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  1. SofaSale featured in SCMP: Post Magazine

    A Hong Kong bachelor pad gets a bold, bright and blue update

    High-end hotels provide the inspiration for a Sheung Wan bolthole for a student studying overseas. BY OLIVER GILES Interior designers may dream of having a free rein on projects. But as Wesley Liu recently discovered when creating a bachelor pad in Sheung Wan, working without a brief can also be a burden. “There weren’t really any processes of approval,” says Liu, founder of PplusP Designers. “The client just passed the whole project on to me. I didn’t know what he’d think of it.” But the designer need not have worried. “When it was all done,” Liu remembers, laughing, “he came in and was like, ‘Wow!’ It was just like a TV show.”   One of the first things Liu did was to knock down a wall between the living room and the kitchen, creating a sleek, open-plan space for entertaining. One request from the client, who likes to cook, was that he wanted to be able to serve his friends food and drink easily. “So an open-bar concept was best,” says Liu. Parties can also spill outdoors because the room opens to a balcony with sweeping city views of Poho (the area around Po Hing Fong) and Sai Ying Pun. post magazine Living room The sofa (HK$11,000) and single-leg coffee table (HK$1,200) came from SofaSale. The rug and the stool-like coffee table were gifts from designer Wesley Liu. The dining table (HK$9,000), dining chairs (HK$1,200 each) and bench (HK$5,800) The full story you find on the SCMP Post Magazine website    
  2. How to simplify your space

    Enter the world of minimalistic, simple Scandinavian designer furniture. Scandinavia is known for its beautiful environment, endless forests, lakes, beaches and beautiful people. No wonder Scandinavian furniture designers are using natural element in their furniture designs. It will give character to the furniture. Given our immense density and tight floor spaces in Hong Kong, it does make sense to bring in tranquil Scandinavian elements into our interior design plan. We have created a short introduction photo of our latest range of Scandinavian designer furniture. On the sofa, we used natural fabrics in soft, calm colour tone. The sofas are being matched with easy to use, coffee tables, finished with some retro style art on the wall and easy going carpets.

    For more Scandinavian designer furniture, please visit our website:

  3. Furniture 2017: best ideas for your living and dining room

    New year, new chances to upgrade your living. In the blogpost we want to give you a sneak preview of new tables we will bring the market. All below dining tables are hand made from the highest grade imported American Ash. The top and legs are made of solid wood, which will give your furniture a rich and sturdy look and feel. Our furniture pieces are stylish design, clearly crafted and build to last for decades.

    Living room: Focus on a meticulous crafted coffee table Steel-Wood combination.

    solid wood coffee table

    Above a new range of coffee table, build on a fine powder-coated steel frame with solid american ash wood top. This coffee table can be tailored made into any size. Which will give you plenty of options to create coffee table, side tables, high tables and dining tables. You can now match your dining table with your coffee table, building a direct connection between your dining room and living room. The beautiful raw finish of the American Ash wood will be a perfect match to other natural materials like you linen fabric sofa.

    Dining room: Focus on a natural finish in soft colour tones

    solid wood-dining-table Above a new range of dining table, hand-made by our handcraft carpenter made from the high grade solid American Ash wood. This dining table can be tailored made into any size. Which helps to maximise the table set up into the smaller dining rooms in Hong Kong, but also ensures we can fit the table inside the elevator of the Hong Kong apartments. In case you are inspired by the above, feel free for browse our SofaSale website for more furniture ideas. We look forward to meet you soon. The SofaSale team.

  4. The Kendra Furniture Series now in Hong Kong

      The hot summer days have been replaced by Typhoon season, with serious rain storms. It is on those days, where we are all being forced staying inside, we notice our interior is in need for a re-style and upgrade. We are happy to introduce you a new line of furniture accessoires for your living-room. The Kendra series are a stylish series of coffee table, TV cabinet and side cabinets, also highly suitable for bedside cabinets. The round lines give these Kendra furniture items a retro look, but a the same time the use of the high quality materials of powder coated black steel legs the walnut finish will ensure these items with fit most interiors. 颱風季節已經取代了炎熱的夏天。我們亦注意到你的客廳是需要一個全新的風格。我們很高興向您介紹全新的家具系列--- Kendra furniture。 Kendra furniture是一系列時尚的茶几,電視櫃和邊櫃,亦非常適合床頭櫃。 圓滑線條給予Kendra家具復古的外觀,適合各種風格的家居環境   kendra Cabinet The Kendra cabinets match well with your coffee table and TV wall cabinet.Kendra-Table-01   The finish off you can opt to add the Kendra small dining table.

    Want to learn more about our Kendra series, please visit our SofaSale website, or the Kendra section.


