Meet the SofaSale Kids Beanbag: Irresistible to any child and child-resistant at the same time. How is that possible you would ask? Well, unlike most toys, it can’t break and it will even endure tantrums thrown by the most ruthless kids.
kids beanbag

Fun and multifunctional kids lounge beanbag from; the perfect solution for your child for reading, watching TV, cuddling and relaxing.

有趣和多功能的兒童beanbag ; 為您的孩子閱讀,看電視和放鬆的完美解決方案

  • Stylish and simple design 時尚和簡單的設計
  • Filled with polystyrene beads; cover crafted from a durable nylon with protective coating for stain- and water-resistance. 填充polystyrene珠; 外套採用耐用尼龍製成,具有防污和防水的保護塗層。
  • Available in 4 vibrant colors; easy to clean with damp cloth and mild soap.有4種鮮豔的色彩; 易於用濕布和溫和的肥皂清潔。
  • Measures 130 cm long by 100 cm wide. 長130厘米,寬100厘米。


The Kids BeanBag is designed for fun both indoors and outdoors with its practical design and a funky style that kids just love.

Kids Bean是了室內和室外娛樂而設計的,其實用的設計和一個時髦的風格,令孩子們都喜歡。


Children can have fun squishing and squashing this quirky floor cushion bean bag into different shapes to find their favourite seating position. Plus, when laid flat the Live in Style Kids BeanBag can sit two children together.

你的小孩可以住意改變它的形狀,很容易附合你的使用環境和找到自己喜歡的座位位置。 另外,當放置在平地面上豆袋可以坐在兩個孩子在一起。


Parents will be pleased to know our exclusive, 100% water resistant, Aqua-TX fabric means any kids’ sticky finger marks are easily wiped clean and it’s durable and robust for outdoor use.

100 %防水和aqua-tx面料意味著任何指痕都很容易被抹乾淨而且它耐用和強壯, 為戶外使用.


The contemporary design of this bean bag means kids feel grown up and cool with their very own stylish and lightweight bean bag that they can pick up and carry with them.


blue kids beanbag