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  1. Spring 2015: 5 Modern Decorating Ideas For Spring

    I love Spring. It’s a time to renew and refresh. So why not start with your home? Out with the old and in with the new. Spring is the perfect time to update and try something different. Below are some modern decorating ideas that are easy-breezy….Just like a warm Spring day, yeah baby…

    2015 春季佈置小貼士

    春天是一年之始,也是收拾家居的好時機,舊的走新的來,想新一年家居有新景象?快來看看我們給你的小貼士 outdoor lounge bed 1 MIX UP DINING CHAIR COLORS. Spring is the perfect time to insert some color. Try adding colorful dining chairs with those brown, black or natural dining chairs you may have. Think outside the box. Everything doesn’t have to match. Adding colorful dining chairs in the mix will and add some pop. You’ll thank me later… 1. 就該餐椅顏色「亂」起來 eames-dining-chairs 2 BE ADVENTUROUS AND TRY A COWHIDE RUG.  Be daring. Be bold. Add some Bovine! A cowhide rug adds that wow factor to any space. Imagine how boring the room below would look without that fabulous cowhide rug. You should try one! 2. 新嘗試-用上動物紋地 #3 ARRANGE FURNITURE IN A CONVERSATIONAL LAYOUT.  Try facing sofas together instead of side by side. Bring smaller side chairs closer to your larger seating. Make sure your coffee table is the “gather around focal point” in the center of the room. Now, this will get everyone talking! 3. 將傢俬用最傳統方法排列 #4 Switch Out Your Light Fixtures. Updating your light fixtures can well…Update your entire home. I always tell people this is the easiest way to add maximum impact. New light fixtures can be inexpensive and you can tackle this project all by yourself (if you have to).  So pick the right light fixtures for whatever task you will need them for and shine on! 4. 加入新的光源 modern-statement-lighting-04 #5 Focus On The Outdoors. Look out onto your patio or balcony. It needs some work doesn’t it? Well, Spring is the perfect time to give that area some much needed attention. Add plants and update with new, modern outdoor furniture. You’ll be the envy of everyone in your complex. 5. 對戶外小空間重新整理 Need new furniture for Spring? Shop the modern furniture retailer in Hong Kong 更多資料,立刻到 參觀一下。
  2. SofaSale in postmagazine

    A Hong Kong flat where the kitchen takes centre stage

    Two avid cooks have defied Hong Kong interior norms by designing their Mid-Levels apartment around a wonderful gas stove


    wire chair

    There's a reason people in Hong Kong eat out so often: in this city, it's a pain to cook at home. Kitchens are usually small and designed to be used by one person. For Paul and Morgaine McGee, it was a situation that didn't mesh with their lifestyle.

    "We love to cook," says Morgaine. "We do it four or five times a week and it's always a massive spread."

    The couple grew up in Connecticut, in the United States, but didn't meet until both were living in Hong Kong (Morgaine works in fashion and Paul in transport). Eight years ago, they had been dating for only a month when Paul decided to buy a flat in a 1960s building. He was living in a high-rise housing estate and was looking for something a little more intimate.

    "I couldn't stomach the idea of a big, flashy lobby, and I wanted to live in a real neighbourhood," he says.

    With the help of Morgaine, he found what he was looking for in a low-key corner of Mid-Levels.

    The 1,137 sq ft apartment needed work, but when the dust finally settled on their first renovation, the McGees weren't entirely satisfied with the result. The kitchen had been squeezed into a narrow slither at the rear of the apartment, which made for some cosy evenings with guests. Two years ago, however, the couple decided to redo the flat and enlisted the help of a friend, architect Cameron Hestler.

    This time it was a success.

    "It's all about the kitchen," says Morgaine. A year before the second renovation, she had bought a Viking eight-burner gas range and oven. "I was keeping it in storage," she says. "I gave it to Cameron and said, 'Design an apartment around it.'" The result is a one-bedroom apartment oriented towards the living areas, with a large open kitchen, dining room and salon that are always ready to host friends for either casual drinks and tapas, or a big blowout, like the McGee's Christmas party, which drew 100 people.

    Dining room Morgaine McGee found the dining table (HK$6,500). The dining chairs (HK$2,500 each) were bought from Sofa Sale ( The sterling-silver fish on the wall was made by California-based artist Ruth Wright ([email protected]).

    Interested in the full article: please visit the SCMP Post magazine website.

  3. Furniture will make your life more enjoyable, do Live in Style

    There are several questions you must ask yourself, before buying new furniture for your home or office. One thing you must have clear is why you are purchasing the new furniture. This is essential to the process of mastering how to buy furniture. Do you want to be more comfortable? Do you just don’t have any furniture and you want somewhere to sit and watch TV? Are you doing it because you fill the need to fill up a space? When we are clear on what we want we make good decisions. Make it a resolution to target your specific reasons when starting your research. There are some other important things to decide on, like colours, materials, and where to buy, but ultimately giving these too much importance can lead you into buying something that you will not enjoy fully in the long term. sofasale live in style furniture sofa It is important to have some kind of furniture buying guide before you start. So let’s imagine your room in a no so distant future: who are the people that you see will be using this furniture? Will they be comfortable? Will they all fit without difficulties? What might be comfortable to one individual might not be for their spouse or kids, especially if the family is gathered together in this space at the same time. If buying a sofa for example, ask: will people be resting or lying while watching TV for more than an hour or two? If the answer is yes, you need to make sure that a top priority for the new piece of furniture is how comfy it is. Also, that sofa can be small if it is to be used by a couple, but if you have friends visiting all the time, this won’t be very practical. It’s for reasons like these that someone might need a guide for how to buy furniture. sofa hong kong Of course you need to consider how much space you actually have available and how much of it can the new element occupy. People should be able to walk easily and when they sit in the same room, they should not be too far apart or too close, they should be able to touch each other’s fingers if they lean over from the edge of their seat. If the space is large, this rule could be broken, but there should still be a space in the home where people can feel some intimacy while sharing a conversation. Otherwise, how can you share with others how you learned how to buy furniture in the comfort of your own home? Also, one of the big decisions to be made for how to buy furniture, before you even visit a furniture store, is: what is the color scheme you want to dominate the area? Do you already have a theme or color harmonization going on in the room? The new piece has to match the existing atmosphere in most cases, and the focus should be so the item will not only blend but also enhance the current layout. Visit different websites or search for pictures on so you can get ideas on color harmony and space arrangements. Look at the relationships between colors, textures, and forms. Make them harmonize with a common feature. It could be a color, a pattern or patterns, everything could revolve around a particular culture, or most items could have similar features to bring unity. It is a good idea to know what the current trends are; this will help guide you in the right direction. Plus, unless you are going for an antique or retro look, getting direction from an existing look is of great help when you don’t have great decorative experience. Finally, make sure you have a budget and you stick to it. Knowing how much you can spend will save you time and effort when purchasing furniture inside the actual store. Hopefully this guide for how to buy furniture has helped you. Perhaps you simply didn’t think of some of the aspects mentioned here, or perhaps you just didn’t know where to start. Either way, we do hope that you now know at least a little bit about how to buy furniture.  

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