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  1. The most elegant Sofabed for Hong Kong

    Hong Kong has become one of the most expensive cities in the world. The property prices has been rising in the years to levels that most of the average Hong Kong people can no longer afford large living spaces in the urban areas. Luckily enough the young Hong Kong urban people are known for the innovative spirit to find for space saving furniture. We found a perfect solution, both elegant and unique. sofabed 2-15   This double bed frame is connected to the roof of your living room, where is create a nice ambiance for your living, in fact it is a false ceiling with spotlights. Once you feel it is bed-time, you lower down your double bed in less than a minute converting your living-room into a spacious bed-room. Looking for a stylish sofabed? You may find them here. 貴氣又實用的梳化床 香港已成為世界上生活成本最昂貴的城市之一。樓價一直上升,生活空間非常有限。幸運的是年輕的都市人都敢於創新,找到節省空間的家俱。現在為你帶來一個完美的解決方案,既優雅又獨特。 要自己設計獨特的梳化床?在這裡就找得到!
  2. Beds and Mattresses in Hong Kong

    There is nothing better than a good night sleep. We all know sleeping is important, on average we spend around 30% of our total life-time in bed.. During this bed rest, you recharge your most valuable asset; your body. Given the importance of a good night sleep to the contribution of your overall health, it is hard to believe that over 50% of the world population is sleeping in a bed which is not passing the general quality standards, or you could say that those people do put their own health at risk. There are (too) many bedding systems available in the market, with all specific features for a better sleep. Most basic point to consider: resting your spine. Your spine is the centre of your nerve system and needs to be rested in a neutral aligned, fully relaxed position. Below drawing shows this in more detail:
    spine Ensure a good spine position during your sleep.
    What is good spinal alignment and posture? A healthy spine with proper alignment curves inward at the neck, slightly outward in the upper back, and then inward at the lower back. The curves in the spine act like a spring to absorb shock. These natural curves of the spine can be called it’s ‘neutral alignment’. Proper posture while lying down- Proper spinal alignment and support is important so that your back muscles can fully relax and rest. A supportive and comfortable mattress is important for achieving this. A good mattress will conform to the spines natural curves and keep your spine in proper alignment. A mattress that is too soft allows the lower back to sink too far into the mattress, irritating spinal joints and causing lower back pain. A mattress that is too firm leads to unsupported gaps between your bodies curves and the mattress. Pressure points develop on those parts of your body in contact with the mattress- leading to poor sleep. At SofaSale we have a large number of mattresses and bed frames to ensure you will find the best alternative for a good night sleep, night after night. 睡眠健康-床和床褥的微妙關係 沒甚麼比睡得好更重要,我們每天大約有3份1時間在床上休息,好的睡眠對整天工作起了非常重要位置。你想像到嗎?原來全球有一半人以上,每晚睡在標準不合格的床上,不難想像他們的健康正面臨考驗。 坊間有太多的床和床褥標準,最基本的條件應該怎樣作出選擇呢?簡單看看上圖便清楚。 太軟太硬的床褥都影響脊骨健康,SofaSale 備有大量床褥供客戶選購,專人解答你的睡眠問題,令你每晚也能睡得香甜。
  3. Amstel Bed - Healthy nights, better life -

    Waking up to a new era Beautiful mornings are born out of wonderful sleep. And wonderful sleep – well, it comes from carefully selected natural materials, genuine craftsmanship and years of bedmaking experience. The Amstel Bed is all of that, and more. It’s a work of art. And the art? It’s called sleeping. Inspired by people, built from the heart. We’re proud to present the Amstel Bed. Hand-made out of high quality, carefully selected and durable materials. You will have an incredible night’s sleep. And what’s more, the Amstel Bed is beautiful to look at.. A magnificent feeling The Amstel bed is finished with an Oeko-Tex® certified fabric ticking. Inside our Amstel bed we use our patent pending Dutch designed pockets spring system. This bed technology, combined with Oeko-Tex® materials, gives you a truly flexible, pressure relieving bed. Night, after night, after night. The Amstel Bed is so much more than just a bed. It is versatile, like nothing else in your home, with its range of features for sleeping comfort, rest, and relaxation.         Now on Sale, more info here  
  4. Ready to Sleep Sofabed

    Ready Sofa Bed

    No room for a full sized sofa bed? No problem, we understand this problem in Hong Kong. We came up with this innovative design, to maximize the floor efficiency in your apartment. Now you can create a stylish living room environment and in a blink transform this sofa into a comfy double bed. Your guest will be more than happy to sleep over. More info here. The Ready to Sleep Sofabed measures 135 cm – ideal for smaller rooms. With its modern clean design, it’s perfect for integrating into any interior. Product Details:
    • Sofa bed
    • Materials: Easy clean polyester cover, metal legs
    • Dimensions: Height 80 cm, width 135 cm, depth 86 cm, seat height 39 cm
    • Bed Size: 195 x 121 cm

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