Hong Kong is known for its vibrant city life and is marked and well-know as the financial hub of Asia. The city attracts many international expatriates from around the global to spend a few years in town to work and participate in this fascinating business environment Hong Kong can offer.

Once you arrive in Hong Kong you feel the Asian atmosphere throughout the entire city, this atmosphere is not only the busy city vibe, but also the humid and warm outdoor climate for most of the year. For most expatriates coming from Europe, US and Australia the outdoor life is important to de-stress and relax. At first glance Hong Kong will give you enough outdoor opportunities to do so. Once you stay longer in Hong Kong, you slowly start to understand, why most of the locals prefer to stay indoors during the harsh warm summer months. The sun can be very bright and strong and the combination of high humidity will force you to finding shaded areas and drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated.


香港作為世界經濟之都, 繁忙的生活充斥每分每秒,潮濕悶熱的天氣更是令人無法舒展。室外的精品傢俬不單能點綴家居,更能讓你有著遠離繁亂,放慢腳步,重回外地家鄉休閒感覺。

For outdoor furniture which you want keep outdoors in Hong Kong for 24/7 this harsh climate is nothing different. For all customers we ask them to think before they buy, and decide what kind of outdoor furniture will fit their personal requirements and can resist the sun and humidity, rainstorms and even typhoon's shaking up the city.

Based on experience we can say wooden furniture if not properly covered and protected will not last in Hong Kong, Polywooden products will be a solid alternative. Like the polywood table below.

outdoor table

Since wooden products won't last in Hong Kong you will notice most people opt for PVC rattan furniture, like the below outdoor Sofa. Interested to learn more, it might be good to know that SofaSale is having a wide range of rattan outdoor furniture. You can choose your rattan style and colour, and choose your fabric, cushions and accessories. This will give you enormous flexibility and even on small outdoor areas like balconies and rooftop's you can fit in the right size quality furniture.

outdoor sofa