At SofaSale we have an incredibly large collection of furniture. Ranging from modern European Design to amazing classics like the Chesterfield Sofa and of course the timeless Barcelona Chair. Not only that, but we also design and produce our own furniture. We work with a team of specialists to create the most amazing innovative furniture items. We go through all the steps, from design to prototype testing, adjustments, and then more testing until we consider it perfect.

Once designed, our items are manufactured on one of our production lines in the South of China. When the different parts are approved by our quality control team, the parts are shipped to our production room in Quarry Bay. With a small team, we test and assemble our items in the production room, in a special messy corner that we lovingly call our workshop. When we are satisfied, we take photos in the showroom for customers to see and make a decision on the products they may want to purchase.

It's such a joy to have everything in-house. Design, developing, testing, photoshoots, IT; all are within an armlength distance, thus makes us a super-fast and efficient team.