Customize Sofa Furniture

  1. Medlano our World Best seller

    Back in 2013 we decided to develop a simple, comfortable, elegant and affordable fabric sofa, which could be transformed in 1-2-3 seater, L-shape, U-shape etc. Now 5 years later, the Medlano sofa is our worldwide best selling sofa model, over the years thousands and thousands of Medlano sofas have found their way to the different living-rooms of our customers.

    This makes us proud and we are quite emotionally attached to this lovely sofa model.  Over the years the fabric upholstered Medlano sofa, which is double upholstered, so the fabric cover can be dry-cleaned of re-made for a low cost, has also been upgraded to Italian Top grain leather. The many options this Medlano Sofa is offering our customer, is partly the driver to its commercial sales success.

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  2. May Big Sale !

    Summer is coming, time to upgrade your living-room with soft natural colours, comfortable materials and Live in Style!


    This Taranto fabric upholstered family L-shape sofa is new to our collection and we can now offer it in the combination with the Reagan solid Ash Wood coffee table for HK$ 14,590.  You could say, in this unique combination value deal we give away the Reagan round coffee table free of charge.

    For this Combi deal we have made a special version of the Reagan Coffee table with a 80 cm diameter top, with a 4 cm thickness, finished in natural wood. It is build on top of a solid wooden base, coated in black. The table height can be adjusted to fit your specific requirements.

    Both this Taranto Sofa and Reagan Coffee table are made to order and you can choose your own colour combinations. Lead-time 3-4 weeks.

    For more information on the Taranto Sofa:

    For more information on the ReaganTable:

    The above combi value deal is only valid during the month May 2018!

  3. Tailor-made outdoor furniture for Hong Kong

    Kung Hei Fat Choy, we would like to wish you good health and good business in the year of the dog!

    We would like to use this opportunity to share our recent outdoor furniture projects with you. On below projects, we have been asked to furnish a restaurant outdoor area with tailor-made outdoor furniture, ranging from sofas, umbrellas and heaters. Maybe it is good to know we can finish these F&B projects in different finishings and many different designs. These tailor made production lead-time depends on variations, but in general, we will be able to do this in 4-6 weeks lead time.

    Please let us know in the future when your projects require specific furniture needs, we are always ready to support you, and we can ensure you, we will provide you with the most competitive offer!

    We look forward to work with you in the year of the dog!

    Please review below photo for your more information. Thanks.

    outdoor furniture

    outdoor umbrella

  4. Hong Kong Furniture Storage solutions

    Hong Kong apartments require efficient storage furniture solutions. Whether your home is large or small, the opportunity for added storage is always welcome. When choosing a bed with hidden storage, think about how frequently you need to access your things, ottoman-style lifting beds give maximum storage and gentle finger lifting, the best solution for frequent use.

    Review our Milton Storage Beds in below video.

    Another way of creating more floor space in your tight Hong Kong apartment is using the double function of your furniture think about, a stylish living-room sofa, which build-in foldable double bed. Enabling you to transform your living-room into a cosy bedroom in seconds. Your wall mounted TV will serve you well from a sitting-lounge postion to your lay down bed position. Below on of our best selling Sofa Beds, the G611 SofaBed.

    sofa bed G611

    A more traditional way to create storage, is off course and wall storage cabinet. At SofaSale we custom-make them for you. So you can utilise your full wall to create the maximum amount of storage space, from floor to ceiling. Good to know we use recycled wood, which gives full character to your furniture.

    burnham bookcase

    Above the tailor made solid wooden Burnham Bookcase with storage solution in American Ash wood.

  5. Video: Secrets to success: Learn to Re-upholster furniture

    Want to update a piece of furniture, without spending a lot? Try reupholstering, with these secrets to success.

    Start by using a seam-ripper to remove the old fabric to make the job easier on your hands.

    If the cushioning has seen better days, add an extra layer of polyfibre fill and cover with quilt bedding for a cushy uniform seat. When adding fabric rather than stapling one entire side, insert a staple on one side, pull the fabric tight and than move to the opposite side and insert a staple directly opposite the previous one. When it come to corners folding edges neatly and uniformly is key to a polished look. To create a clean vertical pleat, cut a nudge in the fabric, fold over the raw edge of the fabric of the bottom and tuck the side around the leg, now staple it to place. Now fold over the raw edge of the other side, and lay over the piece you just stapled. Cut a small slit on the edge of the fabric, use a butter knife to tuck in excess fabric, this will create a nice vertical pleat in the corners.

    A cardboard strip will help create a clean edges on the banking piece. When piecing together fabric, make sure your pattern is aligned, check it as you are stapling.