  5. The best prices in Hong Kong

    Don't we all know Hong Kong is one of the most expensive places to live in the world? Not only is the rent in HK more than twice that of the US (average across all cities), quality furniture may also cost a lot more than other countries. Imagine getting a set of table and bench made of solid ELM wood retailing at HK$20,000+ at half the price. enables you to do just that. SofaSale has more than 2000 products listed on their platform and you can customise size, choice of material, colour and design to complement the rest of your interior decor. And if you are GREEN conscious, SofaSale uses reclaimed wood for all their tables. Why not visit for quite a steal.

    Elm Coffee table

  6. SofaSale featured in SCMP: Post Magazine

    Blue and white Lantau family home lets the living be easy

    With its dazzling colour scheme and rustic vibe, this bright and breezy Lantau family home is a breath of fresh air, writes Viv Jones.

    vintage barn lamp

    From the outside, Jo and Willy Lorenz’s village house in Lantau is unassuming and unremarkable. The 2,100-sq-ft, threestorey building looks much like its island neighbours – until you pass through the bold blue front door. Then the true nature of the house reveals itself as a breath of Australian fresh air in steamy Hong Kong.

    It was a concrete shell,” says Jo, who was eight months pregnant with her second son when they moved in after a three-month renovation. The couple picked up the restoration work where the previous owners had left off and set about turning three separate 700-square-foot apartments into a cohesive home.

    Sitting room Jo Lorenz designed a faux chimney breast to disguise ugly pipework. The Ektorp twoseater sofa and chaise longue (HK$6,290 for both), and plant stands (HK$299 each), were from Ikea. The coffee table was a gift. The vintage barn pendant lamp (HK$390) came from   and the Spode Italian dairy jug was a gift.

    Interest to read the full story, please visit the SCMP Post magazine website.

  7. Lesley To retro style designer furniture

    Lesley To the American born interior designer and furniture artist has select a collection of Lesley To furniture pieces. This range consist of a wide range of furniture products like oriental barstools, American Walnut and American Oak tables, to funky retro style side tables. There is always a connection to the sixties and seventies which has been a great source of inspiration. There is not more interesting that mixing the traditional styles and colours with todays furniture crafting techniques and high-end materials.

    Lesley To 美國設計師,利用木料和鋼鐵設計出一系列摩登又適合現代家庭的傢俱。更多驚喜的設計即按這裡

    To underline the meaning of traditional design, Lesley like to point our the techniques used for the oriental high stool.

    The frame is meticulously crafted from Carbon Steel, which creating the strong foundation of this high stool. The matt black powder coated finish will give it the stylish dark look, but also protect the steel for the outside elements. The Walnut seat is curved in a nice balanced way, to ensure the Oriental high stool keeps its Japanese styled symmetry. To finish off the quality and comfort of this stool a black aniline Italian leather seating cushion  with resilient foam creates ultimate seating comfort.

    More of the Lesley To collection you will find on the SofaSale website.

  8. Upcycling in the New Year of the Monkey

    On a daily basis we receive questions from customers: I would like a peaceful, balanced modern good looking interior, how can I do this? What colours do I need for my walls? With the limited floorspace, should I opt for a L-shape sofa or not?

    We always try to answer all those questions to the best extend possible, but we also try to give some examples on how to get the most out of your interior. In the bookstore there is a solid collection on both domestic and international lifestyle and interior design magazines, with great visual examples on how to deal with limited floor spaces, like we find on typical Hong Kong interiors.

    For now some ideas on how start in the new year: ask yourself the question if all furniture pieces still fit your wishes and requirements and do they contribute your living enjoyment?

    Do they fit to the current lifestyle you are living, or do you need a refresh or upgrade of your interior? Sometimes a new re-arrangement of your furniture will do wonders. Why not spend 1 or 2 hours to draw a new lay-out plan and push around your furniture to new spots and even new rooms.

    You may find, that you do not really need to buy new furniture items, but with some creativity, of using new fabrics, or re-paint your antique cabinet in a modern colour you an give your interior a tremendous boost.

    Upcycling is the new trend in the coming years. We learned from a customer he transformed his old stools into 2 stylish side tables, after sanding them down and re-painting them in bright orange colour. You will notice it will be great fun transforming and upcycling old products into a new unexpected modern furniture pieces.

    Good luck crafting and styling your unique interior in the year of the Monkey!

    Below some catching examples on how creativity leads to a second life for products which might been on their last trip trip to the waste stream....

    For more modern furniture in Hong Kong you may visit our website.

    5821120_orig 6562210_orig Jar-soap-dispenser suitcase medical cabinet upcycled-lighting-ideas-7 modern lamp

  9. Interior Design Trends for 2016

    Although the new 2016 is approaching rapidly the designer’s trends and specific stylistic of this year are so distinctive and with such richness of expressions, that no matter how many articles about the trends we research and publish there always will be something more to be said. And keep in mind – a lot of this style flows will transfuse into the next year’s trends.

