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  1. SofaSale featured in SCMP: Post Magazine 18 SEPT 2018

    East really does meet West in Hong Kong family home, where British and Chinese styles unite

    A family’s multicultural heritage finds expression in their practically luxurious Hong Kong flat.


    beaumonde storage bed

    As clichéd as it may sound, “East meets West” perfectly sums up both Nicola Shaw and the Happy Valley flat she shares with her husband, Martin, and their two young children. Shaw, whose mother is Chinese and father English, grew up in Hong Kong and went to school in Britain. She met and married Martin in London, then moved with him to Beijing and Shanghai, before finally returning to Hong Kong. While searching for somewhere to buy, the couple rented a flat in a block adjacent to their current home.

    Master bedroom The master bedroom fulfilled Nicola Shaw’s desire for a bit of bling. The Toccata wallpaper, by Masureel, was HK$1,500 per roll from Tat Ming Wall Paper. The Beaumonde Storage bed (HK$14,000) was custom made by SofaSale. The cushions were HK$80 each from Ikea. The bedside tables (HK$2,100 each) were sourced by Leehar Home.

    The full story you find on the SCMP website.

  2. The Japan Samurai Sofa series

    Looking for a quality simple sofa, with great looks for a budget price? We have something you need to look at. Our manufacturer and has developed in partnership with a Japanese design company, compact affordable fabric sofas. Speciallically designed to the smaller apartments and the consumers with a lower budget in mind. Designed with the mindset: Less is More the Samurai Sofa series are stylish, colourful and comfortable. Produced in a mass production environment, and constructed from standard high quality materials, these sofa carry a very attractive price tag, which makes them interesting for a large audience.

    At SofaSale, we have a number of different Samurai sofas on special Sale, please browse our website and find all the details.

    The Samurai sofas come in many different dimensions options, which help customer to combine different Samurai sofas to create a comfortable living-room set up to relax and entertain guests.

    One this is for sure: The Samurai sofa will bring style and elegance into your living-room, and due to the special sale they come at a very attractive price.

    More information you will find here.

  3. Sleeptember 2018: rest your body and mind

    SLEEPTEMBER, in this month we would like to draw special attention to the importance of a good night sleep.
    Hong Kong, known as the city that never sleeps. Yes, we all work hard, yes we work long hours, and most of us don't mind, since we can get a decent compensation in return.
    Resulting in the phrase: "Work hard, play hard". If you feel, you stretch your body and mind during the long office hours, do ensure you invest enough in a good night sleep! Resting your body and mind is of utmost importance to stay fit and healthy.
    At SofaSale we developed a number of beds, which are good looking, highly functional and in combination with the right quality mattresses, a key component to rest your body and mind!

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