Ultimately we have to agree that commuting to office on a daily basis can be a pain. The ongoing daily routine of taking bus, MTR or lining up in the daily traffic jam is hard to get used to. And even if you are used to it, we all have to admit there are better ways spending your valuable time. More and more companies and economies around the world start promoting their staff to work remotely. Flex work spacing, serviced offices, remote working desks, and even work from home is for many cooperations a strategy to push their working force for more efficiency. Strangely enough, in Hong Kong with a high penetration of offices this trend has not yet started. Yes, Hong Kong does have services offices, but those offices are still used like a traditional office to host their staff for the day, The short term lease offers the companies more flexibility in less risk for moving out if needed.  The question is, why are we not creating our home working place, next to the pool. curve table

Above the Curve Table  |  HKD 2,990

What is effectively needed: work which can be done on a laptop, a reliable internet connection and pleasant comfortable desk and chair. The laptop you can take from your office, we may assume the wireless internet connection is in place. So go outside and find yourself the quiet and nice location you can work from. The furniture you can order online with SofaSale, they are more than happy to deliver and install your new office furniture on your favourite spot.

More information you will find on the SofaSale website.