    Amongst the many inspired changes inside and outside the houses that come this season some are very distinctive – first the strong vital, even playful colours make a huge come back, second the emphasis on environment and nature in unusual spaces – like the bathroom or kitchens – comes in addition to the strong presence of gardens and parks. But the innovations go far beyond. In the richness of the accessories, in the functionality and minimalistic of space arrangement and none the less in the nobility and glamor of the materials used – just a few hints – copper, brass and marble. But let’s take deeper and more detailed look into this furniture trends development.

    marble table

    Colours and Materials

    The colour palette for this year is filled with shades of pink, red “meat” and peach. The designers do not hesitate to bet on colours that mark the new trends. The famous ‘pink mouth’ of makeup, without the gloss, invades the decor – the advantage of such colours is the possibility of being used in any room of the house in multiple combinations.

    Accessories and objects will be marked and singled out by shades of green oil, navy, and deep blue – they convey calm and coolness into the premises. The deep moody colours like black and purple are very cleverly combined with the shining surfaces of copper and brass defiles.

    tom dixon

    In this line of thought, a strong trend for 2016 is the visibility of materials such as brass, copper, wood and marble compounds in the design projects. The multiple usages of the glamorous copper and brass, their plasticity, and friendly characteristic make a rich field for art exploitation.

    The decor projects for this year are filled with natural materials – for example as coatings cork and marble are coming back strongly, wood, stone, and raw concrete are also here with their timeless presence.

    The Arrangement of Space and Functionalism of Accessories

    Another major change in the look of the houses is the presence of functional decorative furniture, like storage bed solutions. Soon there will be no room for useless items. It will become increasingly important to acquire objects that can be processed according to the time and space of the person’s life.

    storage bed

    The minimalistic and clever usage and arrangement of spaces is also extremely important for the today dynamic lifestyle:

    Bring Green into your house

    Helping the natural house ventilation, humid control, and fresh air provides the natural plant life, green walls or simply lush pots decoration can bee also a lot of fun. Cultivating a vegetable garden, for example, is not only a great source of herbs, spices, and food ingredients but also a great learning experience for adults and children alike. And of course, the aesthetic and artistic value of a well-arranged garden is well known to humanity from the dawn of age.

    plants in house

    So in conclusion we may say that all these changes and trends in the interior design bring us closer to one more sophisticated, warmer and well-balanced place to inhabit where the colours (Gold and Pink, Orchid and Marsala) are playful, easygoing and artistic. Where the materials are noble and natural, the space arrangement and details are functional and minimalistic and of course the strong presence of plant life and green innovations bring our home closer to Nature in artistic and thoughtful way.

  10. Louis Vuitton Vintage Trunks

    The Magic of Vintage Trunks Up until about 1920’s luggage of the wealthy elite consisted of great number of trunks, bags and suitcases where every detail has been carefully thought through. Journeys of those elite travellers took weeks and sometimes months. Complete wardrobes were tailor made, one could not just walk into a store and buy a new piece of clothing. The Elite travellers preferred to bring the whole wardrobe along, especially because transatlantic and railway trips consisted of dressing up for social events like evening dining. Louis Vuitton, Goyard and Hermes are the most known brands within the world of luxury luggage. Bags, trunks and suitcases of these legendary fashion houses are considered to be embodiment of the highest quality, craftsmanship, luxury and status. The original Vintage pieces are often viewed by experts as true pieces of art. When purchasing vintage luggage, you are not only acquiring a truly exceptional item, but also a part of early history of a world brand, combined with the rich history of these unique pieces which has travelled the world in the hands of the utmost rich and famous of the last centuries. Every year vintage Louis Vuitton, Goyard and Hermes are fetching new price records in auctions by the leading auction houses. For the collectors this does not come as a surprise, since most of these pieces are rare and unique; the total number of which is unfortunately only shrinking. Thus, considering the current world economic crisis, many collectors around the world see vintage luggage as a solid and profitable form of investment. And of course many also see the practical and decorative sides of vintage luggage – small trunk would perfectly serve as a coffee table or a side table next to a bed. And due to timeless and well know design, a vintage trunk will fit perfectly in any kind of interior! Never was investing so secure and fun! Please visit the SofaSale showroom and view our LV Trunk collection. More info: visit our Vintage Trunk website: More info: LV Louis Vuitton古典木箱的神秘面紗 Louis Vuitton 是世界知名的名貴旅行箱品牌之一,無論是質料、手工、貴重度及地位都是冠以最高評價。原古典製作品更被轉家視為藝術品。當你購買這些珍貴作品時,你不但擁有一件珍品,更同時擁有了當年重要的歷史,那些上世紀皇室貴族漫遊世界各地的痕跡。 Louis Vuitton古典木箱數量少,極具收藏價值,部份投資者更以此為新投資方法。當然除投資價值外,實用性亦高,你可以當作客廳的茶几或者是床頭櫃,無論放在家中任何角落都能突顯屋主的品味。

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