On a daily basis we receive questions from customers: I would like a peaceful, balanced modern good looking interior, how can I do this? What colours do I need for my walls? With the limited floorspace, should I opt for a L-shape sofa or not?

We always try to answer all those questions to the best extend possible, but we also try to give some examples on how to get the most out of your interior. In the bookstore there is a solid collection on both domestic and international lifestyle and interior design magazines, with great visual examples on how to deal with limited floor spaces, like we find on typical Hong Kong interiors.

For now some ideas on how start in the new year: ask yourself the question if all furniture pieces still fit your wishes and requirements and do they contribute your living enjoyment?

Do they fit to the current lifestyle you are living, or do you need a refresh or upgrade of your interior? Sometimes a new re-arrangement of your furniture will do wonders. Why not spend 1 or 2 hours to draw a new lay-out plan and push around your furniture to new spots and even new rooms.

You may find, that you do not really need to buy new furniture items, but with some creativity, of using new fabrics, or re-paint your antique cabinet in a modern colour you an give your interior a tremendous boost.

Upcycling is the new trend in the coming years. We learned from a customer he transformed his old stools into 2 stylish side tables, after sanding them down and re-painting them in bright orange colour. You will notice it will be great fun transforming and upcycling old products into a new unexpected modern furniture pieces.

Good luck crafting and styling your unique interior in the year of the Monkey!

Below some catching examples on how creativity leads to a second life for products which might been on their last trip trip to the waste stream....

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