Wherever you go, make yourself comfortable. Bring the SofaSale Air-Lounger to the pool, the beach or on a hike to have ultimate comfort while you relax!

The Air-Lounger is fun & simple to inflate. Just swing the lightweight bag to fill it with air and create a life size lounge seat. When you're ready to get going, you simply deflate the Air-Lounger and it'll become a small package allowing you to take it anywhere!  The Air-Lounger really is the perfect buddy for all your outdoor activities. Take it travelling, to festivals, beach trips, the park and much more. Meanwhile the lightweight but strong and durable fabric will ensure that you can use it over and over again.

When you place an order exceeding HK$ 4,900 on our website NOW you'll get the Air-Lounger for free*!

























- You can sit on it, lay and relax or just lounge on it.
- A new alternative to the beanbag.
- Water and "wipe clean" stain resistant heavy duty Nylon.

Product details:

Weight: 1.2kg
Fabric: High Quality Nylon Ripstop with special coating
Cleaning: Use regular water and neutral soap.




















*while stock lasts, colours upon availability