In a metropole city like Hong Kong, with its regional hub function, there are yearly many travellers passing through our beautifully city. Being a long term resident in Hong Kong myself, me too have international friends visiting me, on average I am hosting once or twice a month. Most of them are keen to stay 1 or 2 nights with me and the family. Given the apartment sizes in Hong Kong, we do not always have room for 2nd or 3rd spare bedrooms with spare double beds for our guests. For those who recognise this situation it is good to know that SofaSale has developed stylish comfortable and affordable SofaBeds. Most of the SofaBeds are in stock and can be delivered fast and easy to your home. So even when your guests turn up unexpected, do note SofaSale is there to offer a comfortable (Sofa) bed for your guests, so they can enjoy the city by day and enjoy and solid rest during the night.

以下SofaBeds有庫存,可以快速,方便地送到您的家。 所以即使你有意外的客人出現,也可以為您的客人提供一個舒適的(沙發)床。


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