Outdoor ceiling fans have been a practical way to cool outdoor spaces since the 1900s — particularly in the tea areas, where they've been as obligatory as sweet tea when it comes to beating summer heat. Today, porch ceiling fans are a wonderful way to create a breeze, add light and contribute to a stylish decor. By introducing movement into otherwise still air, outdoor fans are an energy-efficient way to stay cool all summer long.

Here, a few tips on how to incorporate a fan into your outdoor room.

Ceiling fans create circulation, making the porch feel up to 8 degrees cooler. The drop in temperature makes outdoor lounging much more enjoyable in the summer.

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Placing outdoor ceiling fans about 5 meter apart on the porch allows for maximum air movement and cooling potential.

Ceiling fans are available in styles and materials that can complement any outdoor decor. Natural materials hold up well in the weather and coordinate well with the surroundings.

A simple white fan blends beautifully with a white ceiling, creating an unobtrusive way to cool the outdoor space, like the: Hunter Flight Ceiling Fan

Cabo Frio Ceiling fan

An industrial metal ceiling fan works nicely with a more modern decor, making the outside area seem as sleek and stylish as the inside, like the: Hunter Pacific ceiling fan Typhoon 316

Typhoon outdoor ceiling fan

Ceiling fans are a great way to add more light to your porch, as well. A central diffusing light — like the one on this fan — is a simple way to provide general illumination. The larger the diffuser, the softer the light.

Ceiling fan lights generally do not provide as much light as a same-size pendant light, so keep that in mind when you're planning an outdoor lighting scheme.

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