Every year we face the same dilemma, during the Lunar new year, or Chinese New Year celebrations all factories in mainland China will send all their staff home to celebrate the New Year with their families. Traditionally these migrant workers have moved thousands of miles from the rural villages to the Southern factory region. For them to travel back to the family, it is a yearly long journey through cold China. Most factories will close down for around 3-4 weeks to give their workers enough time to be able to travel up and down. Once all festivities are over, it is always a challenge to convince old staff to move back into the factory again. Increasing labour competition and even labour shortages in certain regions have caused production delays which could be felt especially after the Chinese New Year.

What does it mean for our customers?

In general our customer will need to expect a longer production lead-time around the Lunar new year. The period is different for every factory, but in general delays are see on orders from mid January till end of February. In March all production slowly will adjust back to a normal schedule and capacity, as most back logs in production should have been worked away.

Does that mean you should wait with placing your order?

No, since we will still take your orders and the sooner we receive your order, the higher it will list on the production planning, the sooner I will come out of finished production after the factory openings.

We do have taken in stock Sofas in order to serve our customers who can not afford to wait and sit on the ground for weeks. Below Medlano Sofa and Compact SofaBed are examples of our ready in stock items.

Stock Furniture Chinese New Year

Want to learn more about your specific order and lead-time, please contact our Customer Service.