from blade tip to blade tip. Three Sail cloth blades. 18 Degree blade pitch.

    MOTOR: Hunter’s patented AirMax™ motor with internal impellers. 16 pole. 172 x 15mm 100Watt motor with heavy gauge copper windings, silicon steel laminations, precision sealed bearings, and multiple cooling fins, all in a rugged die cast aluminium housing

    CONTROLLER: Supplied with Hunter remote control. Remote functions: Fan speeds low/medium/high Light On/Off & dimming (Not CFL’s) Suitable with Hunter Wall Controls.

    CANOPY: Hunter's patented WobbleFree™ canopy with Anti Vibration Technology (AVT) Hunter's patented triangular hanger ball system reduces torque and gives Hunter fans the ability to self-balance, eliminating wobble for rock solid performance, year after year.

    LOCATION: Indoor use only.

    MOUNTING: Easy to install in one of 3 mounting positions:

    • Flush mounting on flat ceilings.

    • Standard mounting on flat ceilings.

    • Angled mounting on raked ceilings up to 34-Deg.

    All Hunter Ceiling Fans in Hong Kong available at SofaSale.

  5. The Minka Aire Artemis

    Artemis™ by George Kovacs®. The distinct profile of the Artemis™ fan is formed by the Flying Vanes™ that become the fan housing. Three contoured aerodynamic vanes (blades) featuring infinitely variable pitch are the essence of this unique design. Integrated halogen light with 190W light limiter and etched glass diffuser. Lifetime manufacturer warranty.
    • Airflow measured in cubic feet per minute at high speed (CFM) = 5100
    • Watts at high speed = 94
    • Airflow efficiency at high speed (CFM/Watts) = 54.26
    Included in the permanent design collection of The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design.  More info here ceiling fan
  6. Bubble Lamps

    The iconic Bubble Lamps have arrived. Originally designed in 1947 by George Nelson. bubble lamps Nothing fills a room with warm, balanced light like a George Nelson Bubble Light.  The first Bubble Lamp was designed by George Nelson in 1947, produced by Howard Miller starting in 1952 and ceased production in 1979.  The Bubble Lamp is featured in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. For pricing details: click here
  7. Ceiling Fans, for a Sophisticated Green Living

    The latest Design Fans by Ron Rezek of Modern Fan Co, now at SofaSale.com.hk, proud to be first in HKG.  More info here Summer Cool, Winter Warm The wind chill from a good quality ceiling fan helps keep you comfortable in warm weather and makes you feel up to 4 degrees Celsius cooler than you would without a fan. On cold days, when a heater is used to warm a room, a ceiling fan in winter mode can gently recirculate the warm air trapped at ceiling level towards floor level, providing an even comfortable temperature throughout the room.

    Energy Efficient

    A well designed ceiling fan with a good quality motor can help you save up to 47% on cooling costs and up to 15% on heating costs. In summer, when a ceiling fan is used in conjunction with air conditioning, the thermostat of your air conditioner can be set at a higher temperature, using less electricity without sacrificing comfort. In winter, the recirculation of warm air allows you to lower the thermostat setting on your heater.

    Sophisticated Green Living

    Who says that green living means compromise? Our extensive range of ceiling fans not only brings energy efficient comfort to every home, the products are also well designed, look stunning and match with any interior decor. A ceiling fan is generally the first object a person will see when entering a room, so why not choose a fan with a design that suits your style and begin a greener lifestyle now? A good ceiling fan means less air-conditioning and brings the feel of a gentle natural breeze into your home.
  8. The Gräshoppa floor lamp GM1

    The Gräshoppa floor lamp GM1 embodies a stylish timelessness. The three-leg floor lamp GM1 of 1947 is one of the most important works of the Swedish-American designer Greta Magnusson Grossman. The design of the Gräshoppa floor lamp GM1 didn’t lose any of its individual charm along the decades. The design became a real classic since its origin in 1947: through-thought and worked, Gräshoppa is presented without any changes. Gräshoppa suits in everywhere, as reading lamp besides the couch, in edges or as eye-catcher in rooms. Greta Magnusson Grossman has been inspired by Walter Gropius and Le Corbusier for her work. However, she still follows her own style and embossed the American Mid-Century-Design with European influences. Grossmann received numerous prices, not for nothing the Gräshoppa floor lamp GM1 by Greta Magnusson Grossman proved itself along the decades. The floor lamp is available in white and black.
  9. Arco Lamp - Design Classic

    Many light fixtures designed in the fifties and sixties are still popular today. The best thing about choosing a retro light is the clear inspiration and the exuberance of post-war optimism. Space age designers wanted to create futuristic and exciting lighting. Designers took advantage of contemporary products and processes, creating designs that were sleek and sophisticated combined to produce a very forward thinking look. Space-Age Design The Arco floor lamp is one of the most iconic lights ever made. Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni designed the Arco Floor Lamp in 1962 for dining table illumination. It was a design breakthrough in that it provided overhead lighting without a ceiling light fixture. Taking inspiration from the structure of street lighting, this overhanging lamp with its heavy marble base is a convenient way to make the most use of space. The marble base and arched light make it a true iconic statement. The easiest way to move the heavy marble base is by putting broomhandes into the holes on either side. Our high quality replica Arco Floor Lamp looks and feels as good as the original. The square profile of the curved arc cleverly hides the cabling to the bulb and is adjustable for reach and shade height. This is the same as the original 1960's design and not like many of the replica Arco style lamps currently on sale, which have a round tubular arc. The metal parts of this wonderful floor lamp are in a brushed stainless steel finish. The shade is in two parts and the bottom section of the shade can be moved to direct the light source, as per the original design. Order An Arco Floor Lamp https://www.sofasale.com.hk/flos-arco-floor-lamp-cx-1013.html

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