At SofaSale we like to do our research. We like to know your questions, so we can prepare adequate answers and help you out, so you get the service you deserve!

Some questions we get asked regularly, are about the differences in various sofa options. We have a lot of sofas to choose from, so we get that you need to narrow this down. So, is there a difference between sofa and couch? Yes and no, a couch can be a sofa without armrest, or it is just a colloquial term for the more formal word 'sofa'. Do you need back cushions, or is a sofa without back cushions also comfortable? This really depends on how tall you are, if you're very tall you may not need some back cushions. However, if you feDafi Sofael you are vertically challenged, you may prefer a nice comfy back cushion. In Hong Kong's small housing, it may be nice to choose a sofa with storage.
Do you wonder what would work best in your home, a sofa or loveseat, sofa or settee, a one-piece sofa or sectional sofa? Of are you curious to find out what sofa material is best for dogs? What sofa fabric is best for cats? Do you sell sofas for small living rooms? At SofaSale, we can help you with all of this!
Even better, in our production room, you can find some of the answers yourself. We can't judge if you find that sofa beds are comfortable for you. We think they are, but which sofa bed is best, is entirely up to you! So come and try all of our sofas on display. We can tell you all about how a sofa is made, how sofabeds work and also find out which sofa material is best for you. 

See you soon!

The SofaSale Team