We have taken one of the most iconic soft furnishings from the 1970s and reinvented it to complement 21st century interior design themes. Retaining the unique feel that only the support of thousands of polystyrene beans can provide, we have created a range of smart, stylish yet essentially fun indoor beanbag chairs, embodying the design principles of retro chic whilst looking every bit as modern as the latest contemporary furniture.

indoor beanbag

'If comfort and style are both equally important to you, these home accessories are the perfect choice for your living room and will ensure a relaxing atmosphere whenever friends or family come visiting.'

Beauty and functionality

The Live-in-Style indoor beanbag is both beautiful and functional, with an internal structure to provide plenty of support and an external, hardwearing upholstery available in a range of gorgeous colours. For the ultimate in comfort, pair one of our chairs with a bean-filled ottoman, it is providing your feet with somewhere soft and supportive to rest. It’s the perfect solution for those who are seeking something that will look equally at home in the lounge or on the patio.


The Live-in-Style indoor beanbag features such as removable inner bags and double stitched upholstery make these chairs easy to clean, durable and supremely comfortable. With the minimum of effort, you will be able to keep them looking as good as new for many years to come.

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