    A metal tag strip will also help to create a clean finished edge, place the tag strip on the very edge of your fabric, with the tags going through the front of the fabric, fold the fabric over, and pound the strip into place.

    Follow these easy tips and tricks and your old furniture will look like new!

  6. Tailor-made Furniture in Hong Kong

    Besides showcasing our best-selling items, you will find a wide range of custom options which enable you to easily design according to your wishes and needs:

    • - fine fabric for upholstery
    • - leather grains and animal skins
    • - wood colour and finishing
    • - sofa legs in different styles and heights
    • - outdoor fabric colour range
    • - rattan weave pattern samples and colour range

    The process is simple. We assist you in visualisation with hand drawn sketches considering your required dimensions. To create custom made pieces, we rely on our long-time associated factories where we control our own production. This allows us to often have the benefits of manufacturing flexibility and quicker turn around.

    Guaranteed shorter lead time for you!

    Beautiful products do not always have to come at the cost of the environment; that’s why we offer our Eco-Series. This is a collection of Chinese style cabinets and tables, made from reclaimed Elm wood. We do not use tropical wood. Each piece is hand crafted, therefore we can fully adjust to your dimensions and configurations.

    Sustainability and in style!

    We work with interior designers, architects, property developers, hotels, commercial corporations and hospitality providers, in supplying various furniture for indoor or outdoor use. When specified, we can supply your furniture to fully comply with the BS7176 standard.

    More info:

    度身訂造的精品傢俬 除了熱賣產品,我們還為你帶來多樣化的選擇,你可以根據你的需要組合一系列屬於你個人的傢俬 - 優質布料 - 真皮或動物皮紋料 - 木料顏色及完成效果 - 梳化腳座的款式及高度 - 室外傢俬的不同質料顏色 - 竹編織紋理選擇 過程非常簡單,我們會協助你利用手繪圖來影像化你的想法。自設廠房令我們可以更快更有彈性為你製造你心目中的理想傢俬。 保證最短製造時間配合你! 好的傢俬同時可以配合環境,所以我們同時推出環保傢俬,所有中國式的木傢俬都是人手製造,以榆木為原材料,比一般木料更耐用厚實,隨時可以為你更改尺寸及款式。 更多資訊 :
  7. Tailor-made furniture in Hong Kong

    In Hong Kong living-room space is an issue, we are all forced to maximise our floor space. At SofaSale we have developed a range of products, which can be tailored made up to your specific requirements. 為你度身訂造專屬的傢俬 香港住屋環境狹窄已是不爭的事實,大家唯有用盡各項方法增加屋內空間。SofaSale 明白你的需要,為你造出最完美的傢俬。 需要特別的尺寸?顏色?質料?甚至款式?沒問題,我們一一為你辦妥,而且過程簡單快捷。

    Bespoke Sofa Manufacturing Services

    SofaSale offers a unique bespoke service; allowing you to have new sofa pieces made in accordance with your exact specifications. All Sofas made under our bespoke services are hand-made in our own production facility, by experienced carpenters. We offer you full flexibility in terms of dimensions, finishing, style and shape.By filling in the cost estimator tool below you will get an idea of the cost of your bespoke and tailor-made sofa. You may upload design photo or drawing, so your Customer Service team can discuss your specific wishes with our production team and come back with official quotation.
    Please send us your email address, and our customer service team, will follow up on your quotation within 24-48 hrs.We would look forward to serve you soon! The SofaSale Team
  8. Tailor-Made Customised furniture in Hong Kong

    All people in Hong Kong share the same frustration: housing has become too expensive. As a result we all need to compromise on the size of our apartment or small house.... Which forces us to maximise the floor space. It can be difficult and very frustrating to find the right furniture which will fit your living room. Or even worse, fit the lift to your 42/F apartment.... At SofaSale there is a new service, which will resolve all the above the frustrations. Tailor made customised furniture. You can send in your specific wishes and requirements, the Sales team will come back with quotation to make your Sofa, Table or even chair to your specific size and finish. Easy and fast. Want to know more: please click here Tailormade customized furniture
  9. Customise the size of your Furniture

    In Hong Kong we all share the same problem: rising housing prices, forcing us to live our life on smaller apartments, or houses. We are being forced to re-think about our interior plan, more and more we need to maximise our floor efficiency to balance the limited space and our wish for comfortable luxury furniture products. At SofaSale we try to support our customers by offering made-to-measure furniture services: meaning we can customise the size of a large range of our furniture products to fit your specific requirements. Our lead-time will still be 3 weeks, to ensure you do not need to sit on the ground for months.. ;-). More info: here

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